Cotterel Farms Wins World Gym Tournament0

Posted on December 30th, 2013 in News, Uncategorized

The 24th annual World Gym 4 Goal Tournament, sponsored by Mike Uretz and the Uretz Family, came down to a final of two somewhat different polo teams. With World Gym (Claudia Uretz, Patrick Uretz, Hank Uretz, and Cacho Galindo) and Cotterel Farms (Jenny Luttrell-Benardoni, Jennifer Alexy, Ruben Coscia, and Andrea Brereton) advancing to the Sunday final, in front of a very enthusiastic Cantina lunch crowd, it appeared to most that the fitness group would have a distinct edge – based on the belief that youngsters Patrick Uretz and Galindo could, together, easily handle the somewhat older but experienced Coscia.

At first it appeared that might be the case as Hank Uretz  scored right off the opening throw-in to lead with less than 40 seconds gone. Coscia was able to score toward the middle of the period, but Patrick Uretz scored on a long run to go to the second with a lead of one at 2 – 1.

World Gym continued to impress as Galindo scored early in chukker number two and it most certainly appeared that the predictions of a Uretz  win were going to be supported. Coscia, however was just getting started as he, along with three very aggressive ladies, started to apply pressure that resulted in an open goal conversion by Lutterell-Benardoni that brought the deficit to just one. Coscia scored his second shorly after that and the game was tied at three going to the half – and World Gym was closed for the afternoon.

With very timely offensive help from Luttrell-Benardoni and Alexy, and extremely persistent and effective defensive work by Brereton, Coscia went to work and absolutely dominated chukker number three as he scord three goals on what turned out to be the Best Playing Pony, Benito. As a result, Cotterel led by three at 6 – 3.

While World Gym had opportunities in the fourth, they could not convert and Coscia took advantage of every mistake. Luttrell-Benardoni converted her second open goal conversion to complete the scoring and Cotterell Farms had won the 2013 World Gym Tournament by a count of 7 – 3.

As well as owning and playing Benito, Coscia was also named the Most Valuable Player.


Tony Gregg