Bobcat/Melody Ranch Runs to Trione Senior’s Win0

Posted on March 5th, 2014 in News, Uncategorized

The 33rd renewal of the Trione Vineyards Senior’s Tournament ┬áturned out to be the proverbial walk in the park for the Bob Edmundson and Paul von Gontard sponsored Bobcat/Melody Ranch polo team.

To earn the right to play in the Sunday final, the eventual champions defeated the defending champion Buffalo foursome as Shanghai was taking care of Hacienda de las Trampas during play on Saturday.

The concluding game saw Bobcat/Melody Ranch prevail in a rather one-sided contest by stopping Shanghai by a score of 8 – 2.

Buffalos defeated Hacienda de las Trampas in the consolation final.

Craig Ramsby was honored as the MVP and Mora, owned and played by Gina Padia, was selected as the Best Playing Pony.

2014 Trione Vineyards Senior’s Tournament

Bobcat/Melody Ranch – Bob Edmundson, Craig Ramsby, Jenny Phipps, Bonnie Corner.

Shanghai – Steven Armour, Gina Padia, Scott Walker, Mike Jordan.

Buffalos – Ross Adam, Glen Hart, Lee Neilson, Cameron Diggon.

Hacienda de las Trampas – Mike Ward, Leigh Brecheen, George Conkwright, Armondo Gonzalez.

Tony Gregg