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12 Goal Practice Wed. March 20

Daily Game Schedule

Goal Practice Chukkers

Wednesday March 20th

Chukkers 10:30AM Field #8

Red Blue
Twin Palms

Chukkers 11:00 AM Field #7

Red Blue
FMB Highwood

Perfect Sunday Presented by Ketel One Botanicals

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Saint Patrick’s Day Sunday Polo – presented by Ketel One Botanicals – in front of a huge crowd, featured, first of all, a USPA 6 Goal Governor’s Cup tournament game followed by a USPA 12 Goal Rossmore Cup Skins qualifier.

The Governor’s Cup action featured Thermal (Reg Whyte, Bayne Bossom 2, Earnie Ezcurra 2 Felipe Sordelli 2) going up against Bush League (Virgil Kyle .5, Ryan Robertson .5, Ulysses Escapite 4, Jose Rodriquez 1).

With Thermal leading after the first three chukkers (3 – 0, 3 – 2, 4 – 3), Bush League came back in the fourth period to force an overtime frame with the count tied at six. With the throw-in to start the decider inside 40 yards and right of the Thermal goal, Escapite needed only 18 seconds to score the winner. With the 7 – 6  win, Bush league remained undefeated in qualifying play.

The second game, on this perfect afternoon for polo, saw Highwood (Ron Matheson, Marcello Rodriquez-Abbiati 4, Marcos Llambias 4, Francisco Rodriquez-Mera 4) mount up against Twin Palms (Chris Maloney 1, Graham Bray 3, Ruben Coscia 4, Ulysses Escapite 4).

After three periods, Highwood led by a count of 7 – 3. Twin Palms came back in the fourth and early fifth and tied the score at seven. However, Highwood regrouped and rode to a 12 – 7 victory.

With the Ketel One Botanical ladies present, players were presented with Ketel One Botanicals after both games.

Tony Gregg

12 goal beal cup

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6 Goal March League

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USPA Pacific Coast Governor’s Cup – March 17

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Reg Whyte 0
Bayne Bossom 2
Earnie Ezcurra 2
Felipe Sordelli 2

Cheryl Schindel -.5
Luis Saracco 3
Ignacio Saracco 2
Santiago Mendez 1.5

Suzannah Forbes -1
Ignacio Deltour 4
Dayelle Fargey 2
Catlin Dix .5

Virgil Kyle .5
Ryan Robertson .5
Ulysses Escapite 4
Jose Rodriguez 1

Sat Mar 16;Centurions vs Thermal, Bush League vs Mother Chukkers
Sun Mar 17; Thermal vs Bush League, Mother Chukkers vs Centurions
Sat Mar 23; Bush League vs Centurions, Thermal vs Mother Chukkers
Sun Mar 24; Governor’s Cup Final

Bush League            2   0   d Mother Chukkers, Thermal
Thermal                    1   1   d Centurions   l Bush League
Centurions                1   1   d Mother Chukkers   l Thermal
Mother Chukkers      0   2   l Bush League, Centurions

Rossmore Skins Cup -Standings March 17

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Danny Walker 2
Matthew Walker 2
Santiago Trotz 5
Jimmy Wright 3

Ron Mathison 0
Francisco Mera-Rodriguez 4
Marcos Llambias 4
Mariano Gutierrez 4 12
Ben Soleimani 0
Santiago Von Wernich 5
Tomy Alberdi 4
Remy Du Celiee Muller 3

Chris Maloney 1
Graham Bray 3
Ruben Coscia 4
Ulysses Escapite 4

Fri Mar 15; Farmers & Merchants vs Twin Palms, vs Highwood
Sun Mar 17; FMB vs, Twin Palms vs Highwood
Fri Mar 22; Twin Palms vs, Highwood vs FMB
Sun Mar 24; Skins Game   2  0  d Highwood, FMB
FMB                         1  1  d Twin Palms   l
Highwood                 1  1 d Twin Palms l
Twin Palms               0  2  l FMB, Highwood

6 Goal Schedule Saturday March 16th

Daily Game Schedule

Governor’s Cup

 6 Goal

SATURDAY March 16th, 2019

AM Field-#3



REF:  Dayelle Fargey

team brings 1 umpire horse

PM Field-Holden



Ignacio Saracco

team brings 1 umpire horse

Bush League Victorious in March 6 Goal

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BUSH LEAGUE – Virgil Kyle, Ryan Robertson, Jose Rodriguez, Ulysses Escapite

The final game of the March 6 Goal League featured Palm Desert (Dan Horn, Malia McCoy 1, Joseph Stuart 3, Alonso Andrade 1) lining up against Bush League (Virgil Kyle .5, Ryan Robertson .5, Ulysses Escapite 4, Jose Rodriguez 1). For Bush League it was to be a warm-up event for the USPA 2019 Pacific Coast Governor’s Cup – a tournament they won in 2017 with the same roster.

With a handicap award of one-half goal, Palm Desert started quickly as Stuart scored early. Rodriguez and Kyle replied for Bush League and the first ended with the minor leaguers leading by the handicap difference at 2 – 1.5.

The Bush League lead increased in the second via a penalty one call against Palm Desert but was short lived as Stuart scored his second and Andrade counted one as well. At the half, it was Palm Desert up at 3.5 – 3.

