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Springbok Edges Prima Polo in WCT Qualifier

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The main event of the closing afternoon of the 2017 season, featured the Pacific Coast Women’s Challenge – WCT Qualifier A Flight final between Springbok (Kate Weber 4, Catlin Dix 4, Jennifer Alexy 5, Caroline Anier 6) facing off against Prima Polo (Jenny Alter 1, Dayelle Fargey 7, Abby Riggs 5, Tiffany Busch 7) in what turned to be a very physical and entertaining contest.

Having to give up a handicap award of one-half, Prima Polo struck first as Busch counted the first of her three on the afternoon. Soringbok’s Anier countered soon after and the first chukker ended with the two time defending champions leading by the handicap difference (1.5 – 1).

Jennifer Alexy, riding the eventual Best Playing Pony – Izzy – scored the only goal of the second and the count was 2.5 – 1 in favor of Springbok going to the break.

As the enthusiastic crowd stomped divots and conversed – with Ruffino Prosecco in hand – Prima Polo was speaking amongst themselves as well, and whatever was said seemed to work in the third as a strong team effort allowed Busch to score a pair of goals to take a lead of one-half. However, Dix notched a goal and Springbok again led by the handicap grant (3.5 – 3).

The fourth was very physical and very close with neither team able to gain any type of an advantage. But with just over 90 seconds to go, Dix was able to grab the ball and run 150 yards to score her second of the game and Springbok had successfully defended their 2016 title by a final tally of 4.5 to 3.

Dix, because of her aggressive and opportunistic play, was selected as the MVP and as mentioned earlier, Izzy, owned by Diego Larregli and played by Alexy was honored as the Best Playing Pony – the second horse played by Alexy on this day to be recognized as such.


The Women’s Challenge Upper B Flight saw Deer Creek (Lynni Hutton 1, Julie Fernandez 2, Caroline Anier 6, Audrey Persano 3) play Ohana (Erin Brittin 2, Stephanie Davidson, Abby Riggs 5, CAtlin Dix 4). A very strong first chukker allowed Deer Creek to move on to an 8 – 5.5 victory.

Anier was awarded the title of MVP and Pientha, played by Persano and owned by Fernandez was chosen as the Best Playing Pony.


The Lower B Flight was won by DG’S Girls (Shelley Geiler 2, Keli Newton, Jennifer Alexy 5, Heather Perkins 2) over Sunset Warriors (Susan Guggenheim 2, Julie Empey 1, Tanya Paneno 2, Carla Gallichotte 2).

Keli Newton was named as the MVP and Marley, played by Alexy in the second chukker was tabbed as the Best Playing Pony.

Tony Gregg





2017 Pacific Coast Women’s Challenge – WCT Qualifier

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A FLIGHT (WCT Qualifier)

PRIMA POLO (20) – Jenny Alter 1, Dayelle Fargey 7, Tiffany Busch 7, Abby Riggs 5.

SPRINGBOK (19) – Caroline Anier 6, Jennifer Alexy 5,Kathleen Weber 4, Catlin Dix 4.


DEER CREEK (12) – Lynni Hutton 1, Julie Fernandez 2, Audry Persano 3, Caroline Anier 6.

IDENTITY POLO (11) – Anne Evamy 3, Ruth Peters 1, Zinta Braukis, Dayelle Fargey 7.

OHANA (11) – Erin Britton 2, Stephanie Davidson, Abby Riggs 5, Catlin Dix 4.

SISTER WIVES (12) – Debra Vermoch 1, Leigh Brecheen 3, Jenny Luttrell-Benardoni 4, Melania Jones 4.

URBAN DOG (10) – Kim Garsed 2, Ann Terranova, Cybele Jordan 4, Roxy Keyfauver 4.


DG’S GIRLS (9) – Shelley Geiler 2, Heather Perkins 2, Kelli Newton, Jennifer Alexy 5.

SUNSET WARRIORS (7) – Tanya Paneno 2, Julie Empey 1, Susan Guggenheim 2, Carla Gallichotte 2.



