Centurions Narrowly Win 4 Goal Constitution Cup0

Posted on February 25th, 2019 in News, Uncategorized

With the USPA Fish Creek 4 Goal Constitution Cup final – played at southern California’s Eldorado Polo Club – set as a match-up between the Centurions (Cheryl Schindel -.5, Lesley Tims -.5, Luis Saracco 3, Ignacio Saracco 2) and CedarCreek (Nicholas Wilhem -1, Alex Green -.5, Ashton Wolf 3, Diego Cossio 2), it was determined by a great many that the Romans would easily emerge as the victors. As everyone now knows, that most certainly was not the case as CedarCreek were more than prepared to play hard nosed polo from the outset.

The prognosticators were comfortable after the first period as the Centurions – having to give up a half goal on handicap – led at the end by a count of 2 – .5.

However, the second was much different as the management group sharpened their pencils and went to work. With constant pressure, the result was CedarCreek outscoring the Centurions by a pair and led at the half with a count of 3.5 – 3.

Continued and genuine force by CedarCreek in the third period saw their lead increase with a score now of 5.5 – 3.

Needing to step up in order to win, the Centurions did in the final frame as they outscored CedarCreek by three goals to barely squeeze out a victory with a final count in their favor of 7 – 6.5 to become the USPA Fish Creek 4 Goal Constitution Cup champions for 2019.

Ignacio Saracco led the scoring for the victors with four goals, Luis Saracco had two (one foul) and Tims, with a great move, attained the game winner with little time left to go.

CedarCreek counters – besides the handicap award – came from Wolf with four open goal conversions and Cossio provided two from the field.

In a great return to Eldorado, Ignacio Saracco earned the title of MVP and Maga, played by Saracco and owned along with his brother Luis, was chosen as the Best Playing Pony.

Tony Gregg

Maga – Igancio & Luis Saracco