Bush League Hangs On to Win Jason Memorial0

Posted on January 15th, 2018 in News, Uncategorized

On another absolutely perfect day in ‘sunny Southern California’, the 2018 Mac & Madelyn Jason Memorial was contested between Chris Maloney’s Twin Palms aggregation (Maloney 1, Graham Bray 3, Mason Wroe 4, Mia Bray -1) and Virgil Kyle and Ryan Robertson’s Bush League group (Kyle, Robertson, Ulysses Escapite 4, Shane Rice 4).
A close game was expected by most and it most certainly was at the end. What was not expected perhaps, were the rather large ‘swings’ that favored both teams.
With a handicap award of one at the outset to favor Twin Palms the anticipated closeness was certainly played out in the first as both foursomes counted a goal and the first ended with the Maloney Group ahead by one at 2 – 1.
Bush League opened it up in the second and the first so-called ‘swing’ occurred as the orange & black scored three times – to none for Twin Palms – to take a lead of two to the third chukker at 4 – 2.
The scoring advantage continued to favor the rural group with a pair of goals to one for Twin Palms and it was 6 – 3 Bush League at halftime.
Maloney and Co. created their first ‘swing’ of the game in the fourth period as they counted two goals to none for Bush League and the country lead was now just one at 6 – 5 going to the fifth.
The momentum changed again in that fifth as Bush League scored four goals and the Maloney crew were only able to grab one. The result was a four goal advantage for the orange men with one chukker left in regulation at 10 – 6.
Twin Palms needed goals in the sixth and they got three of them (one a penalty number 1) as the pendulum swung once again and counting down to the thirty second warning horn they were within one and just several yards away with an opportunity to force an extra stanza. It wasn’t to be however as the horn ended play and Bush League had barely hung on to win the Jason Memorial by a final tally of 10 – 9.
For the winners, Escapite and Rice (one foul) scored four times each and Robertson had a pair.
Twin Palms scoring saw Wroe count five (one foul) and Malony grabbed a pair (one foul). The penalty one and the handicap award completed their total.
With an aggressive effort and two very timely goals in the fifth, Robertson was accorded the honor of Most Valuable Player and Kenny, owned and played by Rice in the second chukker, was selected as the Best Playing Pony.

Tony Gregg