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March 6 Goal Teams, Standings, Schedule Mar 12th

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A – BROOKLAND PLANTATION (6) – Thomas Ravenel, Rodrigo Salinas 3, Ignacio Deltour 3, Abby Riggs.

B – BUSH LEAGUE (5) – Virgil Kyle, Ryan Robertson, Ulysses Escapite 4, Jose Rodriguez 1.

C – BLAZERS (6) – Pat Powell, Kyle Fargey 3, Alvaro Tadeo 2, Alonso Cruz 1.


D – LUNA POLO (5.5) – Jennifer Alexy .5, David Carlson -1, Diego Larregli 2, Gaston Von Wernich 4.

E – FARMERS & MERCHANTS BANK (5.5) – Dan Walker 2, Leigh Brecheen, Matthew Walker 2, Dayelle Fargey 1.

BROOKLAND PLANTATION   100%            2   0   d Luna Polo, Farmers & Merchants

LUNA POLO   66.6%                                    2   1   d Bush League, Blazers   l Brookland Plantation

BLAZERS   50%                                           1   1   d Farmers & Merchants   l Luna Polo

BUSH LEAGUE   50%                                  1   1   d Farmer & Merchants   l Luna Polo

FARMERS & MERCHANTS                          0   3   l Bush League, Blazers, Brookland Plantation

Sat Mar 4; Brookland Plantation vs Luna Polo, Bush League vs Farmers & Merchants Bank

Sun Mar5; Farmer & Merchants Bank vs Blazers, Luna Polo vs Bush League

Sat Mar 11; Brookland Plantation vs Farmers & Merchants Bank, Blazers vs Luna Polo

Sun Mar 12; Final – Brookland Plantation vs Luna Polo

Bracket #1 will receive 50%/win, Bracket #2 will receive 33.3%/win.

March 12 Goal Standings, Schedule – Mar 12th

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A – NORTHERN BLIZZARD (12) – John Rooney 1, Joe Henderson 4, Patrick Uretz 4, Peter Blake 3.

B – TWIN PALMS (12) – Chris Maloney 1, Graham Bray 3, Jared Sheldon 4, Joseph Stuart 4.

C – HIGHWOOD (12) – Ron Mathison, Marcello Rodriguez-Abbiati 4, Mariano Fassetta 5, Remy Du Celliee Muller 3.

D – COTTEREL FARMS (12) – Jenny Luttrell-Benardoni, Ruben Coscia 5, Juan Curbelo 5, Matthew Fonseca 2.



NORTHERN BLIZZARD                   2   0   d Twin Palms, Cotterel Farms

COTTEREL FARMS                         2   1   d Highwood, Twin Palms   l Northern Blizzard

TWIN PALMS                                    1   2   d Highwood   l Northern Blizzard, Cotterel Farms

HIGHWOOD                                      0   2   l Cotterel Farms, Northern Blizzard




Fri Mar 3; Northern Blizzard vs Twin Palms, Highwood vs Cotterel Farms

Sun Mar 5; Cotterel Farms vs Northern Blizzard, Twin Palms vs Highwood

Fri Mar 10;Highwood vs Northern Blizzard, Cotterel vs Twin Palms

Sun Mar 12; Final – Cotterel Farms vs Northern Blizzard

Farmers and Merchants Bank Wins Fish Creek 4 Goal

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Having to give up a half goal at the start, Farmers and Merchants Bank were able to outscore Bearsden/Shore Thing in the second half to take the Fish Creek Cup 4 Goal Tournament Final a by a score of 6 – 3.5.

Bearsden/Shore Thing led at halftime with a lead of one half at 3.5 – 2.

However, Farmers and Merchants counted four unanswered markers in the second half to go on to take the win.

Matthew Walker scored four times for the winners with Danny Walker and Abby Riggs contributing one each.

Cody Woodfin had a pair and Rodrigo Salinas counted one for the runners-up.

Matthew Walker was honored as the MVP and Cody Woodfin’s first chukker mount was chosen as the Best Playing Pony.

Farmers and Merchants Bank (4) – Danny Walker 2, Leigh Brecheen, Matthew Walker 2, Abby Riggs.

Bearsden/Shore Thing (3.5) – Carol Farnsworth -.5, Lamar Rutherford -1, Cody Woodfin 2, Rodrigo Salinas 3.

Tony Gregg

Eldorado National Youth Tournament Series


Eldorado hosted our annual National Youth Tournament Series (NYTS)  on February 25th and 26th.

Three teams competed in this tournament:

Alegria (Hope Kerley, Thomas Costello, Athena Malin, Charlie Walker),
Boss Polo (Bayne Bossom, Piers Bossom, Rhandy Heredia, Skyler Dale) and
Antelope (Grant Palmer, Sydney Jordan, Riley Jordan, Alonso Andrade)

Boss Polo took the win with Alegria coming in second place. Five All Star Awards were chosen by the All Star selection commitee: Alonso Andrade, Athena Malin, Bayne Bossom, Grant Palmer and Hope Kerley.

