Brookland Plantation Grabs March 6 Goal0

Posted on March 16th, 2017 in News, Uncategorized

The final of the March 6 Goal tournament featured Thomas Ravenel and his Brookland Plantation foursome (Ravenel, Ignacio Deltour 3, Rodrigo Salinas 3, Abby Riggs) going up against Jennifer Alexy and David Carlson with their Luna Polo group (Alexy .5, Carlson -1, Diego Larregli 2, Gaston Von Wernich 4). The game, played on the day of the February full  moon, saw the southern charmers lead early and go on to win by a count of 6 – 3.5.

Having to give up a half goal at the start, Brookland Plantation controlled the first period and led with a score of 3 – .5 going to the second.

Luna Polo started to shine a little in the second as both teams scored once giving a halftime score of 4 – 1.5.

The satellites then went on to light up the third chukker by scoring a pair of counters, to none for the Southerners, and trailed by just one-half with one to play at 4 – 3.5.

In the fourth however,  Southern hospitality blocked out the light of the full moon as Brookland Plantation scored twice and earned the March 6 Goal title.

Deltour scored three times for the winners (one open goal conversion), Salinas had a pair, and Riggs struck once.

All Luna’s goals – besides the handicap award – came from Von Wernich (one a penalty four).

Tony Gregg