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Coldwell Banker Menlo Triumphs in Jason Final

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Lyn Cobb’s Coldwell Banker Menlo polo team went into the championship game of the Mack and Madelyn Jason Memorial Tournament as the odds on favorite to get Cobb (Mack’s and Madelyn’s daughter) her second Jason Memorial victory at Eldorado. It made sense as they cruised through their bracket play undefeated, and gave the impression that it didn’t really matter who they would face in the final.

With the other bracket finishing up in a three-way tie for top spot, a shootout was necessary to decide an opponent for the Cobb sales people. With the shootout completed, Krista Bonaguidi’s and Chris Collins’ Hanalei Bay/Southwind emerged as the winners and therefore moved on to the final game.

On a rather warm afternoon in the Coachella Valley, Coldwell Banker Menlo, as advertised, started quickly as Dayelle Fargey scored from the field and Jared Sheldon converted a penalty number three. Collins got one back for Hanalei Bay/Southwind to come within one but Joseph Stuart pounded a penalty six to take a lead of two goals to the second period at 3 – 1.

Cobb’s salesforce kept the pressure on in chukker number two as Sheldon converted a penalty two opportunity and Stuart struck from the field to lead by four after two (5 – 1).

Bonaguidi, Collins and Co. were able to produce some pressure of their own in the first half of the third period as Bryan Middleton and Carlitos Galindo were able to score on open goal opportunities and the lead became just a pair. Unfazed, Stuart came back with a perfect neck-shot from 110 yards to score (the announcer’s ‘shot of the day’) and Sheldon got his first from the field and the lead was once again four at ‘halftime’ (7 – 3).

Collins grabbed his second of the day- a nifty near-side effort – that turned out to be the only counter of period number four and the Coldwell Banker Menlo lead was now three (7 – 4).

Sheldon converted another open goal chance to grab a four goal lead but Middleton scored on two undefended chances of his own and the lead was now just two. Cobb scored the final goal of the game that gave her Coldwell Banker Menlo Team the victory by a score of 9 – 6. For Cobb, it was her second Mack and Madelyn Jason victory at Eldorado – the trophy is also awarded at the Menlo Circus Club during the summer season.

Because of his influential and dominating play, Stuart was selected as the MVP and his mare, Shandyland, was chosen as the Best Playing Pony.

2013 Mack and Madelyn Jason Memorial Tournament

Coldwell Banker Menlo (6) – Lyn Cobb -1, Joseph Stuart 3, Jared Sheldon 3, Dayelle Fargey 1.

Hanalei Bay/Southwind (6) – Krista Bonaguidi -1, Chris Collins 1, Bryan Middleton 3, Carlitos Galindo 3.

Tony Gregg


Sofonio Polo Classic Starts March 12 Goal Action

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With a well earned victory in the Sofonio Polo Classic, Ron Mathison and his Highwood polo team served notice that they will, once again, be a factor in the Skins Tournament.

The Classic, sponsored by Dr. Mark Sofonio, Board  Certified Plastic Surgeon, saw the Mathison group go up against Chris Maloney and his Twin Palms foursome.

Twin Palms grabbed an early lead of two in the first period, only to see Highwood come back and tie going to the second chukker.

That second frame was all Twin Palms as they scored three unanswered goals to lead by three at 5 – 2 after two.

Mathison and Co. got back into form during the third stanza as they outscored Maloney’s crew 2 – 1 to produce a score of 6 – 4 at halftime.

If the third period allowed Highwood to get back into form, the fourth and fifth allowed them to write a book about same as they dominated both and led by four going to the sixth (10 – 6). In fact, with one in the third chukker included, Highwood scored seven in a row.

Twin Palms made it close in the final chukker as they scored three goals to come within one. The tying goal was not to be however, and Highwood captured the Sofonio Polo Classic by a count of 10 – 9.

Scoring for the winners, Santiago Trotz had five (one foul – #4), Marcello Rodriquez – Abbiati counted two (one foul – #4), Mathison a pair, and Jake Stimmel grabbed one.

Replying for Twin Palms, Graham Bray scored five goals, Gaston Von Wernich had three, and Mike Kerley struck once.

2013 Sofonio Polo Classic

Highwood (12) – Ron Mathison, Marcello Rodriguez – Abbiati 5, Santigo Trotz 5, Jake Stimmel 2.

Twin Palms (12) – Chris Maloney 1, Graham Bray 4, Gaston Von Wernich 5, Mike Kerley 2.

Tony Gregg


31st Annual Trione Vineyards Senior’s Tournament

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With the founder Henry Trione, as always, in attendance, the 31st annual Trione Vineyards Seniors Polo Tournament was played during the traditional mid-season break – this year on March 2nd & 3rd.

With four teams entered, Sunday’s final came down to a contest between Adam Ranch and Melody Ranch.

