A Spotlight on Anne Evamy0

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Name: Anne Evamy

Team: Identity Polo – 6 Goal

Home town/country: Calgary, Canada

Years playing polo: 19 years

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What is the name of your favorite polo pony and what is so special about them?

Marcella – she has a huge heart and gives her all every time she plays. I always feel like we are one playing together.

What is your greatest polo achievement?

2 things – Playing the 14 goal game at Chinook Downs and winning 2 of the 3  – 6 goal tournaments in Calgary Polo Clubs 125th season with my husband Rick Stelmachuk, Max Menini and Pedro Orellano.

What is a hobby you have outside of polo?

Tennis, dancing, family & friends, travelling, food and most recently pickleball!!!

What countries have you played polo in? 

Canada, USA, Dominican Republic (Casa De Campo), South Africa, Argentina, Mexico and Barbados

What do you like most about Eldorado Polo Club?

The fields, its history, the pros and players

Who introduced you to polo and where did you begin playing?

I first started playing in Calgary and David Bissett is the one who encouraged me to start and leased me a couple of horses.  At the start of the season he broke his clavicle and so he had me play his string that summer and I got completely hooked!

What is your favorite TV show and/or artist/band? 

Any music I can dance to!!!! BoDeans, Chris Isaak and the Gypsy Kings.  My favorite TV show is Whose line is it anyway?

What athlete (outside of the polo world) do you admire the most? 

Roger Federer – his focus and calmness

If you could change one thing about your game, what would it be? 

To be better at taking a man.

If you could play with any players in the world, who would be on your team? 

I would ALWAYS include Sunny Hale on my team.   My team otherwise would be Adolfo Cambiaso, Polito Pieres and Guillermo Caset Jr.