Cotterel Farms Wins Officer’s Cup 4 Goal0

Posted on January 29th, 2019 in News, Uncategorized

The final game of the USPA Coachella Valley Officer’s Cup featured Thermal (Reg Whyte, David Carlson, Ernesto Ezcurra 2, Felipe Sordelli 2) lining up against Cotterel Farms (Jenny Luttrell-Benardoni .5, Francisco Benardoni 1.5, Mike Kerley 1, Gabriel Saccullo 1).

Thermal came into the decider undefeated for the entire month and, as well, World Gym champions – playing as Ocean Air – while Cotterel qualified in a shootout after a so-so World Gym Tournament.

From the outset, it appeared as if Thermal’s hold on their perfect status might be in jeopardy as Cotterel outscored the unconquered foursome to lead at the end of the first at 2 – 1.

The second was scoreless and it was now obvious that Cotterel had figured out the previously successful Thermal offense and were able to keep it at bay.

Cotterel maintained their slight advantage as scoring was even in the third at one apiece. The final had indeed turned into a defensive battle with the Idahoans leading at 3 – 2.

Scoring in the fourth was, once again, even at one and the final count was 4 – 3 to favor Cotterel and they became the Officer’s Cup champions.

Cotterel scoring featured Kerley with a pair, and Benardoni and Sacullo with one each.

For Thermal, Ezcurra scored twice and Sordelli provided one.

Benardoni’s aggressive play was rewarded with his selection as the MVP and Alba, owned by Erik Wright and played by Ezcurra in the third was chosen as the Best Playing Pony.

Tony Gregg