Desert Lexus Drives to Victory in Desert Lexus Challenge0

Posted on January 7th, 2015 in News

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The first Sunday of the 2015  season turned out to be a great success with a large crowd and a strong presence by Desert Lexus who came to polo with a wonderful selection of Lexus automobiles. In honor of their participation,  the two o’clock game was contested as the Desert Lexus Challenge.

The game featured Desert Lexus (John Rooney 1, Joe Henderson 4, Jason Crowder 6, Herndon Radcliff 1) going up against Twin Palms (Chris Maloney 1, Craig Steinke 1, Graham Bray 4, Mariano Fassetta 6). In a somewhat low scoring affair – certainly not indicative of the interest in the Lexus automobiles – Desert Lexus came out on top by a score of 5 – 3.

The start was slow for both teams as the first period ended with no score.

Crowder grabbed one from the field early in the second but Maloney converted a penalty two to tie a short time later. Lexus came back quickly and a Twin Palms foul afforded Henderson a penalty five opportunity from 110 yards and right that he easily sunk – the announcer’s shot of the day – and the chukker ended with Lexus up by one.

The third belonged to Twin Palms as Bray scored from the field to end the half with a tie at two apiece.

The fourth period was split with a goal each – Fassetta a field counter for Twin Palms and Jason Crowder a text book penalty four strike.

As the penultimate frame commenced, the temperature started to drop and the sky turned a rather wintery gray. Lexus reacted as if seemingly a northern blizzard intent on covering Twin Palms. Indeed, Henderson and Crowder scored field goals to cover the palms and it was 5 – 3 in favor of Lexus. With no scoring in the final frame, Lexus had won the Desert Lexus Challenge.

The presentation to the victors was made by Desert Lexus General Manager, Ed Atwood and General Sales Manager Gabriele Marshall.

Tony Gregg