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Pro Pool Schedule for Sunday April 1st

Daily Game Schedule


SUNDAY, April 1st, 2018

2:00 PM  Field- #1

Gold Rush Longview
Kimberly Foy James Kidd
Zinta Rewald Dan Faherty
Linda Murray Carol Hemker
Danny Juarez Rodrigo Salinas




UMP: Andy & Luis

REF:  Tony Gregg


NYTS Schedule for Sunday April 1st

Daily Game Schedule

NYTS 2018

SUNDAY APRIL 1st, 2018



Lakeside (1-4)   Alegria (1,2,5,6) Boss Polo (3,4,5,6)
Molly Agee B.5 Conrad Kissling        1.5    Bayne Bossom             A
Ian Schnoebelen B Hope Kerley                 B Garrett Bankhead       B        
Elise Pardue B Piers Bossom               B Taylor Olcott                B
Hannah Stock B Charlize Bisogni           B Haley Schneider          B  

12:00 PM Field- #1

UMP:  Darrell & Andy

REF:  Ulysses Escapite

WCT Schedule for Sunday April 1st

Daily Game Schedule

2018 WCT

B Flight

SUNDAY APRIL 1st, 2018

9:00 AM Field-#1


UMP: Darrell & Andy

REF: Graham Bray

*Each team brings 1 umpire horse


10:00 AM Field- #1


UMP: Darrell & Andy

REF: Claudia Uretz

*Each team brings 1 umpire horse


National Youth Tournament Series

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LAKESIDE – Molly Agee B.5, Ian Schnoebelen B, Elise Pardue B, Hannah Stock B.
BOSS POLO – Bayne Bossom A, Garrett Bankhead B, Taylor Olcott B, Haley Schneider B.
ALEGRIA – Conrad Kissling 1.5, Hope Kerley B, Charlize Bisogni B, Piers Bossom -1.

Teams will play Saturday and Sunday Round Robins.

Saturday – First game at 12 noon

USPA Pacific Coast Women’s Challenge WCT Qualifier

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LAS PATRONAS JJCK (13) – Jennifer Alexy 5, Jenny Luttrell-Benardoni 4, Claudia Uretz 2, Kim Garsed 2.
M3 (11) – Madelyn Cobb 4, Jemma Contreras 1, Cybele Jordan 4, Erin Brittin 2.
MANILA POLO (13) – Kate Weber 4, Gina Padilla 3, Caroline Anier 5, Lesley Tims 1.
OCEAN MIST (13) – Heather Lake 3, Carin Middleton 4, Megan Judge 3, Mia Bray 3.

Sat Mar 31 9 AM – Manilla Polo vs Ocean Mist
Sat Mar 31 10AM – Las Patronas JJCK vs M3
Sun Apr 1 – Final; M3 vs Ocean Mist

Rossmore Cup

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Governor’s Cup

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Boss Polo Wins 2018 Governor’s Cup

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The 2018 Pacific Coast Circuit Governor’s Cup final was a contest between a pair of young newcomers and a familiar face who had played in the final several times before.
In fact, Reg Whyte had not only been there before, he won the coveted trophy in 2010.
This year’s game would see Whyte and his Thermal group (Reg Whyte, Mia Bray, Patrick Uretz 4, Felipe Sordelli 2) face off with rookies Bayne Bossom and Leslie Tims’ Boss Polo partnership (Leslie Tims -1, Bayne Bossom, Jared Sheldon 4, Remy Du Celliee Muller 3) in a game that saw several swings in momentum.
From the start it was apparent that this would be quick and fast game as Uretz ran from the initial bowl-in and scored to give a very early lead to Thermal. However, Sheldon scored three goals in a row to grab a two goal bulge for Boss Polo. Bossom finished off the first period with two counters of his own and the opener was over with the youngsters leading with a count of 5 – 1.
The momentum that hurt Thermal in the first was theirs in the second frame as the pressure they exerted created defensive errors by Boss Polo. The result was three open goal awards – from 40 yards – that Uretz converted. Boss Polo still led but by just one at 5 – 4.
Chukker number three saw Boss Polo grab the momentum once again as Du Celliee Muller scored three goals and Sheldon had one. Uretz was able to reply for Thermal with one but the lead was now four for the newcomers at 9 – 5.
Thermal came within three as Sordelli scored his first but Sheldon got that back to quell a possible comeback. Sordelli was able to grab another but that would be it as Boss Polo won by a final tally of 10 – 7.
Because of his superb offensive and defensive abilities in the middle of the game, Du Celliee Muller was named the Most Valuable Player to his team.
Chiquita – played by Sheldon in his explosive first chukker – was selected as the Best Playing Pony.

