6 Goal Jason Memorial Stays In the Family0

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Since the inception of the Jason Memorial Tournament – initially to honor the memory of Madelyn Jason and now honoring Mack Jason as well – and first played for at Eldorado in 2011, daughter Lyn Cobb’s Coldwell Banker Menlo polo team has played in every final and has won the trophy twice. Cobb along with daughter Madelyn won in the first year and Cobb herself grabbed the spoils one year ago. In this year of 2014, it would be up to Madelyn Cobb to uphold the family prestige.

The final would be contested by Coldwell Banker Menlo and recent foe, Krista Bonaguidi’s Hanalei Bay – the third such showdown of these teams in as many tournaments. This final would, in fact, be the rubber match as each had won before.

The first period started rather slowly as neither team was able to do much in terms of offence. The only goal of the opener turned out to be the highlight of chukker as Tony Uretz snuck in behing the Coldwell defense and grabbed a perect pass from Jesse Bray and scored a beauty to end the period with the surfers up by one at 1 – 0.

Cobb and Co. came back in the second as Peter Blake got free to score off a perfect set-up from Jared Sheldon to tie and later on Sheldon converted a penalty three to lead by one. Bray counted his own number three and the second ended in a tie at two.

Sheldon – once again playing his rather elusive and energetic  style – was pretty much unstoppable in the third as he counted twice from the field to go to the half with a lead of two at 4 – 2.

The real estate people kept the pressure going early in the fourth as Sheldon again struck from the field and the lead became three. Remy Muller grabed his first goal of the game to bring the Bonaguidi pack to within a pair at 5 – 3 going to the fifth.

Hanalei Bay turned things around in that fifth frame and absolutely destroyed the Cobb group as Uretz played a career chukker to score three times. With another from Muller and Coldwell Banker unable to do anything the count was 7 – 5 in favor of Hanalei Bay with one to go.

Going to the sixth, many thought the Bonaguidi foursome had the trophy. Many that is, except the quartet wearing the shirts of Coldwell Banker Menlo. After all, they had been here before – just two weeks prior. With strong defensive play from Gregorio Mariscal and Cobb running the ball at the front and providing interference when needed, Sheldon scored quickly and Blake absolutely exploded to count back to back goals and real estate was alive and well. With the beach of Hanalei Bay now closed down, the Mack and Madelyn Jason Memorial Trophy was, once again, in the possession of the Coldwell Banker Menlo Real Estate Group by a final count of 8 – 7. And Madelyn Cobb had upheld the family tradition.

Blake – because of his ability to think quickly and react correctly – was selected as the MVP and the Uretz family mare Racey, played by Uretz in the fifth chukker, was chosen as the Best Playing Pony.

2014 Mack and Madelyn Jason Memorial

Coldwell Banker Menlo 6 – Madelyn Cobb, Jared Sheldon 3, Peter Blake 2, Gregorio Mariscal 1.

Hanalei Bay 6 – Krista Bonaguidi -1, Jesse Bray 4, Remy Muller 2, Tony Uretz 1.

Tony Gregg