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Springbok Edges Prima Polo in WCT Qualifier

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The main event of the closing afternoon of the 2017 season, featured the Pacific Coast Women’s Challenge – WCT Qualifier A Flight final between Springbok (Kate Weber 4, Catlin Dix 4, Jennifer Alexy 5, Caroline Anier 6) facing off against Prima Polo (Jenny Alter 1, Dayelle Fargey 7, Abby Riggs 5, Tiffany Busch 7) in what turned to be a very physical and entertaining contest.

Having to give up a handicap award of one-half, Prima Polo struck first as Busch counted the first of her three on the afternoon. Soringbok’s Anier countered soon after and the first chukker ended with the two time defending champions leading by the handicap difference (1.5 – 1).

Jennifer Alexy, riding the eventual Best Playing Pony – Izzy – scored the only goal of the second and the count was 2.5 – 1 in favor of Springbok going to the break.

As the enthusiastic crowd stomped divots and conversed – with Ruffino Prosecco in hand – Prima Polo was speaking amongst themselves as well, and whatever was said seemed to work in the third as a strong team effort allowed Busch to score a pair of goals to take a lead of one-half. However, Dix notched a goal and Springbok again led by the handicap grant (3.5 – 3).

The fourth was very physical and very close with neither team able to gain any type of an advantage. But with just over 90 seconds to go, Dix was able to grab the ball and run 150 yards to score her second of the game and Springbok had successfully defended their 2016 title by a final tally of 4.5 to 3.

Dix, because of her aggressive and opportunistic play, was selected as the MVP and as mentioned earlier, Izzy, owned by Diego Larregli and played by Alexy was honored as the Best Playing Pony – the second horse played by Alexy on this day to be recognized as such.


The Women’s Challenge Upper B Flight saw Deer Creek (Lynni Hutton 1, Julie Fernandez 2, Caroline Anier 6, Audrey Persano 3) play Ohana (Erin Brittin 2, Stephanie Davidson, Abby Riggs 5, CAtlin Dix 4). A very strong first chukker allowed Deer Creek to move on to an 8 – 5.5 victory.

Anier was awarded the title of MVP and Pientha, played by Persano and owned by Fernandez was chosen as the Best Playing Pony.


The Lower B Flight was won by DG’S Girls (Shelley Geiler 2, Keli Newton, Jennifer Alexy 5, Heather Perkins 2) over Sunset Warriors (Susan Guggenheim 2, Julie Empey 1, Tanya Paneno 2, Carla Gallichotte 2).

Keli Newton was named as the MVP and Marley, played by Alexy in the second chukker was tabbed as the Best Playing Pony.

Tony Gregg