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January 8 Goal – Standings, Schedule – Jan 21

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USPA Coachella Valley Officer’s Cup 8 Goal

A – LUNA POLO/STG (8) – Jennifer Alexy, John Zeigler, Max Menini 5, Diego Laregli 3.
B – TWIN PALMS (7) – Chris Maloney 1, Graham Bray 3, Mason Wroe 4, Mia Bray -1.
C – DOMREY (8/7) – August Roth/Jenny Alter -1, Joseph Stuart 3, Peter Blake 3, Doug Blumenthal 2.
D – FARMERS & MERCHANTS BANK (8) – Danny Walker 2, Malia McCoy 1, Mariano Fassetta 5, Catlin Dix.
E – ANTELOPE JUNIOR (8) – Grant Palmer, Patrick Uretz 4, Carolyn Anier 1, Jimmy Wright 3.
F – BUSH LEAGUE (8) – Virgil Kyle, Ryan Robertson, Ulysses Escapite 4, Shane Rice 4
G – REMAX (8) – Gordon Ross, Dayelle Fargey 2, Jared Sheldon 4, Felipe Sordelli 2.
H – ANTELOPE (8) – Geoff Palmer, Santiago Trotz 5, Remy Du Celliee Muller 3, Tommy Costello.

Two teams with best record will play in final.
USPA shootout rules will break ties with one shooter per team.
If any games are cancelled, two best records from fully completed games will advance to final.

ANTELOPE JUNIOR 6 0 def Bush League, Remax, Twin Palms, Luna/STG, Domrey, Farmers & Merchants
BUSH LEAGUE 5 1 def Antelope, Remax, Twin Palms, Farmers & Merchants, Domrey lost Antelope Jr
ANTELOPE 4 2 def Remax, Farmers & Merchants, Twin Palms, Luna/STG lost Bush League, Domrey
DOMREY 3 3 def Luna/STG, Antelope, Remax lost Farmers & Merchants, Antelope Jr, Bush League
TWIN PALMS 3 3 def Luna/STG, Farmers & Merchants, Remax lost Antelope Jr, Bush League, Antelope
FARMERS & MERCHANTS 2 4 def Domrey, Luna/STG lost Twin Palms, Antelope, Bush League, Antelope Jr
LUNA POLO/STG 1 5 def Remax lost Twin Palms, Domrey, Farmers & Merchants, Antelope Jr, Antelope
REMAX 0 6 lost Antelope, Antelope Jr, Bush League, Domrey, Luna/STG, Twin Palms

Jan 5 – Luna/STG vs Twin Palms, Remax vs Antelope
Jan 6 – Domrey vs Farmers & Merchants, Antelope Jr vs Bush League,
Jan 7 – Domrey vs Luna/STG, Twin Palms vs Farmers & Merchants, Remax vs Antelope Jr, Antelope vs Bush League
Jan 12 -Domrey vs Antelope, Farmers & Merchants vs Luna/STG.
Jan 13 – Antelope Jr vs Twin Palms, Bush League vs Remax.
Jan 14 – Remax vs Domrey, Twin Palms vs Bush League, Antelope vs Farmers & Merchants, Luna/STG vs Antelope Jr.
Jan 19 – Antelope vs Twin Palms, Remax vs Luna/STG.
Jan 20 – Farmers & Merchants vs Bush League, Domrey vs Antelope Jr.
Jan 21 – Antelope vs Luna/STG, Twin Palms vs Remax, Bush League vs Domrey, Antelope Jr vs Farmers & Merchants.
Jan 26/27 – Twin Palms vs Domrey, Farmers & Merchants vs Remax, Bush League vs Luna/STG, Antelope vs Antelope Jr.
Jan 28 – Final


Coachella Valley 4 Goal – Standings Jan 20

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2018 Coachella Valley Officer’s Cup 4 Goal

A – PALM DESERT/FILM FINANCE(4) – Leigh Brecheen, Dan Horn, Remy Du Celliee Muller 3, Antonio Juarez 1.
B – IDENTITY POLO (4) – Anne Evamy, Alex Green-1, Kyle Fargey 3, Diego Cossio 2.BRACKET 2

C – SEATTLE POLO ROLLS ROYCE (4) – Debra Vermoch -1, Cameron Smith 1,Tim Rudy 3, James a’Court 1
D – THERMAL (4) – Reg Whyte, David Carlson, Ernesto Ezcurra 2, Felipe Sordelli 2
E – MANOLO POLO (3) – Lamar Rutherford -1, Shannon Smull -1, Rodrigo Salinas 3, Santiago Mendez 2.