Antelope Reins In Northern Blizzard in Fish Creek 8 Goal

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Grant Palmer and his Antelope 8 Goal polo team (Grant Palmer -1, Santiago Trotz 5, Carolyn Anier 1, Remy Du Celliee Muller 3) came into the final game of the Fish Creek Cup against John Rooney and Northern Blizzard (John Rooney 1, Joe Henderson 4, Dayelle Fargey 1, Jimmy Wright 2) with the earlier Eldorado Cup loss to the same team etched firmly into their minds.

Based on the way this one ultimately turned out, Antelope had every intention of not only winning this one, but avenging the loss in a big way.

From the start it was obvious that Trotz had prepared the younger Palmer and Co. extremely well as they counted three unanswered goals in the first period to lead 3 – 0.

Northern Blizzard recovered somewhat in the second chukker and were able to play even with each team grabbing a goal.

Antelope outplayed the northerners in the third with two markers to just one and led by four at 6 – 2 going to the half.

The trend continued in the fourth as Antelope again outscored Northern Blizzard to end the stanza with the count now 8 – 3.

Not content to sit back and rest on a rather substantial cushion, the Junior Pronghorns took absolute control in the penultimate frame to strike four times to but one in reply. The lead was now eight at 12 – 4.

The northerners counted one in the sixth to produce a final score of 12 – 5 and Palmer and his Company had not only won the Fish Creek Cup 8 Goal Tournament, but in doing so, had stopped the long and successful Northern Blizzard run.

For the winners, Du Celliee Muller scored five times, Trotz counted four from the field and one penalty two, and Palmer added one. It should be noted that Anier was a huge contributor playing a strong two-way running game.

The reply from Northern Blizzard saw Rooney count a pair, Wright converted a penalty four and scored once from the field, and Henderson scored a 75 yard safety.

Playing a very open and accurate style of polo earned Du Celliee Muller the title of MVP and Samoa, owned and played by Trotz in the fifth was chosen as the Best Playing Pony.

Tony Gregg




Antelope Regroups to Win Fish Creek 12 Goal

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The final game of the Fish Creek Cup 12 Goal Tournament was contested on Sunday February 26th – just two weeks after the Carlton and Keleen Beal Memorial wrap-up. In the Beal, Jenny Lutterel-Benardoni’s Cotterel Farms foursome rode away with an impressive and a seemingly not to be forgotten 15 – 8 victory over Geoff Palmer and his Antelope Polo Team. However, any memory of that previous battle was quickly erased in the Fred Mannix sponsored Fish Creek finale as a regrouped Antelope was unflappable and lead most of the way in an 11 – 9 win.

Antelope  jumped out early as Jared Sheldon eluded the opposition – as he is prone to do – and scored two very quick goals on perfect set ups by Santiago Trotz. Cotterel came back quickly to tie with counters from Matthew Fonseca and Juan Curbelo and it appeared – as it did two weeks previous – that this was going to be a close match as the first ended at two apiece.

Cotterel started the second on a good note as Fonseca scored his second and it appeared that the Idaho farmhands might be ready to repeat their effort from the Beal final as they lead by one at 3 – 2. However, any such thoughts vanished as the Pronghorns then scored five times (Palmer a two, Trotz with a penalty four and one from the field, Sheldon from the field, and Remy Du Celliee Muller with a penalty four) during the remainder of the chukker to lead by a count of 7 – 3 going to the third.

That third frame was played even with Sheldon grabbing another – the sixth in succession for Antelope – with a reply from Ruben Coscia for Cotterel. As a result, Palmer and Co. continued to lead by four, this time at 8 – 4 going to the Ruffino Prosecco Halftime Divot Stomp.

As went the third, went the fourth as the scoring was once again even with a pair for each. Coscia with a number two conversion and a field goal and Trotz and Sheldon each counting a field goal for Antelope. The fourth was over with the Pronghorns ahead at 10 – 6.

Sheldon scored the only goal of the fifth to increase the lead to five at 11 – 6.

The Idahoans were able to get some traction in the final frame with Coscia converting a pair of penalty two opportunities and Fonseca scoring his third, but it wouldn’t be enough as Antelope was able to thwart most opportunities with controlled defensive play and the Fish Creek Cup was over and in the hands of Antelope by a final count of 11 – 9.

Trotz, based on his remarkable abilities at quarterback was selected as the MVP and Jemara Brisa, owned and played by Curbelo in the sixth was adorned with the Best Playing Pony blanket.

Antelope (12) – Geoff Palmer, Santiago Trotz 5, Jared Sheldon 4, Remy Du Celliee Muller 3).

Cotterel Farms (12) – Jenny Lutterel-Benardoni, Ruben Coscia 5, Juan Curbelo 5, Matthew Fonseca 2).

Tony Gregg









Northern Blizzard Wins Close Don Julio Match

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Sunday afternoon polo on February 19 was presented by Don Julio Tequila and the first game of the afternoon featured the Don Julio Polo Team (Virgil Kyle, Ryan Robertson, Ulysses Escapite 4, Gaston Von Wernich 4) matching up against Northern Blizzard (John Rooney 1, Joe Henderson 4, Dayelle Fargey 1, Jimmy Wright 2) in what turned out to be a very close and entertaining contest.

