Fish Creek Junior Tournament 20140

Posted on February 13th, 2014 in News

The Fish Creek Junior Tournament, sponsored by Fred Mannix, was played on Saturday and Sunday, February 8th and 9th. Mannix, one of Eldorado’s greatest supporters, was instrumental in the start of the Junior Program at Eldorado so many, many years ago. In fact, his son Frederick was one of the originals and now carries a rating of 9 goals in Argentina.

Both mornings started off with the Lead-line and the Intermediate levels and was comprised of the following players; Conner Garsed, Tommy Steinke, Jaqueline Trabbitts, Colby Smith, Nicky Steinke, Gabriella Trabbitts, Ryan Kerley, Piers Bossom, Haley Schneider, Mike Estrada, and Uakea Huddleston.

Huddleston and Garsed were selected as the respective MVP’s and Bossom’s Macho Man and Estrada’s Vienna were chosen as the best Playing Ponies.

With the completion of the first levels, it was time for the advanced group to saddle up and take the field. In a somewhat new twist, it was decided that the boys (Rhandy Heredia, Riley Jordan, Baine Bossum on Saturday, Grant Palmer on Sunday, and Joe Coors) would play the girls (Hope Kerley, Gracie Gonzales, Sydney Jordan, and Angelina Quirante).

Most everyone in attendance thought that the boys would win easily and that appeared to be the case as they scored within the first 20 seconds of Saturday’s play. Not so however, as the girls came back to tie in less than one minute and went on to win the Saturday game by a 4 – 2 score – to the dismay of the so called stronger sex.

Sunday was to be the showdown as the score was carried over to start the play. With their reputations on the line, the boys jumped out quickly and got back the two goals they trailed by. The girls came right back however and went ahead, only to be caught by the guys once again.

When regulation time expired, the score was tied at six apiece. It was decided that overtime would be played and the boys prevailed and were declared the champions. Talk of a rematch was rampant.

Gracie Gonzales was chosen as the Most Valuable Player and Hope Kerley’s mare Minuet was selected as the Best Playing Pony.

Once again a big thank you to Jane Isquith for organizing another wonderful event and a big thanks as well to Isabella Wolf for umpiring the advanced level. Not an easy task given the intensity of the play.