Check daily game schedule for times Saturday and Sunday


Bush League Steps Up In the Governor’s Cup

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On a ‘perfect day in sunny Southern California’, the 2017 Pacific Coast Governor’s Cup final was played at the Eldorado Polo Club in Indio. The ultimate push – on Sunday, March 26 – featured Virgil Kyle and Ryan Robertson and their Bush League foursome (Kyle, Robertson, Ulysses Escapite 4, Jose Rodriguez 1) going up against Leigh Brecheen and Danny Walker’s Farmers and Merchants Bank organization (Brecheen, Walker 2, Matthew Walker 2, Antonio Juarez 1).

From the start it was obvious that Bush League had come prepared as Rodriguez took a pass from the initial bowl-in and simply ran free to score the first goal of the game. The ensuing bowl-in at center turned into more of the same as Escapite grabbed the ball and found Roberson free near the Farmer and Merchants’ goal and the lead was now two. The initial push continued as Robertson picked up the ball and ran from mid-field to score and it was now three to nothing and the large crowd was buzzing. However, Farmers and Merchants came back in a hurry as huge pressure allowed Matt Walker a penalty three opportunity that he converted, Juarez scored from the field, as did Danny Walker, and the game was tied to end the first.

The second featured nowhere near the scoring that was seen in the first. In fact, there wasn’t any as chances were missed and opportunities to advance were not taken. The result was a 3 – 3 tie at halftime.

The bankers came to work in the third frame as Danny Walker scored from the field and converted a penalty two offering and Farmers and Merchants led by a pair going to the final frame at 5 – 3 and many thought it might be over.

Coming out for the fourth, Bush League most certainly didn’t think it was over as they pressed and pressed hard. The result was a free-throw opportunity that Robertson converted. Escapite then took control and counted his first of the day and the momentum had changed. The continued pressure from Bush League allowed another open goal opportunity that Escapite capitalized on and it was over as Bush League had won their first Governor’s Cup by a score of 6 – 5.

Not only had Bush League defeated Farmers and Merchants Bank to take the USPA hardware, it was presented by the man they had just overcome as Danny Walker is the Governor of the Pacific Coast Circuit.

Because he was able to control play when needed and instill confidence in his teammates, Escapite was given MVP honors. Garabinada, played by Danny Walker in the third chukker was chosen as the Best Playing Pony.

Tony Gregg

Skins: Money Split – Cotterell Wins Rossmore Cup

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The Eldorado Polo Club’s 23rd annual Polo Skins Game was played on Sunday, March 26, 2017. While the Skins always creates much anticipation along with a huge fieldside party , the addition of the USPA Rossmore Cup Tournament this season brought the frenzy to an even higher level. Add in the fact that this year’s contest was going to be live streamed by the USPA.

The Polo Skins format is exactly like a golf skins competition where each chukker is played as a ‘Skin’. If a chukker is won, the winner receives the money available. If the teams are tied after a chukker, the amount that was available is then added to the amount to be played for in the next chukker. For the 2017 challenge, the team that scored the most goals overall would put their name on the Rossmore Cup.

The 2017 game, at 12 goals, was played in front of huge Clubhouse and west berm crowd and an immense gathering of partying faithful lining the entire east side, featured Idaho’s Jenny Luttrell-Benardoni and her Cotterell Farms polo team (Luttrell-Benardoni, Ruben Coscia 5, Juan Curbelo 5, Matthew Fonseca 2) riding out against Canadian John Rooney and his Northern Blizzard line-up (Rooney 1, Joe Henderson 4, Patrick Uretz 4, Peter Blake 3).

At the start, Cotterell took immediate control and was rewarded with a penalty three opportunity that Curbelo easily converted. The first period wasn’t half over as Luttrell-Benardoni grabbed a long pass and impressively ran 145 yards to increase the lead to two goals and it appeared the farmers were going to run away with the initial $3500 and take a rather nice lead in the Rossmore. Not so fast however, as Northern Blizzard came back with a big offensive thrust resulting in a Uretz penalty four strike and a free throw conversion from 40 yards. As a result the Rossmore was tied at two and the initial $3500 would be added to the $3500 from the second to make the second chukker worth $7000.

