A Northern Blizzard Strikes to Win the Kerley Spurs0

Posted on January 12th, 2015 in News

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A blizzard is defined as a severe snowstorm with a strong wind and while it didn’t snow on Sunday and it wasn’t windy, a blizzard certainly struck during the afternoon as John Rooney’s Northern Blizzard blew in and absolutely froze Geoff Palmer’s Antelope – with Pat Nesbitt substituting for Palmer – in the final of the Wendell Kerley Memorial 12 Goal.

The storm struck without warning and the intensity was felt at the start as the Canadian invaders immediately moved the ball from the initial throw-in and grabbed a penalty two from 11 yards that Rooney easily converted. The initial strength continued as Jason Crowder absolutely pounded a free throw from 60 yards and the advantage was two with less than two minutes elapsed. Crowder scored a field goal a short time later and Joe Henderson scored to increase the difference to four. The pronghorns recovered and applied some pressure of their own that enabled Danny Walker to score on a spot award from 15 yards and the first was over with Rooney and Co. leading by a count of 4 – 1.

The bad weather subsided somewhat in the second as Northern Blizzard scored but one time – an alert move by Herndon Radcliff on a dropped Antelope ball. However, a reply from the pronghorns was nonexistent and the second was over with lead now four goals at 5 – 1.

If people thought the storm was over, they were most certainly incorrect, as it found new energy  – something Rooney is very good at doing – as the oilman himself grabbed a goal from the field in the third and Radcliff scored a pair. Antelope had opportunities but were unable to get anything done and the half was over with a count of 8 – 1.

Antelope was able to find some shelter at the half and kept the Northern Blizzard of the scoreboard in the fourth but were unable to score themselves and the difference remained seven going to the fifth.

Antelope started to dig themselves out in the penultimate frame as Walker counted one from the field and converted a 30 yard free shot as well. Radcliff replied for Northern Blizzard – a pretty run of 200 yards – and the lead was six  at 9 – 3.

The storm was over in the final period as Walker converted a pair of 30 yarders and Jesse Bray grabbed one from the field for the pronghorns. At this point however, they were hopelessly covered in snow and the Northern Blizzard had prevailed by a final score of 9 – 6 and Rooney and his Northern Blizzard teammates rode off with the coveted Chris Kerley spurs.

2015 Wendell Kerley Memorial

Northern Blizzard (12) – John Rooney 1, Joe Henderson 4, Jason Crowder 6, Herndon Radcliff 1.

Antelope (12) – Pat Nesbitt (sub for Geoff Palmer), Danny Walker 2, Santiago Trotz 5, Jesse Bray 5.

Tony Gregg