Tony Gregg

Twin Palms Doubles the Skins Money and Wins Rossmore

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On an ‘absolutely perfect afternoon in sunny Southern California’ and in front of a huge and extremely involved crowd, Twin Palms (Graham Bray 3, Mason Wroe 4, Patrick Uretz 4, Mike Kerley 1 {sub for inj Chris Maloney 1}) ran to convincing $14,000 to $7,000 money win and 12 – 9 overall victory over Farmers & Merchants Bank/RH Polo (Danny Walker 2, Mariano Fassetta 5, Santiago Von Wernich 5, Catlin Dix {sub for inj Ben Soleimani}) in the 24th annual Polo Skins Games and the USPA Rossmore Cup.
With $3500 available in each chukker, the hotly contested game turned out to be a perfect example of how polo is supposed to be played – hit the ball and run.
At the outset, speed and accuracy was to be prevalent as the Walker group prevailed by one goal to lead in the Rossmore at 3 – 2 and in doing so won the $3,500 available in the first period.
Twin Palms came back in the second and outscored the bankers by an identical count of 3 – 2 and grabbed their first cash award of $3,500. The money was now even as was the Rossmore tally at 5 – 5.
The third period saw Farmers & Merchants/RH Polo score two goals to just a single from Twin Palms to grab another chunk of cash to lead at $7,000 to $3,500 and go ahead in the overall at 7 – 6.
As the very big crowd took part in the Ruffino Prosecco halftime divot stomp, the Twin Palms foursome used the time wisely and it showed in the fourth period as they outran FMB/RH by a count of 4 – 1 and in doing so won another $3,500 to get even in the money count at $7,000 and jump ahead for the Rossmore at 10 – 8.
As the classic polo continued in the penultimate frame the scoring was made difficult by great defensive work and each side counted but one goal to create the first carryover of the afternoon. This would make the sixth chukker worth $7,000. Twin Palms continued to lead in the Rossmore at 11 – 9.
The final saw just one goal – perhaps fittingly from Patrick Uretz – and Chris Maloney’s Twin Palms had doubled the money count and at the same time took the overall tally to win the Rossmore Cup ($14,000 – $7,000 and 12 – 9 overall).
For the winners, Uretz scored nine goals (four fouls), Bray had a pair, and Wroe counted one.
Fassetta struck seven times for FMB/RH and Waker had two in the loss.
In a game where he showed his ability to do everything required to play winning polo, Uretz was selected as the MVP.
Josephina, a product of the Walker breeding program, and played by Walker in the second period, was chosen as the Best Playing Pony.
Prior to the awards presentation to the winners and the runners-up, David Carlson was presented with the Robert Skene Most Improved Player Trophy.

Tony Gregg

USPA Rossmore Cup/Skins Final Set

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COTTEREL FARMS (11) – Jenny Luttrell-Benardoni, Francisco Benardoni 1, Ruben Cosia 5, Juan Curbelo 5.
FARMERS & MERCHANTS BANK/RH POLO (12) – Danny Walker 2, Ben Soleimani, Mariano Fassetta 5, Santiago Von Wernich 5.
HIGHWOOD (12) – Ron Mathison, Marcelo Rodriguez-Abbiati 4, Mariano Gutierrez 4, Geronimo Obregon 4.
TWIN PALMS (12) – Chris Maloney 1, Graham Bray 5, Mason Wroe 4, Patrick Uretz 4.

Twin Palms 3 0 def Cotterel, Farmers & Merchants/RH Polo, Highwood
Farmers & Merchants/RH Polo 2 1 def Highwood, Cotterel lost Twin Palms
Highwood 1 2 def Cotterel lost Farmers & Merchants/RH, Twin Palms
Cotterel Farms 0 3 lost Twin Palms, Highwood, Farmers & Merchants/RH Polo

Fri Mar 16 – Highwood vs Farmers & Merchants/RH, Cotterel vs Twin Palms
Sun Mar 18- Twin Palms vs Farmers & Merchants/RH, Cotterel vs Highwood
Fri Mar 23 – Farmers & Merchahts/RH vs Cotterel, Highwood vs Twin Palms
Sun Mar 11 – Final – Farmers & Merchants Bank/RH Polo vs Twin Palms

Two best records will play final
‘Who beat who’ and ‘shootout’ rules in effect

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