THERMAL 1 0 50% def Palm Desert/Film Finance
IDENTITY POLO 1 0 33% def Seattle Polo Rolls Royce
SEATTLE POLO ROLLS ROYCE 0 1 lost Identity Polo

Teams will play out of bracket.
USPA shootout rules in effect.
Two best records (percentage) will play in final

Jan 20 – Palm Desert/Film Finance vs Thermal, Identity vs Seattle Polo Rolls Royce
Jan 21 – Thermal vs Identity, Manolo Polo vs Palm Desert/Film Finance
Jan27 – Manolo Polo vs Identity, Seattle Polo Rolls Royce vs Palm Desert/Film Finance
Jan 28 – Final

Bill Atkinson Memorial


On January 7, 2018, one month before his 91st birthday, Bill Atkinson, retired West Coast 7 goal polo player, passed away after a long struggle with cancer. He leaves behind his wife, Connie and his two step daughters, Jenny Vargas and Roxy Keyfauver, his older brother, Glenn (wife, Nancy), and his three children, Joe (wife Cordi), Jennifer Newell (Steve) and Jesse Biglow (Russ) and numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren.

 “Uncle” Bill Atkinson was born in 1927 in Okeechobee, Florida. Though his legal name was Gordon Atkinson, his father called him “Billy Buck” after a famous Seminole Indian. The nick name stuck and his name was later changed to William Gordon Atkinson. Bill’s early education was spent between Okeechobee and Jacksonville, Florida where he developed his skills as a natural athlete, whether it was shooting marbles on an elementary school playground, to being awarded a full scholarship for track  at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

During his teenage years, Bill’s father, Joe Atkinson, had a famous trick horse named Ot. Bill’s job was to “pass the hat” during Ot and Joe‘s performances at horse shows.  At Hyde Park in New York, Bill spoke of meeting Franklin Roosevelt as he sat in his open air car watching the performance. After the performance, Eleanor Roosevelt, asked Bill how much money Franklin contributed to the hat, then she doubled the amount.

Ot’s fame spread, the decision was made to relocate to the west coast to be closer to Hollywood.  In Los Angeles, Ot proved to be a sensation and landed starring roles in the 1946 movies, “Gallant Bess” and “The Horse With A Human Mind.” Being on the MGM set with Ot and his father, young Bill meet a variety of film stars from Mickey Rooney, Elizabeth Taylor, Jimmy Durante, all wanting photos with Ot.  Ultimately, the family returned to Florida where Bill graduated from Lee High School in Jacksonville with a track scholarship to the University of Florida. In addition to his success as a runner, Bill was equally talented in basketball. As a “Florida Gator”, besides being on the track team, Bill was a high scorer for the Gator’s basketball team and captain in his senior year. He participated in several sports and elected Vice President of his university class, while maintaining an “A” average in his academics.

After graduation from college, Bill returned to California. Though he had been accepted into veterinary school in Washington, he shifted his career when he met his first wife, Carol Smith.  At that time, he was playing on a semi pro basketball team in Santa Maria, CA and employed as an athletic coach at the local army base. Bill and Carol finally settled in Atherton, California and Bill began working with his father-in-law, L.C. Smith, in the road paving industry.

It was L.C. Smith who introduced Bill to playing polo at the age of 27, a sport. Bill played passionately for 43 years.  Playing mostly on the Concar team, Bill’s goal rating quickly grew even though his career limited his playing time to weekends. However, he played with and against the best players of his time such as Roy Barry, Charles Smith, Billy Linfoot, Tommy Wayman, John Oxley , Michael Butler, Ray Harrington, Bobby Beverage, Billy Mayberry ; the list too numerous to mention all polo’s super players of this era. Polo career highlights include winning the US Open in 1969 and again in 1973. He also won the prestigious Santa Barbara’s Pacific Coast Open numerous times.

Through Polo, Bill traveled to many places in the world. He played anywhere there was a polo field and being a scratch golfer, a golf course nearby. From the hunting fields of Mt. Kenya, to Australia, New Zealand, Costa Rica, England and Jaipur, India, his adventure stories about his polo travels made him a wonderful dinner guest at any table.

Bill’s greatest joy in the sport of polo was playing with his brother Glenn and his son, Joe and nephews. Jeff, Larry and Greg. These Atkinson men and boys made Menlo Circus Club, Santa Barbara Polo Club and Eldorado Polo Club great polo destinations. Following his divorce from Carol, Bill decided to play polo full time. Taking himself and his horses to Santa Barbara Polo Club, he did much to improve the stabling conditions by building the many tack rooms upon the hill.