The momentum that the Canadian invaders grabbed in the first carried – as did the money – to the second as Uretz converted a penalty two from the spot to now lead by one. Ruben Coscia got that back with a field goal and the count was now tied at three apiece. However, Northern Blizzard jumped right back and were once again rewarded with another penalty two opportunity that Uretz converted. With just over 30 seconds remaining in the period and the $7000 comfortably in Canadian hands, Blake grabbed the ball and ran 260 yards to score. The point didn’t matter for the money, but with the Rossmore Cup in play, it would count in the overall score which now stood at 5 – 3 in favor of Rooney and his oilmen.

The third frame, worth $3500, featured many scoring chances but not much scoring as Curbelo grabbed the only goal of the period – from the field – which was enough to put that money into the Cotterell account. The result was a $3500 halftime lead for Northern Blizzard and a lead of one at 5 – 4 for the USPA Silver.

The small advantage that Cotterell had in the third became bigger in the fourth as Fonseca counted twice and Coscia grabbed his second goal. The three goals – to none for Northern Blizzard – easily gave the Idahoans the $3500 to tie the dollar count at $7000 and they now led the Rossmore by a pair at 7 – 5.

The Canadians, quiet on the scoreboard for two chukkers, started to recover in the fifth as Uretz scored from the field to lead by one for the money. Curbelo got that back for the farmhands to lead again by a pair in the overall count but Uretz was able to grab another field goal and the fifth ended with Northern Blizzard cashing the $3500 royalty and closing to within one for the Rossmore.

The sixth was played even with Northern Blizzard’s Blake scoring on a superb effort from 90 yards and Cotterell’s Curbelo replying with his third from the field and the chukker ended with Cotterell winning the Rossmore Cup by one goal at 9 – 8. However, and as great as the farmhands felt with the victory, there was still $3500 on the table. As a result, an overtime chukker would be necessary.

The extra frame didn’t last very long as Luttrell-Benardoni, with a long, strong, and perfectly placed neckshot from well right of the Northern Blizzard goal set up Fonseca 30 yards out and he made no mistake to score. That combined effort gave Cotterell the $3500 carryover and a tie in the money total at $10,500 each.

Because of her strong and aggressive effort in playing the front end and her ability to get to and move the play, Luttrell-Benardoni was selected as the MVP. Negra, played by Coscia in the sixth period, went back to the barn wearing the Best Playing Pony blanket.

Tony Gregg

2017 USPA Rossmore Cup/Skins 12 Goal Mar 26

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A – NORTHERN BLIZZARD (12) – John Rooney 1, Joe Henderson4, Patrick Uretz 4, Peter Blake 3.

B – HIGHWOOD (12) – Ron Mathison, Marcello Rodriguez-Abbiati 4, Mariano Fassetta 5, Remy Du Celliee Muller 3.

C – COTTEREL FARMS (12) – Jennifer Luttrell-Benardoni, Ruben Coscia 5, Juan Curbelo 5, Matthew Fonseca 2.

D – TWIN PALMS (12) – Chris Maloney 1, Graham Bray 3, Jared Sheldon 4, Joseph Stuart 4.



NORTHERN BLIZZARD                2   1   d Cotterell Farms, Highwood   l Twin Palms

COTTERELL FARMS                    2   1   d Twin Palms, Highwood   l Northern Blizzard

HIGHWOOD                                  1   2   d Twin Palms   l Northern Blizzard, Cotterel Farms

TWIN PALMS                                1   2   d Northern Blizzard   l Highwood, Cotterel Farms



Fri Mar 17; Northern Blizzard vs Cotterell Farms, Twin Palms vs Highwood

Sun Mar 19; Highwood vs Northern Blizzard , Twin Palms vs Cotterell Farms

Fri Mar 24; Cotterell Farms vs Highwood, Northern Blizzard vs Twin Palms

Sun Mar 26; Final Rossmore Cup/Skins Game – Northern Blizzard vs Cotterell Farms

A Spotlight on David Carlson




Name: David Carlson

Team: Luna Polo- 6 goal

Home town/country: Newport Beach CA USA

Years playing polo: 3 years in the arena 2 years on the grass.

