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Remax Wins the Holiday Tournament


The first tournament of the 2012 – 2013 season – the 4-goal Holiday Tournament –  came down to a final with two very Canadian teams. On one side, the somewhat seasoned Pat Powell and his Blazers aggregation, and on the other, Gordon Ross and his Remax group.

Powell, with Kyle Fargey running the ship, has had a very successful run over the last several seasons – including a victory in the Pacific Coast Governor’s Cup and it was thought by many that the trend would continue in the Holiday Tournament. Canelo Silvestre and newcomer Frank Galdon would complete Powell’s group. However, Ross – in town for a few weeks – was very intent on winning as well. To that extent, he enlisted the help of Fargey’s sister, Dayelle, who very quickly brought Joe Henderson and Emma Stachowicz into the fold – a rather formidable 4 – goal organization as it turned out.

Remax started very aggressively and within the first minute of play Dayelle Fargey scored her first of three on the afternoon. The lead wouldn’t last for long however, as Kyle Fargey returned the favor, and it was tied at one. Henderson scored his first of three as well and the first ended with Ross and Co. up by one at 2 -1.

The Fargeys exchanged single goals in the second period and Remax led 3 – 2 at halftime.

The third was pretty much all Remax as Dayelle Fargey and Henderson combined to score three times to take a four goal lead going into the final. Were it not for some very aggressive defensive play by Powell, it could have been worse.

Sylvestre and Kyle Fargey scored once each in the fourth, but it wasn’t enough and Ross and his Remax foursome captured the 2012 Holiday Tournament by a score of 6 – 4.

Stachowicz, based on her tenacity and  very obvious underrated ability, was selected as the Most Valuable Player.

2012 Holiday Tournament

Remax (4) Gordon Ross, Emma Stachowicz -1, Dayelle Fargey 1, Joe Henderson 4.

Blazers (4) Pat Powell, Frank Galdon -1, Kyle Fargey 3, Canelo Sylvestre 2

Tony Gregg



Opening Day – Sunday January 6


Opening Day – Sunday January 6

Matches at 12pm & 2pm

Free tailgating and Club House seating

Polo was the winner at the Linfoot Clinic


A sunny day, clear blue sky, snow-capped mountains smiling down from the distance… What a great way to start the 2-day Corky & Kathy Linfoot Clinic at the Eldorado Polo Club. On Friday night all the participants joined the Linfoots for a “Meet & Greet” in the Cantina with pizza and drinks. An early start on Saturday had two groups alternating between lessons in the hitting cage with Corky, and Riding Instruction with Kathy. Saturday afternoon concentrated on more riding drills, throw-ins, and knock-in practice.

The Clinic saw a nice turnout with 10 participants from all over California, and even a few from Canada. Veterans like Lyn & Herschel Cobb and Reg Whyte are improving their polo skills alongside beginners that heard about the Clinic and thought they’d give it a try. Up-and-coming players like Hank Uretz participated to learn from some of Polo’s greatest teachers and gain a new perspective on the sport.

After a gourmet dinner at the Cantina tonight, it was early to bed and early to rise for another full day of instruction tomorrow. Topics like horse preparation, bridling & maintenance and game strategy were covered, along with 2 controlled game situations that Kathy filmed and reviewed with the participants.

It’s exciting to see the enthusiasm of new players, as this whole new world is opened up to them – they could be the future Patrons of our sport and Eldorado is proud to be hosting this Clinic and contributing to the future of Polo in California.


Eldorado would like to make this a yearly event, or even a bi-yearly event depending on the interest shown. Please give us your feedback and let us know if you’d be interested in taking the Linfoot Clinic and what dates would suit you. 760-342-2223

Holiday Tournament December 27 – 30


A great winter season is underway at Eldorado Polo Club


Members, players, staff and the horses at Eldorado Polo Club are really excited about the 2013 season. The season is shaping up to be the most COMPETITIVE polo in the Desert. With Graham Bray at the helm, our field restoration efforts over the off season are proving to deliver great results, especially fields One, Four and International.

The polo is shaping up to be fast, exciting and very competitive.  We currently have seven teams registered in the 4 – 6 Goal and five teams in the 10 – 12 Goal for January with more teams confirmed to come on board in February and March.

In the 10 – 12 Goal, we are pleased to welcome back Jenny Luttrell and her Cotterel Farms teams in both the 12 Goal and 6 Goal, Ron and Krista Bonaguidi’s Hanalei Bay also with teams in the 12 and 6.  Geoff Palmer and his Antelope outfit are back along with John Rooney from Calgary Canada and his Northern Blizzard team.  Chris Maloney’s Twin Palms makes a welcome return to Eldorado, teaming up with Triangle Bar Farms to form a very competitive team.

The 4 – 6 Goal sees some very competitive outfits taking the field.  Pat Powell returns from Calgary Canada with his Blazers team and Reg Whyte is also joining us again from north of the border.  Dan Horn and Dan Walker are once again teaming up along with new addition, Leigh Brecheen, to form the Palm Desert team. Craig Steinke is making a comeback to Eldorado, teaming up with nutrition expert Colleen Wilson to form the Stormcat/Adeptus combo.  Dr Rick Paicius is visiting Eldorado with his well organized Trinity crew along with David Flowers and Kim Garsed. Suzanne Figi has also brought her Gypsy Polo outfit to Eldorado this season to round out the January roster.

We are also taking  nominations for a Pro Pool league for those who are looking to have some fun with a bit of healthy competition. The Pro Pool will group 3 sponsors with a high goal pro to produce safe and structured polo whilst keeping the cost to a reasonable rate. The proposed format is $500 per weekend which includes tournament fees, pro fees and prizes.

Eldorado is also pleased to welcome Rick Sears, USPA Professional Umpire, who will be joining us this season and keeping us all safe out on the fields. All umpires will also be required to wear helmets during matches in a move to raise safety standards.

Geoff Palmer is gracious enough to host a Cantina BBQ Party on Friday January 25 at 5:30pm after the 12goal International Field games. The BBQ is open to all players in the 4-6 Goal and 10-12 Goal leagues as an opportunity for the players to get to know one another whilst not on the back of a horse. We are hoping to do more of these team sponsored parties throughout the season.

The Polo Office is open so feel free to drop in and say hello to Graham, Debbie, Rob, Lacey and James, they are happy to answer any questions you may have. Check the Polo Office notice board for the daily stick and ball information and the upcoming practice chukkers which are due to start on December 15.

For further information check out our website or contact the Polo Office at (760)-342-2223 or