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Coldwell Banker Wins February 6 Goal Tournament

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Like the 12 Goal February Tournament final, the 6 Goal closer was a contest between teams that met before and while revenge may be a strong word, Madelyn Cobb and her Coldwell Banker Menlo foursome most certainly wanted to turn the table on Krista Bonaguidi and Hanalei Bay after losing to the surfers in the Beal Cup just two weeks earlier – and they did exactly that with an impressive 8 – 7 victory.

To that avail, the first started well for Cobb and her salesmen as Peter Blake struck quickly to get an early lead – something they didn’t have in the Beal Cup final. That advantage vanished quickly however as Hanalei Bay came back with strength as Remy Muller scored to tie the game. Coldwell Banker responded with strength of their own and intense pressure yielded a penalty two conversion by Jared Sheldon and the first ended with the real estate group up by one at 2 – 1.

The second period was, very simply put, fast with many opportunities that did not translate into goals. Coldwell Banker had chances as did Hanalei Bay but the only counters of the stanza came from the mallet of Jesse Bray with a pair from the field and the third would start with the Bonaguidi pack up by one at 3 – 2.

The speed continued into that third as both teams were able to garner more opportunities that, once again, didn’t end in goals – in other words, extremely good offence was stopped by hard running defense that stood up to the task. However, Gregorio Mariscal, having turned play around many times, was able to score on a spectacular effort that would tie the game at three going to the half.

If it was possible, the fourth chukker was probably faster than the third and the surfers were electric as Bray counted two to go up by two before Mariscal, on an extremely heady turn-over from inside 60 yards brought the sales people within one. Bray, on an impressive and dominating run, put Hanalei Bay back into the lead by a pair and the ‘running’ fourth was over with the Hawaiians leading 6 – 4.

The fifth period again featured very good and very fast polo as Coldwell Banker pulled even with Sheldon scoring twice (1 penalty two) to get even again. Hanalei Bay got the lead back with Bray counting a penalty two from 15 yards and the surfers were in front again, but only by one at 7 – 6.

With 7:30 left in regulation, it was time for Cobb and Co. to make a big sale if they were to turn things around in this February final – and turn around they did as Cobb snuck in behind the defense and grabbed a perfect pass with 120 yards to go and ran it perfectly to tie the game. Not only did the play even things up, it was a great example of how to play the one position – stay up, get open, and don’t come back in looking for the ball. With real estate now doing well, Sheldon grabbed another one on another long and decisive run and the lead was now one for Coldwell Banker – their first lead since the second period. As it turned out, it was the best time to lead  as the clock ran out and it was over – with Cobb and her group victorious and in possession of the Richard Roenisch Bronzes.

By playing an exceptionally strong game at back and allowing himself to jump to the front when needed, Mariscal earned MVP honors, and Diego Andrade’s mare Madonna, played by Sheldon in the final chukker was selected as the Best Playing Pony.

Cheryl Shindel was chosen as the Best Playing Sponsor of the February 6 Goal Tournament.

February 6 Goal Tournament

Coldwell Banker Menlo 6 – Madelyn Cobb, Jared Sheldon 3, Peter Blake 2, Gregorio Mariscal 1.

Hanalei Bay 6 – Krista Bonaguidi -1, Jesse Bray 4, Remy Muller 2, TonyUretz 1.

Tony Gregg




Antelope Wins Rematch in February 12 Goal Final

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The final game of the February Tournament, played in front of another huge crowd, was a rematch of the Beal Cup final – Geoff Palmer’s Antelope and John Rooney’s Northern Blizzard. While the final two weeks ago was a close game with several lead changes and Rooney’s group coming away with a 9 – 7 victory, this one was not as Antelope overpowered Northern Blizzard throughout to come away with a rather lopsided 12 – 8 win.

It was apparent from the start that Antelope’s quarterback, Santiago Trotz, had prepared well as he sent Palmer – from the back – running at the start and set him up with a perfect pass that the Pronghorn patron took 130 yards to score and lead very early. Trotz then converted a penalty four opportunity and the first was over with Antelope up by a pair – a lead they would not relinquish.

