Antelope Jr & Thermal Win on Ketel One Opening Day0

Posted on January 8th, 2018 in News, Uncategorized

On an absolutely perfect opening day afternoon – presented by Ketel One – in front of a huge crowd, Grant Palmer’s Antelope Junior (Grant Palmer, Patrick Uretz 4, Jimmy Wright 3, Carolyn Anier 1) and Reg Whyte and David Carlson’s Thermal (Reg Whyte, Daved Carlson, Ernesto Ezcurra 2, Felipe Sordelli 2) polo teams were victorious in their 8 and 4 goal games repectively.

Palmer’s win (14 – 10) came at the expense of Gordon Ross and his Remax group (Gordon Ross, Dayelle Fargey 2, Jared Sheldon 4, Felipe Sordelli 2).
The young pronghorns started very quickly and grabbed a first period lead at 4 – 1.
The youngsters continued the pressure in the second and then led by four at 6 – 2.
Remax found some common ground in the third and played Palmer and Company even at three each to keep the deficit at four (9 – 5).
The Ross team jumped out after halftime and outscored the calves in the fourth and narrowed the gap to just three at 10 -7.
The fifth chukker saw Remax continue to push with success to narrow the gap to a pair at 11 – 9 and were ‘back in it’.
The ‘comeback’ however was curtailed as Antelope Jr grabbed three counters in the final to just one for Remax to present a final score of 14 – 10 and in doing so were awarded – with the exception of the very young Palmer – bottles of Ketel One.
Uretz led all scorers with 10 goals (three open goal conversions) with Anier and Wright counting twice. Palmer scored the final goal of the game with a penalty two strike.
For Remax, Sheldon scored five times (three open goal), Sordelli had three (two open goal) and Ross counted one from the field.

With more bottles of Ketel One available, Thermal and Manolo Polo (Lamar Rutherford, Shannon Mendez, Santiago Mendez, Rodrigo Salinas 3) stepped to the line.

With a handicap award of one half, Salinas took the initial throw-in – by Ketel One’s Regional Sales Director Jose Villar – and scored to extend the gap at the outset but Thermal came back quickly and scored twice to lead 2 – 1.5 after the first.
Thermal counted three more times in the second and the halftime score was in their favor at 5 – 1.5.
The second half was quiet with the only goal – in the third – going to Thermal and the result was a 6 – 1.5 final count to favor the Whyte and Carlson partnership.
Sordelli and Ezcurra counted three each in Thermal’s win.
Scott Niwa, Ketel One’s Area Manager, was on hand to present bottles of Ketel one to the victors.

Tony Gregg