The third was a back and forth as Bush League counted three times – Escapite twice (one penalty 4) and Robertson – and Palm Desert two times – Stuart and Andrade (a penalty 3). Going to the final frame Bush League led again at 6 – 5.5.

Kyle scored the only goal of the fourth period and that would be enough as Escapite did a masterful job of running down the clock that prevented any kind of comeback by Palm Desert. The result was a 7 – 5.5 win for Bush League.

Escapite, always organized and influential, was selected as the MVP.

Blackjack, owned by Dayelle Fargey and Abby Riggs and played by Escapite in the fourth, earned the title of Best Playing Pony.

Tony Gregg

Ulysses Escapite – MVP
Best Playing Pony – BLACK JACK Played by Ulysses Escapite, Owned by Abby Riggs & Dayelle Fargey Takes Beal 12 Over Chateau d’Esclans

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BENSOLEIMANI.COM – Tomy Alberdi, Remy Mueller, Ben Sloeimani, Santi Von Wernich

The USPA Carlton and Keleen Beal Cup 12 Goal final turned out to be a game of split momentum for five chukkers and then then a battle to the finish the sixth.

From the start, (Ben Soleimani, Santiago Von Wernich 5, Tomy Alberdi 4, Remy Du Celliee Muller 3) took control over Chateau d’Escalns (Ron Mathison, Marcos Llambias 4, Francisco Rodriguez-Mera 4, Patrick Uretz 4 – sub for inj Marcello Rodriguez-Abbiati 4) with immediate and sustained pressure. The result was two goals from Alberdi – one from the field and a penalty three conversion to lead after one at 2 – 0.

The early second saw the momentum stay with the designers as Du Celiee Muller and Von Wernich each scored singles to lead by four. However, the late second saw a switch in momentum as Chateau d’Esclans recovered to find pressure of their own that was rewarded with a spot penalty two opportunity that was easily converted by Rodriguez-Mera and the second was over with up by three at 4 – 1.

The switch in strength to favor the vintners continued into the third frame as Rodriguez-Mera counted two goals – another free hit from 10 yards and a field goal to narrow the deficit to just a goal at 4 – 3 going into the Sophia Halftime Divot Stomp.

The fourth period featured continued momentum for Chateau d’Esclans as Rodriguez-Mera counted a pair of open goal strikes and a spectacular neck shot from 65 yards and well to the right – the announcer’s shot of the day – to now lead for the first time in the game. At this point, it appeared that the vintners were on their way. Not quite as was able to stop the six goal run as Alberdi scored on a massive penalty four effort. Notwithstanding, Chateau d’Esclans led after the frame by a count of 6 – 5. This was the vintners first lead at the end of a chukker.

With the penalty strike in the fourth, the momentum was now firmly back in the camp of in the penultimate stanza as Alberti made three more goals  – two open goal awards and one from the field. Chateau d’Esclans were able to stop the four goal run with Rodriguez-Mera launching a 60 yard penalty conversion of his own. However, the designers led again at 8 – 7 going to the final.

With scoring runs of four, six, and four again, momentum had indeed been a factor for both teams coming into the sixth period. The final frame, however, saw back and fourth scoring  – all field goals – as Alberdi counted his seventh of the game to lead by two. Rodriguez-Mera brought Chateau d’Esclans back to within one but Von Wernich gave the Soleimani group another lead of two. Uretz then scored, to once again bring the winery to within one. But that would be it for the vintners and Alberdi counted another to give the 2019 Beal Cup by a final count of 11 – 9.

With his strong play and superb foul shooting abilities, Alberdi was chosen as the MVP and Felina, played by Rodriguez-Mera in the sixth wore the Best Playing Pony cooler back to the barn.

Recent Polo Hall of Fame inductee Karlene Beal Garber, along with her husband Dick, was on hand to present the awards.

Tony Gregg

MVP – Tomy Alberdi
Best Playing Pony – FELINA Francisco Rodriguez Mera

March League 6 Goal – Teams/Standings Mar 10

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Reg Whyte 0
Bayne Bossom 2
Earnie Ezcurra 2
Felipe Sordelli 2

Dan Horn 0
Joseph Stuart 3
Malia McCoy 1
Luciano Vazquez 2

Suzannah Forbes -1
Nicole Ball 0
Ignacio Deltour 4
Rodrigo Salinas 3

Virgil Kyle .5
Ryan Robertson .5
Ulysses Escapite 4
Jose Rodriguez 1

Sat Mar 2; Thermal vs Palm Desert, Bush League vs Mother Chukkers/Timing
Sun Mar 3; Palm Desert vs Bush League, Mother Chukkers/Timing vs Thermal
Sat Mar 9; Bush League vs Thermal, Palm Desert vs Mother Chukkers/Timing
Sun Mar 10; Palm Desert vs Bush League

Bush League             3   0   d Mother Chukkers/Timing, Palm Desert, Thermal
Palm Desert              2   1   d Thermal, Mother Chukkers/Timing l Bush League
Thermal                     1   2   d Mother Chukkers/Timing l Palm Desert, Bush League
Mthr Chkrs/Tmng      0   3   l Bush League, Thermal, Palm Desert