Cam Clark Drives Governor’s Cup Back to Canada0

Posted on April 10th, 2012 in News

The Pacific Coast Governor’s Cup is going back to Canada. For the third year in a row, a Canadian has won the tournament and this year it is Cam Clark and his Cam Clark Ford Polo Team. As a result, the Cup will call the Calgary Polo Club home until next spring.

With Sunday’s final set up as a round – robin with Clark, David Ragland’s Deco Polo, and Ly Cobb’s Coldwell Bamker Menlo doing battle, the first two chukkers were played by the eventual winners and Deco.

With Jesse Bray leading the way, Clark was selling vehicles in a hurry and had a three goal lead after the first (3 – 0). The second was even on the scoreboard but not before Bray raised the lead to four in the early going. Deco got one back to come within three but that was as close as they would get – in spite a beauty from Ragland – and the ‘game’ was over with Clark winning by a score of 5 – 2.

The next two periods would see Deco staying up to face Coldwell Banker Menlo. Once again Deco was slow at the start as the realtors took a very quick lead of two that dropped to one before the end of their first (2 – 1). The trend reversed in the second as Deco scored twice to just one for Cobb and Co. and the second ‘game’ ended in a tie at three.

With Deco done, the car salesmen came back out in an attempt to outsell the realtors – not that they had to, as a tie would give them the trophy. Having to defeat Clark to win, Coldwell Banker came out quickly and posted an early lead but the the automobile business was still hot as Bray was once again selling and it was 3 – 1 Cam Clark after the first. Marcos Bignoli Jr. got hot in the second however, and the score was 3 – 3 with two minutes left in the second. Bray again struck and the the Canadian sponsored group was assured of victory with a lead of one and playing in the final 30 seconds. An open goal conversion – with five seconds on the clock – created a tie at four, but the title belonged to Clark and his sales force with two wins and three net goals. Coldwell Banker Menlo was the runner-up with two wins and zero net goals. With the third placing, Deco were awarded the Mike Uretz World Gym Trophy.

For the champions, Bray led with six goals (1 penalty 4), Jessica Baily had a pair (1 foul), and Canelo Sylvestre counted one.

Bignoli led the runners-up with four (1 foul), and Jared Sheldon had three (2 fouls).

Deco’s scoring had Alvaro Tadeo with three (1 foul) and Ashton Wolf (foul) and Ragland with one each.

Bray was selected as the MVP and Bignoli’s 15 year old mare Colibri (Bignoli’s fourth chukker), was chosen as the Best Playing Pony.

2012 Pacific Coast Governor’s Cup

Cam Clark Ford (6) – Cam Clark -.5, Jesse Bray 3, Jessica Bailey 1.5, Canelo Sylvestre 2, Kerstie Allen -.5 (sub for Clark).
Coldwell Banker Menlo (6) – Lyn Cobb -1, Marcos Bignoli Jr. 4, Jared Sheldon 2, Remy Muller 1.
Deco Polo (6) – David Ragland, Ashton Wolf 3, Alvaro Tadeo 3, Goyo Mariscal.