For The Roenisch Bronzes in January – Different Winners0

Posted on January 27th, 2014 in News, Uncategorized

The second January Tournament Finals – for the Rich Roenisch Bronzes –  featured different winners on both levels.

The 6 goal championship saw Jenny Luttrell-Benardoni and her Cotterel Farms quartet (Luttrell-Benardoni, Francisco Benardoni 1, Dan Walker 2, and Ignacio Saracco 3) return to a final for the second time in the opening month, but this time they came back as winners and not the runners-up. Cheryl Schindel and Brooke Faber’s Centurion foursome (Schindel, Faber -1, Luis Saracco 4, and Tim Rudy 3) coming out of bracket play undefeated, due to excellent play, would supply the opposition but on this day Luttrell and Co. were far and away the better team and cruised to a victory by a score of 8 – 4.

The first started very slowly with no scoring, but Cotterel scored three times in the second to just one for the Centurions and added one in the third to lead 4 – 1 at the half.

Cotterel counted two more in the fourth to just one again for the Romans and added a pair in the fifth and went to the final period leading by six at 8 – 2.

The Centurions scored twice in the sixth but it would not be enough and the Luttrell- Benardoni farmhands took home the very prized awards.

Walker was the high scorer for the winners with three (1 foul) and Luis Saracco lead all scorers with all four of his team’s goals.

Ignacio Saracco was selected as the MVP and his mare, Perinola was chosen as the best playing pony.


The 12 Goal final was a rematch of the first January final with Ron Bonaguidi’s Mr. Hanalei Bay (Bonaguidi, Mariano Fassetta 6, Juan Curbello 4, and Remy Muller 2) facing Krista Bonaguidi and her Mrs. Hanalei Bay (Bonaguidi -1, Joe Henderson 4, Jason Crowder 6, and Ashton Wolf 3).

From the outset, it was obvious that Mrs. and Co. were ready to play polo – unlike the previous final where they were never really in it – as Jason Crowder took the ball from the opening throw-in and scored in less than 25 seconds to take a lead of one which held up and the first ended with Mrs. up by that one at 1 – 0.

The second period was all Mrs. with three counters to none for Mr. and the score was 4 – 0 going to the third.

Each counted one in the third and the half ended with Krista leading by a count of 5 – 1.

With ten minutes to think things over, Mr. and his Company appeared ready to play and came out very strong in the fourth to score a pair of unanswered counters and the period ended with Mrs. leading by just two at 5 – 3.

Goals were again traded in the fifth and the lead remained two going to the final chukker at 6 – 4.

The sixth started as did the fourth for Mr. Hanalei Bay as they were able to tie the count at six with about 1:45 left to go and it appeared that overtime might be necessary. Wasn’t to be however, as Crowder jumped on an errant pass and ran in the winner and Krista’s Mrs. Hanalei Bay captured the January League Title along with the Roenisch Bronzes by a count of 7 – 6.

With his explosive and very involved play, Crowder, with four goals (1 foul), was the obvious choice as the MVP and Fassetta’s outstanding mare, Chikita, grabbed Best Playing Pony honors.

Tony Gregg