People who love polo, especially those living on the West Coast, have more than one “Uncle” Bill Atkinson story to tell. He did much to give opportunities to many individuals wanting to be a part of the wonderful world of polo. His long list of those he helped along the way with his infectious smile and words of encouragement; giving players horses when they needed them, tips on their game, sharing his home, made him a super hero. He looks like Captain America, observed Eileen Duffy after looking at the photo walls at the Santa Barbara Polo Club, In 1996, he met Connie Keyfauver through an introduction by her daughters, Jenny and Roxy. They were married in 2002. “These will be the best years of your life” he told her as she was adjusting to her empty nest situation. Bill was right. Over the past 20 years together their adventures included much traveling throughout the world, being with family and watching them grow, raising and training young horses for polo and providing a program for junior polo players living in Coachella Valley at Empire Polo Club. What a man! What a life! What a loss!

A celebration of Life for Bill Atkinson is planned for January 26, to be held at Empire Polo Club’s Lake Medjool beside Field one between 2:30 to 5:00. A special thank you to Al Haagen for providing for this service.

Please bring your stories to share with everyone. Bill would love that.

Bush League Hangs On to Win Jason Memorial

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On another absolutely perfect day in ‘sunny Southern California’, the 2018 Mac & Madelyn Jason Memorial was contested between Chris Maloney’s Twin Palms aggregation (Maloney 1, Graham Bray 3, Mason Wroe 4, Mia Bray -1) and Virgil Kyle and Ryan Robertson’s Bush League group (Kyle, Robertson, Ulysses Escapite 4, Shane Rice 4).
A close game was expected by most and it most certainly was at the end. What was not expected perhaps, were the rather large ‘swings’ that favored both teams.
With a handicap award of one at the outset to favor Twin Palms the anticipated closeness was certainly played out in the first as both foursomes counted a goal and the first ended with the Maloney Group ahead by one at 2 – 1.
Bush League opened it up in the second and the first so-called ‘swing’ occurred as the orange & black scored three times – to none for Twin Palms – to take a lead of two to the third chukker at 4 – 2.
The scoring advantage continued to favor the rural group with a pair of goals to one for Twin Palms and it was 6 – 3 Bush League at halftime.
Maloney and Co. created their first ‘swing’ of the game in the fourth period as they counted two goals to none for Bush League and the country lead was now just one at 6 – 5 going to the fifth.
The momentum changed again in that fifth as Bush League scored four goals and the Maloney crew were only able to grab one. The result was a four goal advantage for the orange men with one chukker left in regulation at 10 – 6.
Twin Palms needed goals in the sixth and they got three of them (one a penalty number 1) as the pendulum swung once again and counting down to the thirty second warning horn they were within one and just several yards away with an opportunity to force an extra stanza. It wasn’t to be however as the horn ended play and Bush League had barely hung on to win the Jason Memorial by a final tally of 10 – 9.
For the winners, Escapite and Rice (one foul) scored four times each and Robertson had a pair.
Twin Palms scoring saw Wroe count five (one foul) and Malony grabbed a pair (one foul). The penalty one and the handicap award completed their total.
With an aggressive effort and two very timely goals in the fifth, Robertson was accorded the honor of Most Valuable Player and Kenny, owned and played by Rice in the second chukker, was selected as the Best Playing Pony.