With fans sampling Don Julio Flor de Paloma and Don Julio Margaritas, served by the Don Julio Girls, both teams played very open and exciting polo that remained close throughout. The lead changed hands on several occasions with Northern Blizzard able to squeeze out a 9 – 7 victory.

With the win, the Northern Blizzard players were presented with bottles of Don Julio Blanco.






Fish Creek Cup 4 Goal Standings – Feb 25th

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A – LUNA POLO (4) – Jennifer Alexy .5, Emma Tooth -.5, Diego Larregli 2, Ernesto Ezcurra 2.

B – BLAZERS (4) – Pat Powell, Alex Green -1, Kyle Fargey 3, Alvaro Tadeo 2.

C – BEARSDEN/SHORE THING (3.5) – Carol Farnsworth -.5, Lamar Rutherford -1, Cody Woodfin 2, Rodrigo Salinas 3.


D – FARMERS & MERCHANTS BANK (4) – Leigh Brecheen, Danny Walker 2, Matthew Walker 2, Abby Riggs.

E – PRIMA/MOTHER CHUKKERS (2) – Suzannah Forbes -1, Jenny ALter -1, Marcial Socas 2, Felipe Sordelli 2.

Two best records will play final. Bracket 1 teams receive 50% for a win and Bracket 2 teams receive 33.3% for each win.



BEARSDEN/SHORE THING 100%               2   0   d Prima/Mother Chukkers, Farmers & Merchants

FARMERS & MERCHANTS 66.6%               2   1   d Luna Polo, Blazers   l Bearsden/Shore/Thing

BLAZERS 50%                                              1   1   d Prima/Mother Chukkers   l Farmers & Merchants

LUNA POLO 50%                                                1   1   d Prima/Mother Chukkers   l Farmers & Merchants

PRIMA POLO/MOTHER CHUKKERS           0   3    l Blazers, Bearsden/Shore Thing, Luna Polo



Sun Feb 19 – Luna Polo vs Farmers & Merchants, Blazers vs Prima/Mother Chukkers.

Mon Feb 20 – Prima/Mother Chukkers vs Bearsden/Shore Thing, Farmers & Merchants vs Blazers.

Sat Feb 25 – Farmers & Merchants vs Bearsden/Shore Thing, Luna Polo vs Prima/Mother Chukkers

Sun Feb 26 – Final ;Famers & Merchants vs Bearsden/Shore Thing

Fish Creek Cup 8 Goal Standings – Feb 25

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A – ANTELOPE (8) – Grant Palmer -1, Santiago Trotz 5, Caroline Anier 1, Remy Du Celliee Muller 3.

B – ACME (8) – Jacob Pechenik -1, Chris Maloney 1, Graham Bray 3, Max Menini 5.

C – BUSH LEAGUE (8) – Virgil Kyle, Ryan Robertson, Ulysses  Escapite 4, Gaston Von Wernich 4.

D – NORTERN BLIZZARD (8) – John Rooney 1, Joe Henderson 4, Dayelle Fargey 1, Jimmy Wright 2.



ANTELOPE                             3   0   d Acme, Northern Blizzard, Bush Leauge

NORTHERN BLIZZARD         2   1   d Bush League, Acme   l Antelope

BUSH LEAGUE                       1   2   d Acme,   l Northern Blizzard, Antelope

ACME                                       0   3   l Antelope, Bush League, Northern Blizzard



Sun Feb 19 – Antelope vs Acme, Bush League vs Northern Blizzard –

Mon Feb 20 – Northern Blizzard vs Antelope, Bush League vs Acme

Sat Feb 25 -Bush League vs Antelope, Acme vs Northern Blizzard

Sun Feb 26 – Final; Antelope vs Northern Blizzard

Fish Creek Cup 12 Goal – Standings Feb 24

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A –  THERMAL (12) – Reg Whyte, Patrick Uretz 4, Joseph Stuart 4, Nicolai Galindo 4.

B – ANTELOPE (12) – Geoff Palmer, Santiago Trotz 5, Jared Sheldon 4, Remy Du Celliee Muller 3.

C – HIGHWOOD (  ) – Marcello Rodriquez-Abbiati 4, Mariano Fassetta 5, TBD, TBD.

D – COTTEREL FARMS (12) – Jennifer Luttrell-Benardoni, Ruben Coscia 5, Juan Curbelo 5, Matthew Fonseca 2.



COTTEREL FARMS           3   0   d Highwood, Antelope, Thermal

ANTELOPE                          2   1   d Thermal, Highwood   l Cotterel

HIGHWOOD                        1   2   d Thermal   l Cotterel,  Antelope

THERMAL                            0   3   l Antelope, Highwood, Cotterel



Fri. Feb. 17 – Thermal vs Antelope, Highwood vs Cotterel

Sun. Feb. 18 – Antelope vs Cotterel, Highwood vs Thermal

Fri. Feb. 24 – Cotterel vs Thermal, Antelope vs Highwood

Sun. Feb. 26 – Final; Antelope vs Cotterel Farms

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