To reach the final game, Adam Ranch defeated Washington Lettuce on Saturday and Melody Ranch was victorious over Shanghai.

The final game, played on an absolutely perfect afternoon and announced by William Devane, saw Adam Ranch control from the outset and go on to well played victory to earn the prominent position on the presentation platform.

2013 Trione Vineyards Senoir’s Polo Tournament

Adam Ranch – Ross Adam, Glen Hart, Cameron Diggon, Denny Geiler.

Melody Ranch – Craig Ramsby, Murray Farmer, Will Waggner, George Conkwright, Susan Cooley.

Washington Lettuce – George Dill, Larry Rudy, Joe Infanger, Kelly Armstrong.

Shanghai – Steven Armour, Mike Ward, Don Pugh, Mike Jordan.

Tony Gregg

WCT Western Women’s Challenge

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Once again, Eldorado was selected to be the host club for the WCT Western Women’s Challenge Polo Tournament, played over three days from March 1 to March 3, 2013 comprising three Flights.

The A Flight consisted of three teams – Prime Time, Cotterel Farms/Urban Dog, and Coldwell Banker Menlo, and was played over the three days as a round-robin with a 4 chukker ‘game’ each day.

Friday saw Prime Time face-off against Cotterel/Urban Dog. Prime Time wasn’t able to hang on to an early lead as Cotterel/Urban Dog came back to eventually win by a score of 4 – 2.

Having not played on Friday, Coldwell Banker Menlo stepped on the field Saturday to face Prime Time. This test featured three lead changes and ultimately ended with a count of 3 – 3.

With Prime Time now out of championship contention – but hanging on a hope of the runner-up spot – Sunday’s ‘game’ would feature Cotterel/Urban Dog at 1 – 0 and 2 net goals going against Coldwell Banker Menlo at 1 – 0 and zero net goals. In other words, the former needed only to tie to win the championship, while Coldwell Banker Menlo would have to win in order to claim victory.

In a very entertaining game that saw several lead changes, Coldwell Banker Menlo ultimately did claim a win by a score of 4 – 3 and therefore became the WCT Western Women’s Challenge Champions.

Dayelle Fargey was chosen as the MVP, Anne Evamy was voted as the most sportsmanlike, and Rio, owned by Jenny Lutterell and played by Caroline Anier was selected as the Best Playing Pony.

WCT Western Women’s Challenge – A Flight

Coldwell Banker Menlo (3) – Madelyn Cobb, Abby Riggs 1, Dayelle Fargey 1, Tiamo Hudspeth 1.

Cotterel/Urban Dog (3) – Jenny Lutterell, Kim Garsed, Caroline Anier 2, Jessica Bailey 1.

Prime Time (3) – Anne Evamy, Leigh Brecheen, Claudia Uretz, Sunny Hale 3.

The B Flight saw six teams in competition and eventually came down to a final game between Barossa and Freedom Block For Horses. With no scoring in the first chukker, Freedom Block led 3 – 0 at halftime and ran away with a 5 – 2 win when it was over.

Tania Paneno was picked as the MVP, Anita Wulff the most sportsmanlike, and Dayelle Fargey’s Lemoncello was the Best Playing Pony.

 WCT Western Women’s Challenge – B Flight

Freedom Block For Horses (.5) – Tania Paneno -1, Jessica Bailey 1, Kate Weber .5, Cybele Jordan.

Barossa (.5) – Katie Graham -1, Abby Riggs 1, Dayelle Fargey 1, Dani Rewitzer -.5.

Cotterel Farms (1) – Jenny Lutterell, Jenny Phipps, Andrea Brereton -1, Caroline Anier 2.

D C Bank (1) – Cathy Butler, Krissy Devane, Anita Wulff, Roxy Kefauver 1.

Lucy Curci Cancer Center (1) – Susan Guggenheim, Sheryl Williams, Tiamo Hudspeth 1, Kerstie Allen.

Rapid Release (-2) – Danielle Travis, Paige Beard,Emma Stachowicz -1, Becky Clark -1.

C Flight was comprised of three teams in a round robin over two days where each team played each other team a total of four chukkers. After the second day, Ocean Mist prevailed as the victor, Deer Creek was second, and Ponytail Polo was the second runner-up.
Megan Kozminski was selected as the MVP, Lynni Hutton was chosen as the most sportsman like player, and Paige Rutherford was voted as the most improved. Miami, owned by Ernie Ezcurra and played by April Malice became the Best Playing Pony.

WCT Western Women’s Challenge – C Flight

Ocean Mist – Megan Kozminski, Mary Masterson, Linda Drabova, Dana Bates.

Deer Creek – Lynni Hutton, Paige Rutherford, Amelia Gilroy, Nancy Louie.

Ponytail Polo – Alex Pool-Jeffre, Emma Tooth, April Malice, Sara Knudsen/Lacey Safonovs.

Tony Gregg