The second didn’t start any better for the Canadian contingent as Antelope pressure was rewarded with a penalty two counter by Palmer and the lead was now three. Rooney, with a very heads up and aggressive play in the Pronghorn goal mouth got the first goal for Northern Blizzard and Juan Curbelo made it two with a field goal to end the second and the Northerners appeared to be back in it – trailing by just one at 3 – 2.

However, any thought that Rooney and Co. were actually in it was quickly dispelled in the third as Antelope exploded and scored five in a row – Jared Sheldon with a pair of open goal conversions, Jesse Bray with two from the field, and Trotz with one –  before Joe Henderson was able to count one for Northern Blizzard. The half was over and Antelope lead 8 – 3.

Antelope held the five goal advantage in the fourth as Bray and Trotz scored one each with a reply of two from the North as Curbelo and Tim Rudy counted one apiece. Going to the fifth it was 10 – 5 in favor of the Pronghorns.

The penultimate chukker was pretty much a copy of the fourth with Antelope holding their advantage as each team, once again, scored twice. Trotz from the field and a Palmer free throw for the leaders while Rudy grabbed a penalty three and a strike from the field in reply. With one to go, it was 12 – 7 Antelope.

Rooney grabbed his second of the day early in the final to narrow the gap to four and that would be it as Antelope completely dominated and came away with the Rich Roenisch Bronzes – most certainly a much different result than their first meeting.

Because of his alert and simply overpowering play, Bray was chosen as the MVP and Trotz’s fifth period horse, Hector, was awared the cooler as the Best Playing Pony.

Jenny Luttrell-Benardoni from Cotterel Farms was selected as the Most Valuable Sponsor for the tournament.

February 12 Goal Tournament 2014

Antelope 12 – Geoff Palmer, Santiago Trotz 5, Jesse Bray 4, Jared Sheldon 3.

Northern Blizzard – John Rooney 1, Joe Henderson 4, Juan Curbelo 4, Tim Rudy 3.

Tony Gregg



Fish Creek Junior Tournament 2014


The Fish Creek Junior Tournament, sponsored by Fred Mannix, was played on Saturday and Sunday, February 8th and 9th. Mannix, one of Eldorado’s greatest supporters, was instrumental in the start of the Junior Program at Eldorado so many, many years ago. In fact, his son Frederick was one of the originals and now carries a rating of 9 goals in Argentina.

Both mornings started off with the Lead-line and the Intermediate levels and was comprised of the following players; Conner Garsed, Tommy Steinke, Jaqueline Trabbitts, Colby Smith, Nicky Steinke, Gabriella Trabbitts, Ryan Kerley, Piers Bossom, Haley Schneider, Mike Estrada, and Uakea Huddleston.

Huddleston and Garsed were selected as the respective MVP’s and Bossom’s Macho Man and Estrada’s Vienna were chosen as the best Playing Ponies.

With the completion of the first levels, it was time for the advanced group to saddle up and take the field. In a somewhat new twist, it was decided that the boys (Rhandy Heredia, Riley Jordan, Baine Bossum on Saturday, Grant Palmer on Sunday, and Joe Coors) would play the girls (Hope Kerley, Gracie Gonzales, Sydney Jordan, and Angelina Quirante).

Most everyone in attendance thought that the boys would win easily and that appeared to be the case as they scored within the first 20 seconds of Saturday’s play. Not so however, as the girls came back to tie in less than one minute and went on to win the Saturday game by a 4 – 2 score – to the dismay of the so called stronger sex.

Sunday was to be the showdown as the score was carried over to start the play. With their reputations on the line, the boys jumped out quickly and got back the two goals they trailed by. The girls came right back however and went ahead, only to be caught by the guys once again.

When regulation time expired, the score was tied at six apiece. It was decided that overtime would be played and the boys prevailed and were declared the champions. Talk of a rematch was rampant.

Gracie Gonzales was chosen as the Most Valuable Player and Hope Kerley’s mare Minuet was selected as the Best Playing Pony.

Once again a big thank you to Jane Isquith for organizing another wonderful event and a big thanks as well to Isabella Wolf for umpiring the advanced level. Not an easy task given the intensity of the play.

