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Pro Pool Schedule for Sunday March 25th

Daily Game Schedule


SUNDAY, March 25th, 2018

10:30 AM  Field- #4

Urban Dog Highwood
Will Waggoner Meghan Mathison
Kim/Jemma Scott Walker
Andres Delgado Adrian DeMontfalcon
Jared Shledon Rodrigo Salinas





UMP: Andy & Luis

REF:  Tony Gregg

11:30 AM  Field- #4

Gold Rush Koko Crater Stables
Lee Robinson Jerry Mount
Zinta Rewald James Kidd
Nigel Vorbrich Kim Foy
Danny Juarez Ernie Ezcurra




UMP: Andy & Luis


6 & 12 Goal Schedule for Sunday March 25th

Daily Game Schedule

Governor’s & Rossmore Skin Cup FINALS

SUNDAY MARCH 25th, 2018

6 Goal Governor’s Cup Final

12:00 PM Field- #1

THERMAL (Please park on score board end closest to Intl. Field) vs

BOSS POLO (please park on Ave. 51 side closest to the club house bank)

UMP: Fergus & Kimo

REF: Juan Curbelo

*Each team brings 1 umpire horse



12 Goal Rossmore Skins Final

2:30 Field-#1

TWIN PALMS (Please park score board side, Fish Creek Corner) VS.

FMB/RH Polo (Please park Ave. 51 side between fields 1 & 2)

UMP: Fergus & Kimo

REF:  Ruben Coscia

*Each team brings 2 umpire horses

Practice Chukkers for Sunday March 25th

Daily Game Schedule

Practice Chukkers

SUNDAY March 25th, 2018

5 Chukkers 10:00AM Field-  #8

Red  Blue

Craig R.

Dylan F.

Paul Sethi (1-4)

Diego L. (2-5)

Jennifer A (1,5)

Armando G.

Mariano C.

Carol H.

Topo M.

USPA Rossmore Cup/Skins Final Set

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COTTEREL FARMS (11) – Jenny Luttrell-Benardoni, Francisco Benardoni 1, Ruben Cosia 5, Juan Curbelo 5.
FARMERS & MERCHANTS BANK/RH POLO (12) – Danny Walker 2, Ben Soleimani, Mariano Fassetta 5, Santiago Von Wernich 5.
HIGHWOOD (12) – Ron Mathison, Marcelo Rodriguez-Abbiati 4, Mariano Gutierrez 4, Geronimo Obregon 4.
TWIN PALMS (12) – Chris Maloney 1, Graham Bray 5, Mason Wroe 4, Patrick Uretz 4.

Twin Palms 3 0 def Cotterel, Farmers & Merchants/RH Polo, Highwood
Farmers & Merchants/RH Polo 2 1 def Highwood, Cotterel lost Twin Palms
Highwood 1 2 def Cotterel lost Farmers & Merchants/RH, Twin Palms
Cotterel Farms 0 3 lost Twin Palms, Highwood, Farmers & Merchants/RH Polo

Fri Mar 16 – Highwood vs Farmers & Merchants/RH, Cotterel vs Twin Palms
Sun Mar 18- Twin Palms vs Farmers & Merchants/RH, Cotterel vs Highwood
Fri Mar 23 – Farmers & Merchahts/RH vs Cotterel, Highwood vs Twin Palms
Sun Mar 11 – Final – Farmers & Merchants Bank/RH Polo vs Twin Palms

Two best records will play final
‘Who beat who’ and ‘shootout’ rules in effect

Governor’s Cup Final – Familiar Face vs Newcomers

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BLAZERS (6) – Pat Powell, Kyle Fargey 3, Diego Cossio 2, Malia McCoy 1.
BOSS POLO (6) – Lesley Tims -1, Bayne Bossom, Jared Sheldon 4, Remy Du Celliee Muller 3.
BEARSDEN (5.5) – Carol Farnsworth -.5, Cody Woodfin 2, Peter Blake 3, Jessica Baily 1.
HANALEI BAY (6) – Krista Bonaguidi -1, Ashton Wolf 3, Taylor Freeman 2, Matthew Fonseca 2.

BUSH LEAGUE (6) – Virgil Kyle, Ryan Robertson .5, Ulysses Escapite 4, Jose Rodriguez 1.5.
THERMAL (6) – Reg Whyte, Mia Bray, Patrick Uretz 4, Felipe Sordelli 2.
LUNA NUEVA (6) – Jennifer Alexy .5, Cheryl Schindel -.5, Diego Larregli 3, Luis Saracco 3.

Boss Polo 2 0 1 def Hanalei Bay, Blazers tied Bearsden (first)
Blazers 2 1 def Bearsden, Hanalei Bay lost Boss Polo (second)
Hanalei Bay 1 2 def Bearsden lost Boss Polo, Blazers
Bearsden 0 2 1 lost Blazers, Hanalei Bay tied Boss Polo

Thermal 1 1 def Luna Nueva lost Bush League (won shootout)
Bush League 1 1 def Thermal lost Luna Nueva (second in shootout)
Luna Nueva 1 1 def Bush League lost Thermal (eliminated in shootout)

