Antelope Bests Highwood to Win Constitution Cup 12 Goal0

Posted on February 25th, 2018 in News, Uncategorized

The final game of the Fish Creek Constitution Cup 12 Goal saw each team – Geoff Palmer’s Antelope (Geoff Palmer, Santiago Trotz 5, Jared Sheldon 4, Remy Du Celliee Muller 3) and Ron Mathison’s Highwood (Ron Mathison, Marcelo Rodriguez-Abbiati 4, Mariano Gutierrez 4, Geronimo Obregon 4) lead three times apiece. In any game however, the most important advantage is the one at the end of the contest and on this Sunday afternoon – presented by Don Julio – that edge belonged to the Pronghorns as they prevailed by a count of 7 – 6 and, as a result, took home the awards.
The start, and very quickly, belonged to Highwood as Obregon converted a penalty three award and Gutierrez scored from the field to lead by two after the first period.
The second chukker saw Antelope get back in it as Du Celliee Muller and Sheldon scored from the field to even the count at a pair each.
The Pronghorns led for the first time in the early third as Sheldon converted a penalty three attempt but Highwood got that back and then led for the second time as Obregon scored a penalty three and a number two from the spot. Going to the Ruffino Prosecco half-time divot stomp the Albertans had the edge at 4 – 3.
The Palmer group was pressing and pressing hard in the fourth and were ultimately granted a goal via a penalty number one to tie the count. Mathison and Co. recovered however as Rodriguez-Abbiati struck from the field to give Highwood their third lead going to the penultimate frame at 5 – 4.
Antelope evened the count once again as Trotz sailed a 60 yard penalty award and Du Celliee Muller gave the Pronghorns their second lead of the afternoon with a nice run from mid-field. However, Highwood wasn’t going away and a strong effort to the Antelope goal was rewarded with a free-throw opportunity for Gutierrez from 30 yards which he converted and the count was tied 6 – 6 going to the final of regulation.
Many scoring chances came and left for both in the sixth period but Antelope pressure ultimately allowed Palmer an opportunity with a spot hit penalty number two which became the winning goal and gave the Pronghorns the lead for the third time and possession of the Fish Creek Constitution Cup.
Fish Creek’s Fred Mannix was on hand to present the trophies and Scott Niwa, Area Manager, bestowed bottles of Don Julio to the winners.
Because of his strong, accurate, and determined play, Trotz was rewarded with the title of Most Valuable Player and his sixth chukker horse Pampiano wore the Best Playing Pony blanket back to the barn.

Tony Gregg