Tony Gregg

Thermal Runs Away to Win 30th Annual World Gym Title

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Reg Whyte and David Carlson’s Thermal polo team (Whyte, Carlson, Ernesto Ezcurra 2, Felipe Sordelli 2) ‘ran the table’ and went through the 2018 World Gym 4 goal tournament – the 30th annual – without a loss.
While Thermal came to the final undefeated, their opposition, Shannon Smull-Mendez and Lamar Rutherford’s Manolo Polo (Smull-Mendez -1, Rutherford -1, Luis Saracco 3 – sub for Santiago Mendez 2, Rodrigo Salinas 3) arrived via a shootout victory.
The final was a rematch of the previous Sunday’s meeting of the two foursomes which saw Thermal win with little trouble by a score of 6 – 1.5. This weeks offering would not be the same – at least not in the first half.
With Saracco substituting for the injured Santiago Mendez, Manolo Polo started quickly as Salinas scored off the initial throw-in. Thermal jumped back immediately as Ezcurra converted a penalty number 3 award. Salinas regained the lead with his second (a penalty 2 from the spot) but Sordelli scored for Thermal to tie the count going to the second (2 – 2)
The second chukker was open and provided a lot of good team polo as both were able to run with the ball. Surprisingly, only two goals were scored – Salinas for Manolo to briefly lead and Ezcurra for Thermal to get even. The half ended with the count at three each.
The third period was nothing like the first two as Ezcurra scored twice (one a penalty 3) and Whyte – with a great read – struck once for Thermal with absolutely no reply from Manolo Polo and it was 6 – 3 to favor the Whyte and Carlson pairing.
With the Manolo offense all but gone, Thermal was able to keep it going in the fourth with a continuing complete team effort as Carlson – under full sail – grabbed his first and Whyte scored his second. Saracco replied for Manolo but that would be it and Thermal – the 2017 World Gym winners – had successfully defended their title by a final tally of 8 – 4.
On hand to present the distinctive World Gym trophy – as they were 30 years ago – were Mike and Claudia Uretz.
Because of his aggressive play on the front end – whether he had the ball or was making openings for others – Carlson was selected as the Most Valuable player to his team.
Ezcurra’s oft played U2 was awarded the Best Playing Pony blanket.

Tony Gregg

Antelope Jr & Thermal Win on Ketel One Opening Day

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On an absolutely perfect opening day afternoon – presented by Ketel One – in front of a huge crowd, Grant Palmer’s Antelope Junior (Grant Palmer, Patrick Uretz 4, Jimmy Wright 3, Carolyn Anier 1) and Reg Whyte and David Carlson’s Thermal (Reg Whyte, Daved Carlson, Ernesto Ezcurra 2, Felipe Sordelli 2) polo teams were victorious in their 8 and 4 goal games repectively.

Palmer’s win (14 – 10) came at the expense of Gordon Ross and his Remax group (Gordon Ross, Dayelle Fargey 2, Jared Sheldon 4, Felipe Sordelli 2).
The young pronghorns started very quickly and grabbed a first period lead at 4 – 1.
The youngsters continued the pressure in the second and then led by four at 6 – 2.
Remax found some common ground in the third and played Palmer and Company even at three each to keep the deficit at four (9 – 5).
The Ross team jumped out after halftime and outscored the calves in the fourth and narrowed the gap to just three at 10 -7.
The fifth chukker saw Remax continue to push with success to narrow the gap to a pair at 11 – 9 and were ‘back in it’.
The ‘comeback’ however was curtailed as Antelope Jr grabbed three counters in the final to just one for Remax to present a final score of 14 – 10 and in doing so were awarded – with the exception of the very young Palmer – bottles of Ketel One.
Uretz led all scorers with 10 goals (three open goal conversions) with Anier and Wright counting twice. Palmer scored the final goal of the game with a penalty two strike.
For Remax, Sheldon scored five times (three open goal), Sordelli had three (two open goal) and Ross counted one from the field.

With more bottles of Ketel One available, Thermal and Manolo Polo (Lamar Rutherford, Shannon Mendez, Santiago Mendez, Rodrigo Salinas 3) stepped to the line.

With a handicap award of one half, Salinas took the initial throw-in – by Ketel One’s Regional Sales Director Jose Villar – and scored to extend the gap at the outset but Thermal came back quickly and scored twice to lead 2 – 1.5 after the first.
Thermal counted three more times in the second and the halftime score was in their favor at 5 – 1.5.
The second half was quiet with the only goal – in the third – going to Thermal and the result was a 6 – 1.5 final count to favor the Whyte and Carlson partnership.
Sordelli and Ezcurra counted three each in Thermal’s win.
Scott Niwa, Ketel One’s Area Manager, was on hand to present bottles of Ketel one to the victors.

Tony Gregg

Cantina New Year’s Eve


Cantina Season Opening Party Fri Dec 15


The Cantina Restaurant at Eldorado Polo Club is now open and we are celebrating with a season opening party on Friday December 15 at 6pm! There will be sample appetizers that highlight the brand new menu along with Craft on Draft drink specials and 50% off entrees. A special appearance from Santa Claus for the kids at 6:30pm leading into DJ music and dancing late into the night. Come by and meet new General Manager Martin Aldana along with Johnny Catti and his staff of friendly faces behind the fully stocked bar. The Cantina will be open to the public Tuesdays – Sundays for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner throughout the polo season.


