Cotterel Strikes Back and Grabs 8 Goal Officer’s Cup0

Posted on January 31st, 2017 in News, Uncategorized

Just one week ago Geoff Palmer’s Antelope polo team (Geoff Palmer, Grant Palmer -1, Santiago Trotz 5, Jared Sheldon 4), playing in the Mack and Madelyn Jason 8 Goal championship game,  struck early and often to take an insurmountable lead over Jenny Luttrel-Benardoni’s Cotterel Farms team (Jenny Luttrel-Benardoni, Francisco Benardoni 1, Ruben Cosia 5, Matthew Fonseca 2) and go on to win the first tournament of the season.

As fate would have it, the same two teams were matched up in the Coachella Valley/Officer’s Cup final on Sunday, January 29 and things could not have been more different. Where one week previous, Antelope took control at the start, this time Cotterel assumed that role and never looked back and ran to an immpressive 14 – 9 victory.

Right from the opening bowl in it was obvious that Cotterel was fired up and ready as they stormed out to a three to nil lead with every player on the team armed to hunt Antelope. The pronghorns were able to get one back via the free throw line and the first was over with the farmhands leading by a pair.

Antelope recovered in the second and were able to draw within one at 4 – 3.

The third period was played even at two goals apiece and it looked like Geoff Palmer and Co. had recovered and were now prepared to take control in the second half.

If it looked like Antelope had adjusted and were set to take charge after halftime, it looked even more so that Cotterel were more prepared to do the same as they simply negated any thoughts that the pronghorns had of coming back. As a result, the Luttrel-Benardoni farmhands counted three goals to none and lead by four after the fourth at 9 – 5.

As happened earlier, Antelope recovered and were able to stay with Cotterel in the fifth frame with both teams scoring three times. However, the farmhands were more than prepared to hold the four goal lead going to the sixth.

Cotterel continued to press in the final chukker and were not about to let Antelope back in and as a result counted two more to but one and it was over and Cotterel were awarded the first place Roenisch Bronzes.

The Cotterel scoring came from Coscia with six (two fouls), while Fonseca had five, and Benardoni sunk three.

The reply from Antelope saw Sheldon grab four, Trotz with three (two fouls), and Geoff and Grant Palmer sinking one foul opportunity apiece.

Because of his aggressive and defensive thwarting play, Fonseca was chosen as the MVP and Melissa, played by Cosia in the first chukker, was awarded the Best Playing Pony blanket.

Tony Gregg