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K2 Polo Ponies Captures Women’s B Flight

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The USPA Pacific Coast Women’s Challenge final was won by K2 Polo Ponies (Kim Kelly 3, Elizabeth Cunningham, Dayelle Fargey 6, Kirsten Ludwig 3)  over Bearsden (Carol Farnsworth 3, Audrey Persano 4, Catlin Dix, Hope Kerley 1) by a final score of 5 – 4 in a wide open and very entertaining game.

Trailing by two goals at halftime, K2 outscored Bearsden 4 to 1 in the second half to take a one goal victory.

Bearsden’s Audrey Persano was chosen as the MVP and Miami, played by Hope Kerley and owned by Jenny Luttrell-Benardoni was selected as the Best Playing Pony.

B Flight WINNERS – K2 Polo Ponies – (Elizabeth Cunningham, Kim Kelly, Dayelle Fargey, Kirsten Ludwig)

To win the C Flight in an extremely close game, Mary Kay Babes/SB Polo (Susan Guggenheim 2, Naima Scheraga 1,, Megan Rioux-Forker 1, Georgia Caesar 1) defeated The Partners (Bonnie Magill 1, Hannah Mitchell 1, Jennifer Hagstedt , Anne Terranova 1) in a shootout.

C Flight WINNERS – Mary Kay Babes – (Georgia Caesar, Megan Rioux-Forker, Susan Guggenheim, Naima Scheraga)

Alazanas Foxi Prevails in Women’s Challenge

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Displaying a very calculated and strong defensive game throughout, with the addition of second half offense, Alazanas Foxi (Kate Weber 4, Malia McCoy 5, Jessica Bailey 5, Meghan Gracida 3 – [17]) defeated Plank & Co, (Kendall Plank 4, Cheryl Schindel 2, Dayelle Fargey 6, Tiffany Busch 6 – [18]) by a final score of 4.5 – 3 to win the USPA Pacific Coast Circuit Women’s Challenge and WCT Qualifier played at Southern California’s Eldorado Polo Club. Playing in front of a very involved and vocal lunchtime Cantina crowd, the winners acquired a half point award at the start.

Due to sturdy defense from both sides, the first period was somewhat choppy and ended with no scoring for either foursome. Alazanas Foxi continued to lead with the handicap difference at .5 – 0.

Fargey – playing the eventual Best Playing Pony award winner – was able to get free during the second chukker and scored twice from the field. That would be it however, as both defenses continued to work well and Plank & Co. led at 2 – .5.

The third period opened up for Alazanas Foxi as Weber and Bailey counted goals. At the same time, their strong defensive play remained in business and the oft mentioned Plank & Co. offense was held at bay. Alazanas Foxi led once again by the award difference at 2.5 – 2.

With their solid defensive play continuing in the fourth, Alazanas Foxi continued to mix in offence as well and Gracida scored to increase the lead to one and a half goals. Continued offensive pressure forced a Plank & Co. error and Weber converted a penalty number two and the lead was now two and one half goals. Fargey was able to score her third of the game to narrow the difference but time was not her ally and it was over. Alazanas Foxi was the USPA Womens Challenge/WCT Qualifier champion.

Weber, based on her steady, strong, and knowledgeable play, was selected as the Most Valuable Player to her team and Ebony – Fargey’s second chukker mare – was adorned with the Best Playing Pony blanket. The Sunny Hale Memorial Horsemanship Award was presented to Catlin Dix playing for consolation winner Ocean Mist/Prime Time.
Tony Gregg

ALAZANAS FOXI Kate Weber, Meghan Gracida, Malia McCoy, Jessica Bailey
Presented by Bill Devane & Caroline Anier
(Photo: Kerri Kerley)

Women’s Challenge, WCT Qualifier – Finals Set

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With Friday play completed, the A and B Flight finalists have been determined.

In the A Flight, game victories by Plank & Co. and Alazanas Foxi over Luna Polo and Ocean Mist/Prime Time respectively set the stage for Sunday’s main event showdown at the Cantina.

On Saturday, Cantina patrons  will see K-2 Polo engage Bearsden at 12PM in the B Flight decider.
K-2 emerged as the winner of a round-robin with High Maintenance and Jackson Hole Emporium/Cheval Polo and Bearsden advanced with their game victory over Central Coast Polo Team.

The C Flight final will be contested Saturday at 1:30 PM between The Partners and Mary Kay Babes/SB Polo.

USPA Pacific Coast Women’s Challenge – Update Dec 28th

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PLANK & CO. (18)                                         LUNA POLO (18)
Kendall Plank 4                                             Jennifer Alexy 5
Cheryl Schindel 2                                          Megan Judge 4
Dayelle Fargey 6                                           Cindy Halle 4                                  
Tiffany Busch 6                                              Marissa Wells 5

ALAZANAS FOXI (17)                                    OCEAN MIST/PRIME TIME (17)
Meghan Gracida 3                                         Catlin Dix 4
Kate Weber 4                                                  Audrey Persano 4
Malia McCoy 5                                                Andrea Coscia 4
Jessica Bailey 5                                              Tiamo Hudspeth 5

Friday December 28;
Plank & Co. vs Luna Polo, Ocean Mist/Prime Time vs Alazanas Foxi
Sunday December 30;
Final – Plank & Co. vs Alazanas Foxi



Hannah Heitzig 1                                            Carol Farnsworth 3
Margaret Papka 1                                            Audrey Persano 4
Megan Judge 4                                                Catlin Dix 4       
Cory Williams 3                                               Hope Kerley 1

HIGH MAINTENANCE (12)                             K2-POLO PONIES (12)
Julie Fernandez 2                                             Kim Kelly 3
Lesa Slaughter 1                                               Elizabeth Cunningham
Tiamo Hudspeth 5                                             Dayelle Fargey 6
Athena Malin 4                                                   Kirsten Ludwig 3

Jessica Dubin
Kim Garsed 2
Megan Flynn 3
Danielle Travis 4

Friday December 28;
Game – Central Coast vs Bearsden
Round Robin – High Maintenance vs K2 vs Jackson Hole
Saturday December 29;
Final 12 PM – Bearsden vs K2-Polo


THE PARTNERS (5)                                               MARY KAY BABES/SB POLO (5)
Bonnie Magill 2                                                     Susan Guggenheim 2
Hannah Mitchel 1                                                  Naima Scheraga 1
Jennifer Hagstedt 1                                               Megan Rioux-Forker 1
Anne Terranova 1                                                 Georgia Caesar 1

Final to be played on Saturday December 28 1:30 PM

Eldorado Women’s Chukker League


Eldorado Polo Club would like to announce that we are starting a new Women’s Chukker League in 2019.  

The league will start in January and will consist of 4chukkers every Friday afternoon with 1 umpire and flaggers. The cost will be $300 a week or $1,000 a month.The club is introducing this new league for the month of January and if we receive enough interest we will extend it throughout the season. If you are interested please let our office know at