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Eldorado Polo Club – The New Beginning


The winter polo forecast is calling for sunny skies, amazing fields, competitive, action packed polo, polo clinics, social events and so much more at THE ELDORADO POLO CLUB.

You know the old saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” well the same holds true for the Eldorado Polo Club. To make something truly special and rebuild it from the ground up takes patience and perseverance, make no mistake Eldorado polo Club is here to stay and truly special is what it will be! With the new Manager Graham Bray taking the reins many positive changes have already been taking place starting with the fields. 7000 tons of sand were put on the fields over the summer as well as the fields being aerated, deep tined and aggravated. This alone will be a huge improvement for the club. The exercise track has also undergone a major overhaul and had 12 inches of sand added to it, making for much improved footing and drainage. The facelift also includes a club wide clean up with tree trimming, barn reconstructing and other deferred maintenance items.

The Eldorado Polo Club’s 2013 season is shaping up to be a great one. Eldorado is offering a full range of club activities for every level of polo enthusiast.

There will be a very competitive 12 goal league.

There will be an action packed 6 goal league.

There will be a great 0 goal league as well as a coaching league.

Eldorado Polo Club will also be hosting polo clinics which will teach polo knowledge and skills to beginners and pros alike.

The Cantina and Clubhouse will also offer a variety of social events and team barbeques bringing families, players and friends together.

Eldorado is setting the stage for the future of California polo and it has so much to offer everyone involved. Eldorado Polo Club is going back to the basics where the love of the game is first and foremost and fans and players can really enjoy everything this amazing sport has to offer 7 days a week. Eldorado promises to be bigger and better than ever….the future starts here, come and see it for yourself!