Sat Mar 17 – Blazers vs Bearsden, Boss Polo vs Hanalei Bay
Sat Mar 17 – Bush League vs Luna Nueva
Sun Mar 18 – Boss Polo vs Blazers, Bearsden vs Hanalei Bay
Sun Mar 18 – Thermal vs Bush League
Thur Mar 22 – Hanalei Bay vs Blazers, Bearsden vs Boss Polo
Thur Mar 22 – Luna Nueva vs Thermal
Sat Mar 24 – Semi Finals; Boss Polo vs Bush League, Blazers vs Thermal
Sun Mar 25 – Final; Thermal vs Boss Polo

Play is inside the bracket
Two teams with best record in their bracket will play in cross bracket semi-final – first in one bracket plays second in the other bracket
Winners will advance to final
Three teams that that don’t advance to semi-finals will play Round-Robin for the Lt. Governor’s Cup
Shootout rules in effect

March League 12 goal – Cotterell farms

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March League 6 goal – Boss Polo

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Boss Polo Wins Prelude to the Governor’s Cup

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It has been said, that if you win most of the throw-ins in a polo game you will have a strong chance of winning the game. This proved to be true for Boss Polo (Bayne Bossom, Lesley Tims -1, Jared Sheldon 4, Remy Du Celliee Muller 3) as they – in overtime – defeated Hanalei Bay (Krista Bonaguidi -1, Ashton Wolf 3, Taylor Freeman 2, Matthew Fonseca 2) in an extremely entertaining March 6 Goal final on an ‘absolutely perfect afternoon in sunny Southern California’ by a final tally of 8 – 7.
From the outset it became obvious that this was going to be a running game – out of the throw-ins quickly and go.
To that point Wolf grabbed the ball from the initial toss and scored on a superb run to gain the early lead for the Hawaiians. That one goal advantage became two as Bonaguidi caught a perfect pass and carried the ball 120 yards to rack up another counter. Not to be outdone, Sheldon then showed his ability to hit and run out of the scrums as he grabbed three in a row – the ‘natural hat trick’ – to give Boss Polo a lead of one after one at 3 – 2.
The wide open style for both sides continued in the second chukker as Sheldon scored two more for Boss Polo and Wolf and Fonseca replied for Hanalei Bay and it was 5 – 4 Boss Polo at the half.
The speed continued in the third period but defensive work was stronger as only two goals were scored. By grabbing both of those – from Freeman and Fonseca – the surfers held the lead going to the final of regulation by a count of 6- 5.
The fourth stanza saw much of the same open style of play, but a Hanalei Bay defensive error allowed Sheldon a free-throw opportunity from 30 yards which he easily converted to tie the score at six. Freeman then grabbed his second of the game and the lead was back in the hands of Bonaguidi and crew. That lead was rather short lived however as Tims alertly jumped on a loose ball in front of the Hawaiian goal and it was again tied – this time at seven and it was on to an extremely short overtime.
With the throw in toward the boards and about 120 yards out from the Hanalei Bay goal, and near the left side line, a cool and very quick Bossom grabbed the ball and ran and scored. It was over just like that – the shortest extra frame many had ever seen at no more than 10 seconds elapsed – and again showed the strengh of winning the scrums and running as Boss Polo won the March 6 Goal. Many in the very large and exuberant crowd remarked that this was, most certainly, one of the best games they had witnessed in a very long time.
With six goals, Sheldon was the obvious choice for MVP and Shock Top, owned and played by Sheldon in the second was honored as the Best Playing Pony.

Tony Gregg

Cotterel Takes Long Route to March 12 Goal Victory

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It really doesn’t matter how you get to the final game of any tournament – it’s what you do when you get there. For Jenny Luttrell-Benardoni and her Cotterel Farms aggregation (Jenny Luttrell-Benardoni, Francisco Benardoni 1, Ruben Coscia 5, Juan Curbelo 5) the route to the final was not ideal. A pair of losses to start with and it didn’t look promising. But a third game victory combined with some help, allowed the Idaho group into a shootout to determine an opponent for undefeated Highwood (Ron Mathison, Marcello Rodrigues-Abbiati 4, Geronimo Obregon 4, Mariano Gutierrez 4) – a shootout that they won.
The final then, was a rematch between the tournament’s first game combatants but the result would be much different – this time Cotterel prevailed. In fact, the Idaho farmers would never trail as they literally outran the Canadian outfit by a final score of 6 – 5.
With a handicap award of one to start with, first period counters by Curbelo and Coscia gave Cotterel a lead of three going to the second.
Gutierrez and Rodriguez-Abbiati scored for Highwood in that second to trail by just one (3 – 2).
Benardoni notched his first of the day in the third chukker to give Cotterel a lead of two but Highwood got back to within one as Gutierrez converted a penalty four strike to go to halftime (4 – 3).
Curbelo scored his second – the only goal of the fourth frame – and Idaho now led by two with two to go in regulation (5 – 3).
The penultimate stanza – like chukker number four – featured just one goal. That counter was an open goal conversion by Gutierrez from 30 yards and Mathison and Co., once again, trailed by only one going to the final frame (5 – 4).
In the sixth, Gutierrez grabbed his second goal from the field and the count was now tied at five with less than three minutes to go. An alert play from the right of the Highwood goal rewarded Benardoni with his second goal of the contest that turned out to be the winner as Cotterel prevailed by one goal at 6 – 5 and had won the March 12 Goal Tournament – the prelude to the Skins Tournament.
Benardoni, with creative and aggressive play, was selected as the Most Valuable Player to his team and Euro, owned by Mathison and played by Rodriguez-Abbiati, was rewarded with the Best Playing Pony blanket.

Tony Gregg