A Spotlight on David Carlson0

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Name: David Carlson

Team: Luna Polo- 6 goal

Home town/country: Newport Beach CA USA

Years playing polo: 3 years in the arena 2 years on the grass.

Rating: -1




What is the name of your favorite polo pony and what is so special about them?

 I love all my ponies equally. They all play their hearts out for me. It’s amazing how much they give and the bond you build with them.  

What is your greatest polo achievement?

Getting asked to play with my current teammates. 

What is a hobby you have outside of polo?

 I like going to race tracks with my motorcycle. Flying around over 150mph is an incredible experience. 

What countries have you played polo in?

 The US, Canada and Argentina 

 What do you like most about Eldorado Polo Club?

 Visually it’s a stunning place. The green fields with the snow covered mountains in the background is beautiful. The fields are great. Also the people are welcoming and friendly. 

Who introduced you to polo and where did you begin playing?

 I started to play at the OC polo club. Heather Perkins was my instructor and a horse named Jewel took me on my first ride. 

What is your favorite TV show and/or artist/band?

 I like to watch a lot of Formula 1 and Moto GP. 

What athlete (outside of the polo world) do you admire the most?

 I sail for a living so Ben Ainslie who is a 5 time Olympic sailing medalist. Also I  am originally from Boston Massachusetts. So you know, that guy,  Tom Brady. 

If you could change one thing about your game, what would it be?

 Better anticipation 

If you could play with any players in the world, who would be on your team?

 Juan Martín Nero, Lucas Monteverde and Facundo Pieres