Hanalei Bay Hangs On to Win Beal 6 Goal

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When one thinks of Hanalei Bay, the thought of surfing would most certainly come to mind. You know, hanging ten and all that stuff. However, in the Carlton and Keleen Beal 6 Goal Cup final, hanging ten turned out to be the furthest thing from Krista Bonaguidi and her surfers’ minds. After an exceptionally strong start, the second half was all about hanging on and just staying on the board – which they did (barely) to defeat Madelyn Cobb and Coldwell Banker Menlo by a final score of 9 – 8.

The first period turned out to be rather benign with both teams having opportunities with neither able to capitalize. The only goal of the opener came from a penalty two conversion by Remy Muller and the chukker ended with the surfers leading by one.

Hanalei Bay came out for the second and appeared to be much better prepared than Coldwell Banker as they dominated throughout. Counters from the field by Jesse Bray and Tony Uretz put the Hawaiians up by three with the real estate group not yet on the board.

The domination that was Hanalei Bay continued in the third as they carried the play and scored on another penalty two (by Muller) and a field goal by Bray to give the surfers a lead of five goals. The Cobb Team was able to finally muster some offence that was rewarded as Sheldon was able to convert an open goal opportunity to narrow the gap to four. However, Muller scored his first from the field and the lead was once again five and it appeared that the Bonaguidi pack were going to win easily. Wasn’t to be the case though as Peter Blake scored with 18 seconds left on the clock and the difference was now ‘only’ four goals at 6 – 2.

Blake’s goal – and most likely a stern ‘wake-up’ call during the break – most certainly set the tone for the early part of the fourth period as Coldwell Banker played the kind of polo that got them to the final. With Hanalei Bay able to do nothing, Cobb’s group were now selling real estate in a big way as Blake struck for two more – one a superb deflection on a penalty four going wide – and Sheldon grabbed one to narrow the gap to just a goal at 6 – 5. However, the surfers were able to recover as Bray and Muller scored one each and the fourth ended with Hanalei Bay leading by three at 8 – 5.

The scoring in the fifth was even at one as Blake counted for the Cobb Team and Muller scored his fifth for the Hawaiians. But while the scoring was even, Coldwell Banker carried the play but couldn’t finish opportunities and it would ultimately finish them off as the chukker ended with Hanalei Bay leading by three at 9 – 6.

The sixth started with Coldwell Banker, once again, playing ‘their game’ of fast and furious domination and the surfers were now trying to simply hang on. Sheldon was now playing his style of polo – quick and elusive – and he scored twice to narrow the gap to just one. With less than a minute left, and Hanalei Bay about to fall into the surf, it looked like the sales people were going to force overtime. Didn’t happen as an unkind bounce ended their hope and Bonaguidi captured her second championship in two weeks.

Bray earned MVP honors and Cobb, based on her strong play in the front, was selected as the Most Valuable Sponsor of the entire Beal Cup 6 Goal.

Carlton and Keleen Beal Cup 2014 – 6 Goal

Hanalei Bay 6 – Krista Bonaguidi -1, Jesse Bray 4, Remy Muller 2, Tony Uretz 1.

Coldwell Banker Menlo 6 – Madelyn Cobb, Jared Sheldon 3, Peter Blake 2, Gregorio Mariscal 1.

Tony Gregg


Winter Arrives During Beal 12 Goal Final

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For much of the new year of 2014, a good part of the country had been subjected to a rather severe onslaught of winter. At the same time, Southern California had been the very balmy exception – until Sunday as it turned out, as winter arrived in a big way with a Northern Blizzard blowing in to win the Carlton and Keleen 12 Goal Beal Cup. The Northern Blizzard, of course, was Calgary’s John Rooney and his Northern Blizzard polo team who covered Geoff Palmer’s Antelope foursome by a final count of 9 – 7.

At the outset, it seemed as if the weather was going to remain the same as a very aggressive Geoff Palmer grabbed a pass from Santiago Trotz and made a nice run to score in the early going to take a lead of one. However, the cool wind from the north started to become a factor as Joe Henderson and Tim Rudy scored from the field and Juan Curbelo added an open goal conversion and the first ended with the Rooney group leading by two at 3 – 1.

