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7 Goal Schedule for Sun. Jan. 24th



7 Goal


10:00 AM  Field- #2


UMP:  Ka’aina DeCoite & Andy Maze

REF:   Tim Rudy

*Each team brings 1 umpire horse


12:00 PM Field- #3


UMP:  Carlitos Galindo & Nicolai Galindo

REF: Joseph Stuart


12:00 PM Field- #1


UMP:  Bradley Biddle & Andy Maze

REF:  Santi Trotz

*Each team brings 1 umpire horse

M3 Wins Close Jason Memorial

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7 Goal M&M_web

The 2016 Mack and Madelyn Jason Memorial was played on the warmest day of the current season and in front of a very big opening day crowd. Madelyn Cobb, a grand-daughter of Mack and Madelyn, brought her M3 group (Cobb, Jared Sheldon 4, Peter Blake 3, Alonso Cruz) to the field to face Suzanne Figi’s Gypsy foursome (Figi, Graham Bray 3, remy du Celliee Muller 3, Taylor Freeman 2).

Like the weather, M3 was warm early as Blake took a perfect pass from Sheldon to score and lead by one. Gypsy came back quickly as Freeman scored from the field to even the count. Not to be one to sit back and watch, Sheldon notched a field goal of his own and the lead was once again one for Cobb and Co. but Freeman changed that with his second and the count was tied at two after the first.

Gypsy took the lead early in the second frame as du Celliee Muller grabbed his first of the day but Sheldon nailed a safety from 70 yards and it was even once again. Cobb, on a very alert pick-up and run, scored, and the lead, once again, belonged to M3 at 4 – 3. However, du Celiee Muller converted a 40 yard free throw and Bray counted from the field and the chukker ended with Gypsy ahead by one at 5 – 4.

The third was all M3 as Blake scored twice and Sheldon supplied one and the Cobb group went to the half with a lead of two at 7 – 5.

Sheldon continued the M3 push in the early fourth by converting a great set-up by Cobb and it was now 8 – 5 M3. Many thought that would be it and M3 would coast to the win. Not so, as Bray took charge and pushed du Celliee Muller and Freeman to score one each – bringing Gypsy to within one at 8 – 7.

A successful 60 yard free shot by Sheldon and a counter from the field by Blake put M3 in front by three at 10 – 7 but du Celliee Muller pulled Gypsy back with a penalty three conversion to end the fifth at 10 – 8 in favor of M3.

To start the sixth, Blake grabbed his fifth of the day and it appeared, once again, that M3 had the silver. Not quite as Gypsy pressed back with Freeman counting his fourth to narrow the lead to a pair at 11 – 9. A strong run by Bray ended with a du Celliee Muller open goal conversion and the lead was again just one with little time on the clock – not enough time as it turned out and Cobb and her Madelyn Three Team won the Mack and Madelyn Jason Trophy by a count of 11 – 10.

Sheldon was selected as the MVP and Geisha, owned and played by Blake, was awarded the Best Playing Pony blanket.

Tony Gregg


Antelope Grabs First 12 Goal Title

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12 Goal Opening Day_web

The delayed 2016 Opening Day turned out to be a fabulous one weather wise with the thermometer moving up into the 70’s and sunshine in abundance. After victories on Friday, and in front of a very big crowd, Chris Maloney brought his Twin Palms polo team (Maloney 1, Graham Bray 3, Santiago Wulff 5, Remy du Celliee Muller 3) to face Geoff Palmer and his Antelope herd (Palmer, Santiago Trotz 5, Felipe Vercellino 5, Chad Bowman 2). The game, perhaps not as perfect as the weather, turned out to be exciting nonetheless by virtue of the close score.

From the outset, it was apparent that the game might be a scrappy affair. That observation not withstanding, Graham Bray opened the scoring very early to give Twin Palms a lead of one. Vercellino and Bowman countered with field goals to put the pronghorns on top but that lead was short lived as the aggressive Maloney evened the count with a good effort to end the first.

The second slowed down somewhat and Antelope took advantage as Trotz and Bowman each scored while Maloney and Co. were held scoreless.

With a lead of two, the pronghorns were strong in the early third period as Bowman scored his third and the very quick Vercellino notched his second goal of the day. Twin Palms came back however and applied heavy pressure that resulted in two penalty two conversions for Wulff. Antelope rebounded as Vercellino scored another and the half ended with the Palmer herd leading by three at 7 – 4.

Twin Palms jumped out with authority to start the fourth chukker as Maloney put up his second goal and Wulff scored his first from the field.  Trotz was then able to get his second and the fourth was over with the Antelope lead now just a pair.

Wulff scored from the field once more in the early penultimate frame to bring the Maloney group to within one, but a miscue allowed Palmer a free throw from 40 yards that he converted to again lead by two. du Celliee Muller then finished off a nice run to bring Twin Palms back to within one to end the fifth at 9 – 8.

Coming in to the second half down by three, Maloney and Co. were now in contention to start the sixth and final of regulation. With Bray playing the middle with his trademark aggressive game, Twin Palms was afforded another open goal opportunity (40 yards) that Wulff converted and the count was now tied at nine. However, with just over a minute left, Antelope was awarded a penalty shot from 60 yards. Vercellino wisely used the time needed to set up the ball and changed horses. In spite of the fact that he was now on a mount that many said was easier to strike penalty shots from, the attempt was wide and Twin Palms had a chance to run the field and win. Didn’t happen as a foul call gave Vercellino another opportunity to close it out – this time from 40 yards and just 41 seconds remaining. The attempt was good and Antelope won the first 12 goal tournament by a final count of 10 – 9.

Tony Gregg




Pheasant Hollow Flies to World Gym Win

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The Mike Uretz Family’s 25th annual World Gym tournament -the second longest continuously  played event in Desert Polo – was played as a round-robin over two days on the weekend of December 26th and 27th on the Cantina field in front of  very good crowds on both days.

With Saturday’s scoring carried over to Sunday, Debra Vermoch’s Pheasant Hollow brood (Vermoch -1, Rhett Merrill -1, Tim Rudy 3, Patrick Uretz 3) were in good shape after the first day. Facing Madelyn Cobb’s M3 group (Cobb .5, Jared Sheldon 4, Rhandy Heredia -1, Alonso Andrade -1) to start things off on Sunday, Pheasant Hollow started with a three goal lead at 6 – 3. The second day was similar to the first as Uretz and Rudy cruised to a final count win of 9 – 6.

For round two, M3 stayed on the field to face Mia Bray’s Twin Palms (Bray -1, Graham Bray 3, Conrad Kissling 1, Xander Deutsch). With a lead of one from Saturday at 4 – 3, Cobb and Co. had a good shot at grabbing a win to go to 1 – 1 for their final count. Wasn’t to be however as the Bray Foursome counted four goals to just two for M3 that gave a final tally of 7 – 6 in favor of Twin Palms.

Sunday’s third contest would see Pheasant Hollow come back to play Twin Palms in a winner take all session. From Saturday Pheasant Hollow had a lead of one at 3 – 2. In a ‘game’ as close as the previous day’s, the brood outscored Twin Palms by two at 3 – 1 thus giving a final score of 6 – 3 to earn the win and a round -robin record of 2 – 0.

Pheasant Hollow  2   0   +6, Twin Palms  1   1   -2, M3  0   2   -4.

With play at a level above, Uretz was selected as the MVP.

Tony Gregg