Coors Keep ‘Heads’ Above Water in NYTS0

Posted on March 3rd, 2015 in News

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With rain preventing Sunday’s final game of the four team National Youth Tournament Series event, a coin flip was ultimately used to determine the trophy distribution between Saturday victors Coors (Hank Uretz, Joe Coors, Riley Jordan, Cassidy Wood) and Triangle Bar Farms (Rhandy Heredia, Hope Kerley, Bayne Bossom, Sayge Ellington-Lawrence) . With Triangle Bar calling tails, the coin landed and settled with heads on the upper side and as such, it was decided that the Coors team would be the recipients of the first place awards.

Saturday’s games were completed without problem as the weather didn’t come in until early Sunday morning and both were very well played and extremely entertaining – a fact not lost on the large Cantina crowd.

The first game featured Coors against Moet (Alexis Payan, Nicholas Roth, Thomas Costello, Jonathon Garnica). Moet (with a handicap award of .5) started strongly and led 3.5 – 0 after the first. However, Coors was able to scramble back to within a half after the third period and scored one in the fourth to get the win by a count of 4 – 3.5.

The second contest saw Triangle Bar take on Antelope (Grant Palmer, Aleksander Deutsch, Sydney Jordan, Trista Noland). Triangle Bar started with a half goal via the handicap system and by scoring the only goal of the final frame, were able to take the victory 5.5 – 5.

With one exception, all of the players were from Southern California and were/are involved in the junior programs of the Eldorado Polo Club, Empire Polo’s Connie Atkinson, and Central Coast Polo’s Megan Judge. The exception, and a pleasant surprise who handled himself very well, was Spokane Washington’s Ellington-Lawrence.

The All-Stars selected were; Coors, Deutsch, Ellington-Lawrence, Heredia, Payan, and Uretz.

Tony Gregg