Rating: -1




What is the name of your favorite polo pony and what is so special about them?

 I love all my ponies equally. They all play their hearts out for me. It’s amazing how much they give and the bond you build with them.  

What is your greatest polo achievement?

Getting asked to play with my current teammates. 

What is a hobby you have outside of polo?

 I like going to race tracks with my motorcycle. Flying around over 150mph is an incredible experience. 

What countries have you played polo in?

 The US, Canada and Argentina 

 What do you like most about Eldorado Polo Club?

 Visually it’s a stunning place. The green fields with the snow covered mountains in the background is beautiful. The fields are great. Also the people are welcoming and friendly. 

Who introduced you to polo and where did you begin playing?

 I started to play at the OC polo club. Heather Perkins was my instructor and a horse named Jewel took me on my first ride. 

What is your favorite TV show and/or artist/band?

 I like to watch a lot of Formula 1 and Moto GP. 

What athlete (outside of the polo world) do you admire the most?

 I sail for a living so Ben Ainslie who is a 5 time Olympic sailing medalist. Also I  am originally from Boston Massachusetts. So you know, that guy,  Tom Brady. 

If you could change one thing about your game, what would it be?

 Better anticipation 

If you could play with any players in the world, who would be on your team?

 Juan Martín Nero, Lucas Monteverde and Facundo Pieres

2017 Pacific Coast Governor’s Cup – Mar 26

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A – FARMERS & MERCHANTS BANK (5) – Dan Walker 2, Leigh Brecheen, Matthew Walker 2, Antonio Juarez 1.

B – LUNA POLO (5.5) – Jennifer Alexy .5, David Carlson -1, Diego Larregli 2, Gasto Von Wernich 4.

C – BUSH LEAGUE (5) – Virgil Kyle, Ryan Robertson, Ulysses Escapite 4, Jose Rodriguez 1.


D – PRIMA POLO (6) – Jenny Alter -1, Scott Walker, Jared Sheldon 4, Peter Blake 3.

E – IDENTITY POLO (6) – Anne Evamy, Malia McCoy 1, James a’Court 1, Matias Obregon 4.

F -BLAZERS (6) – Pat Powell, Kyle Fargey 3, Alvaro Tadeo 2, Alonso Cruz 1.

FARMERS & MERCHANTS       2   1   d Prima Polo, Identity Polo   l Blazers

BUSH LEAGUE                          2   1   d Blazers, Identity Polo   l Prima Polo

BLAZERS                                   2   1   d Farmers & Merchants, Luna Polo   l Bush League

LUNA POLO                               2   1   d Identity Polo, Prima Polo   l Blazers

PRIMA POLO                             1   2   d Bush League   l Farmers & Merchants, Luna Polo

IDENTITY POLO                        0   3   l Luna Polo, Bush League, Farmers & Merchants



Sat Mar 18; Farmers & Merchants vs Prima Polo, Luna Polo vs Identity Polo, Bush League vs Blazers

Sun Mar 19; Blazers vs Farmers & Merchants, Prima Polo vs Luna Polo, Identity Polo vs Bush League

Thur Mar 23; Identity vs Farmers & Merchants, Luna Polo vs Blazers, Bush League vs Prima Polo

Sat Mar 25; Farmers & Merchants vs Luna Polo, Bush League vs Blazers

Sun Mar 26; Final – Bush League vs Farmers & Merchants

Cross Bracket. Four teams with best records will play semi-finals – 1st vs 4th, 2nd vs 3rd.

A Spotlight on Ruben Coscia




Name: Ruben Coscia

Team: Cotterel Farms – 12 Goal

Home town/country: Argentina

Years playing polo: 26 years

Rating: 5






What is the name of your favorite polo pony and what is so special about them?

Melissa – she is super handy and fast, very natural

What is your greatest polo achievement?

I started as a groom in Argentina so my greatest achievements are making it to 6 goals, playing in the 26 goal, and winning tournaments all over the country

What is a hobby you have outside of polo?