Linfoot Polo Clinic


Click Here to download the Linfoot Flyer 2017

2018 Season Schedule & Membership


Polo every Saturday & Sunday starting January 7 2018

Saturdays 12pm at the Cantina 

Sundays 10am at the Cantina, 12pm & 2pm the Clubhouse

Sunday Clubhouse Reservations (760)-831-POLO(7656)


Eldorado Polo Schedule 2017-2018

1 Club Open
2 Stick & Ball Field Opens
16 Club Chukkers begin Thurs, Sat & Sun
16 -17 Linfoot Clinic



Team Practice begins
8 Goal Thurs, Sat & Sun
4 Goal Thurs, Sat & Sun
Pro Pool Every Saturday & Sunday
Club Chukkers Practice Thursday, Saturday & Sunday
6 – 14 USPA Mack & Madelyn Jason Memorial
8 Goal – Practice Thurs, Matches Sat & Sun
6 – 14 World Gym Tournament
4 Goal – Practice Thurs, Matches Sat & Sun
7 Opening Day – Sunday Polo matches begin
20 – 28 Coachella Valley USPA Officer’s Cup
8 Goal – Practice Thurs, Matches Sat & Sun
4 Goal – Practice Thurs, Matches Sat & Sun
Pro Pool Every Saturday & Sunday
Club Chukkers Practice Thursday, Saturday & Sunday
 3 – 11  USPA Carlton & Keleen Beal Cup 
8 Goal  – Practice Thurs, Matches Sat & Sun
4 Goal – Practice Thurs, Matches Sat & Sun
17 – 25 Fish Creek USPA Constitution Cup
8 Goal – Practice Thurs, Matches Sat & Sun
4 Goal – Practice Thurs, Matches Sat & Sun
Pro Pool Every Saturday & Sunday
Club Chukkers Practice Thursdays, Saturdays & Sundays
2 – 25 USPA Rossmore Cup Tournament – SKINS Match
12 Goal – Practice Wed, Matches Fri & Sun
 3 – 25  USPA Pacific Coast Circuit Governor’s Cup
6 Goal – Practice Thurs, Matches Sat & Sun
March 31 – 1 USPA Pacific Coast Circuit Women’s Tournament 
WCT Qualifier – Multiple Flights

USPA National Youth Tournament Series Qualifier

    • All information is subject to change


Memberships –  Polo Manager Graham Bray – 760 774 2583 – grahamjbray@gmail.com
12 Goal – March
(Membership fees include Stick & Ball, Wed Practice, Trophies, Umpires, Flaggers & EMT)
6 Chukkers  Monthly
Per Team – March  $17,000*
SKINS Tournament Entry – Per Team  $5,000
* Discounts apply for team commitments by Oct 1
(50% non-refundable deposit required by commitment date)
8 Goal – Jan & Feb
(Membership fees include Stick & Ball, Thurs Practice, Trophies, Umpires, Flaggers & EMT)
6 Chukkers  Monthly
Per Team – Jan & Feb  $15,000*
* Discounts apply for team commitments by Oct 1
(50% non-refundable deposit required by commitment date)
4 Goal – Jan & Feb
(Membership fees include Stick & Ball, Thurs Practice, Trophies, Umpires, Flaggers & EMT)
Teams comprised of 2 sponsors & 2 professionals and authorized by Polo Manager
4 Chukkers  Monthly
Per Player – Jan & Feb  $2,500
6 Goal – March
Per Team (Membership fees include Stick & Ball, Thurs Practice,Trophies, Umpires, Flaggers & EMT)
4 Chukkers  Monthly
Per Team – March  $10,000
Pro Pool
Fees include Pro fees, Trophies, Umpires, Flaggers & EMT
4 Chukkers – January, February, March   Season Weekly
Season  Pro Pool (includes Weekly Pro Pool Fees, Stick n Ball & Thurs Practice)   $7,500
Non-Member Weekly Pro Pool (does not include Stick n Ball or Practice) $600
Club Chukker Member Weekly Pro Pool $350
Club Chukkers
Practice Chukkers on Thurs, Sat & Sun Monthly Season
4 Chukker Membership $1,500 $3,500
6 Chukker Membership $1,700 $4,500
Non Member Fees
Stick & Ball (season) $  2,500
Stick & Ball (monthly) $  1,000
Stick & Ball (weekly) $     250
Stick & Ball (daily) $       50
Chukker Fee (5 game limit) $       50 each
Pro Pool – per weekend
(Pro Pool fees include Pro, Trophies, Umpires, Flaggers & EMT)
$     600


Stabling Fees Season Monthly Weekly Daily
Pipe Stall $550 $350 $125 $15
Tack Room $500
Box Stall* $600 $300 $125 $20
(*Located at old HITS property)


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