The Pronghorns warmed up in the second as Jared Sheldon counted one from the field and Trotz absolutely pounded a penalty four to tie the count at three. Rooney, perhaps used to the cold weather, turned the thermostat down with an exceptional steal to score late and the second ended with the cool wind from Canada leading 4 – 3.

The third got warmer however, as Antelope came out and dominated the period with the elusive Sheldon scoring twice from the field and Palmer converting an open goal award and Palmer and Co. lead by three at 6 – 4.

The north wind picked up in the fourth as the Rooney group applied pressure and were rewarded with a number four conversion by Curbelo and an open goal counter by Rudy. With less than a minute to go, it appeared that the chukker would end with the score tied. Didn’t happen as Sheldon got loose near the Canadian goal and pounded a deep neck shot from far right – the announcer’s ‘shot of the day’ – and it was 7 – 6 Antelope going to the fifth.

As it turned out, that was it for the Pronghorns as the snow started to fall  in the penultimate stanza with Northern Blizzard completely shutting down Antelope while Rudy converted a penalty two to tie the count at seven.

The snow stated to pile up in the sixth as Henderson converted a penalty two and Curbelo struck from the field. When it was over, it was winter in Southern California as Northern Blizzard covered Antelope and took the Beal Cup.

Curbelo was selected as the Most Valuable Player in the final and Palmer was honored as the Most Valuable Sponsor in the Beal Tournament.

2014 Carlton and Keleen 12 Goal Beal Cup

Northern Blizzard 12 – John Rooney 1, Joe Henderson 4, Juan Curbelo 4, Tim Rudy 3.

Antelope 12 – Geoff Palmer, Santiago Trotz 5, Jesse Bray 4, Jared Sheldon 3.

Tony Gregg

Joe Barry Memorial draws 50 young stars


The numbers were large for the 2014 Joe Barry Memorial Junior Polo Tournament played on January 18 and 19 at the Eldorado Polo Club in Indio, Ca. Of course, Joe Barry was one of the forces behind the creation of the junior program at the Southern California venue.

First to go very early on both mornings was the lead-line group, consisting of some very young participants. In no particular order they were; Matias Wolf, Justine Hoffman-Keyfauver, Garrett Hartzel-Russell, Nicky Steinke, Anna Margaret Hartzell-Russell, Adam Hoffman-Keyfauver, Diego Duenas, Gabriella Trabbitts, Uakea Huddleston, and Valentina Tadeo. The youngest group played a 12 minute chukker each morning, and while the score was kept, no one was really sure who won. Didn’t really matter anyway as all seemed to have a good time – parents included.

Second to go in the 2014 edition was the intermediate bunch. Several here had just graduated from the lead-line and were ‘on their own’ for the first time. Two teams saw action, consisting of the Reds and the Blacks. For the reds, Quinn Kyle, Rosie Gonzales, Alyssa Garcia, and Ella Bonilla lined up against the black team of Conner Garsed, Anthony Atchy, Tommy Steinke, and Jaqueline Trabbitts. These youngsters played a 12 minute period each morning as well and again the final score is unknown – and, as well, probably not important.

If the scoring wasn’t important in the first two divisions, it certainly was in the advanced level as three teams mounted up to play a two day round-robin. Empire lined up with Rhyo Rainsford-Keyfauver, Alex Payan, Nick Roth, and Gracie Gonzales. World Gym sent out Hank Uretz, Rhandy Heredia, Grant Palmer, and Julio Andrade. Coldwell Banker Menlo was the third foursome and consisted of Alanzo Andrade, Sydney Jordan, Hope Kerley, and Riley Jordan. After two mornings of rather impressive and fast play in the round-robin format, World Gym finished on top followed by Coldwell Banker Menlo and Empire. Many in attendance commented on how much fun it was to watch the upper level, made more interesting by the fact that it wasn’t that long ago that several were lead-line competitors.

With Jane Isquith organizing from the Eldorado side and Connie Atikinson bringing the Empire kids over, the 2014 Joe Barry was truly a very successful event. These two ladies most certainly know how to organize as the entire program was run perfectly and they should be congratulated.

Eldorado will host two more Junior Tournaments consisting of the Fish Creek (February 8 and 9) and Arty Cameron Memorial (March 8 and 9)