What countries have you played polo in?

Costa Rica, Nigeria, Argentina and the US

What do you like most about Eldorado Polo Club?

Great polo fields and amazing weather; we rarely miss a game

Where did you begin playing polo?

I grew up in Argentina in a town near a lot of polo but I didn’t start playing until I moved to Atlanta, GA

What is your favorite TV show and/or artist/band?

Bachata and Bruce Springsteen, but I love all kinds of music

What athlete (outside of the polo world) do you admire the most?


If you could change one thing about your game, what would it be?

To be quicker

If you could play with any players in the world, who would be on your team?

Juan Martin Nero, Polito Pieres, and Facundo Pieres

A Spotlight on Jennifer Alexy




Name:  Jennifer Alexy

Team: Luna Polo – 6 Goal

Home town/country: Green Bay Wisconsin

Years playing polo:  Returned to polo 6 years ago after not riding for 20 years.

Rating:  0.5



What is the name of your favorite polo pony and what is so special about them?

Hugs. She makes me feel invincible! Even if I am a step too slow she makes up for it gives everything she has every time we go on the field. She never needs to be schooled and I honestly can’t remember her ever having a bad day.

What is your greatest polo achievement?

I am fortunate to have a couple from different times in my life. I was part of a team that won two National Championships for The University of Virginia. Since coming back from my long hiatus from polo, winning last year’s Skins Tournament is absolutely one of my all-time favorite polo moments.

What is a hobby you have outside of polo?

If I was not playing polo I would be playing golf.

What countries have you played polo in?

United States, Argentina, Dominican Republic, England

What do you like most about Eldorado Polo Club?

On top of being such a beautiful place to play polo I really enjoy how many other members of the club are real purists when it comes to polo and have great appreciation for their horses.

Who introduce you to polo and where did you begin playing?

I can honestly say my Mother made me do it! My high school, Garrison Forest in Owings Mills Maryland had a team and my Mom forced me to go try it. Obviously she knew best!

What is your favorite TV show and/or artist/band?

I am not proud to admit I like my reality television but I am too proud to own up to what I watch.

What athlete (outside of the polo world) do you admire the most?

I have great admiration for Brett Favre who always played for the true love of the game.

If you could change one thing about your game, what would it be?

Consistency! I know what I am capable of I just wish I could play to my ability every time I set foot on the field.

A Spotlight on Anne Evamy




Name: Anne Evamy

Team: Identity Polo – 6 Goal

Home town/country: Calgary, Canada

Years playing polo: 19 years

Rating: 0




What is the name of your favorite polo pony and what is so special about them?

Marcella – she has a huge heart and gives her all every time she plays. I always feel like we are one playing together.

What is your greatest polo achievement?

2 things – Playing the 14 goal game at Chinook Downs and winning 2 of the 3  – 6 goal tournaments in Calgary Polo Clubs 125th season with my husband Rick Stelmachuk, Max Menini and Pedro Orellano.

What is a hobby you have outside of polo?

Tennis, dancing, family & friends, travelling, food and most recently pickleball!!!

What countries have you played polo in? 

Canada, USA, Dominican Republic (Casa De Campo), South Africa, Argentina, Mexico and Barbados

What do you like most about Eldorado Polo Club?

The fields, its history, the pros and players

Who introduced you to polo and where did you begin playing?

I first started playing in Calgary and David Bissett is the one who encouraged me to start and leased me a couple of horses.  At the start of the season he broke his clavicle and so he had me play his string that summer and I got completely hooked!

What is your favorite TV show and/or artist/band? 

Any music I can dance to!!!! BoDeans, Chris Isaak and the Gypsy Kings.  My favorite TV show is Whose line is it anyway?

What athlete (outside of the polo world) do you admire the most? 

Roger Federer – his focus and calmness

If you could change one thing about your game, what would it be? 

To be better at taking a man.

If you could play with any players in the world, who would be on your team? 

I would ALWAYS include Sunny Hale on my team.   My team otherwise would be Adolfo Cambiaso, Polito Pieres and Guillermo Caset Jr.

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