Coldwell Banker Menlo Brings Back Governor’s Cup0

Posted on April 2nd, 2013 in News, Uncategorized

The Pacific Coast Governor’s Cup has returned to the United States. With the coveted trophy travelling to Canada for the past three years, courtesy Reg Whyte in 2010, Pat Powell in 2011, and Cam Clark just one year ago, Whyte and his (this time) Thermal polo team wanted to keep it in the ‘frozen white north’. Having had a very successful winter season, it seemed very plausible that Whyte and his Cochrane, Alberta farmhands, Fergus Gould, Nicolas Maciel, and Emma Stachowicz could do just that.

However, Madelyn Cobb knows a few things about farming as well and the recent Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Animal Science graduate had ideas of her own as she assembled an extremely talented Coldwell Banker Menlo group – Joseph Stuart, Jared Sheldon, and Conrad Kissling – to not only win the tournament, but bring the trophy back to the south country.

As it turned out, the final came down to the pair described above – Whyte’s Thermal vs Cobb’s Coldwell Banker Menlo – in an Easter Sunday showdown.

In front of a full clubhouse, a jammed berm, and a full on party on the east side on a perfect afternoon for polo, Thermal started quickly and as a result of early pressure, Maciel converted a penalty two from the spot to grab a lead of one. Coldwell Banker came back quickly with pressure of their own and Sheldon deflected a Stuart penalty attempt from 60 yards and it was tied, just like that, at one each. Thermal came back just as quickly however as Maciel converted his second open attempt of the day and the first was over with Whyte and his hired hands up by one at 2 – 1.

It was obvious at the start of the second that the Cobb group remained focused on the mission as early pressure was rewarded as Sheldon converted a penalty two to tie things at two. Thermal didn’t lay down and pushed back to be rewarded with another Maciel opportunity from 40 yards (converted) to, once again, lead by one. Maciel was able to score another (from the field) and Thermal was making hay. Stuart, however, was obviously not impressed as he absolutely pounded a penalty four to end the half with the Thermal lead, once again, just one at 4 – 3.

With ten minutes to talk things over, it was extremely obvious that Coldwell Banker used that time very well, as they came out in the third period and absolutely controlled everything. Kissling scored on a tap-in after a remarkable 100 yard under the neck set-up from Stuart who then destroyed another penalty four, and Sheldon was unstoppable as he scored twice from the field and Cobb and Co.  now led for the first time in the game. Thermal got close with two more open goal conversions by Maciel but the third was over with a Coldwell Banker lead at 7 – 6.

In spite of giving up the pair of free-throws toward the end of the third, the Cobb group didn’t lose the momentum they had earlier as Stuart scored two more from the field and the lead was now three. Thermal got one more as Gould nailed a penalty six toward the end but that was it and Cobb and Coldwell Banker Menlo not only had won the 2013 Pacific Coast Governor’s Cup, but they had reclaimed the trophy.

Stuart, based on his very underrated ability and strength was the obvious choice as the MVP and Sheldon’s mare Cheeky was selected as the Best Playing Pony.

2013 Pacific Coast Governor’s Cup

Coldwell Banker Menlo (6) – Madelyn Cobb, Joseph Stuart 3, Jared Sheldon 3, Conrad Kissling.

Thermal (6) – Reg Whyte, Emma Stachowicz -1, Fergus Gould 4, Nicolas Maciel 3.

Tony Gregg