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Luna Runs Away With World Gym

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On the surface, it appeared that the final of the 26th annual World Gym Tournament – sponsored by the Mike Uretz family – would be a close contest. Made sense as a two and a three goal player would face a couple of two’s and the  latter would get a small handicap award at the start. Close would not be the case however as sound teamwork prevailed to allow Luna (Virgil Kyle -1, Jennifer Alexy 0, Santiago Mendez 2, Diego Larregli 2)  to easily defeat the World Gym foursome (George Conkwright -1, Carol Hemker -1, Brianna Galindo 0, Carlitos Galindo 3, Cacho Galindo 2) by a count of 10.5 – 6.

On a rather cool Sunday desert afternoon – in front of a warm and enthusiastic Cantina lunch crowd – the game turned out to be a classic case of the ability of a stronger player to use less experienced teammates  to defeat what appeared – at least on paper – to be a worthy opposition. With Mendez extremely comfortable in the role of the playmaker Luna was not challenged after the first of four chukkers and they made it look easy the rest of the way. Without question, the difference was Mendez and his ability to constantly set-up his less experienced teammates who ran free. As well,  Alexy and Kyle regularly backed-up each other to count a total of six goals from the field – abilities learned perhaps, during their experience in the pro-pool last winter.

The handicap difference was one, allowing Luna a gift of 1/2 at the start and the count was 1.5 – 1 after the first. That was as close as it would be as the score favored the winners 5.5 – 2 after two and 8.5 – 3 after the third period. Luna scored two early on in the final and then coasted as World Gym then scored three times to complete the count.

For the winners, Alexy scored five times (2 fouls), Kyle counted three, and Larregli grabbed two in the fourth.

Carlitos Galindo notched four (2 fouls – 1 #4) for World Gym, and Brianna Galindo and Conkwright had one each.

Marley, Alexy’s third period horse, was selected as the best playing pony.

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