Hanalei Bay 12 Goal Kerley Memorial Champions!0

Posted on February 6th, 2013 in Uncategorized

The 12 Goal Kerley Memorial final, played on Super Bowl Sunday featured Ron Bonaguidi’s Hanalei Bay against defending Kerley champions, Jenny Lutterell’s Cotterel Farms.

From the outset, it was apparent that the Bonaguidi pack was prepared as they rode to a quick lead of two goals in the first 75 seconds with strikes from Bonaguidi (penalty two) and Jared Sheldon from the field. Not to be outdone, Cotterel’s Ruben Coscia scored 40 seconds later on a perfect pass from the throw-in after the Sheldon goal to narrow the lead. Sheldon, however, scored again later in the period and the first ended with the surfers leading at 3 – 1.

In the second, Mariano Fassetta got up and scored his first of the afternoon to give the Hawaiians a lead of three but replies from Coscia and Ignacio Saracco kept the farmers in it as they trailed by just one going to the third at 4 – 3.

That third, however, was all Hawaii as Cotterel was unable to do anything and Fassetta scored again and Sheldon added a pair of open goal counters to end the half with Bonaguidi ahead by four at 7 – 3.

The fourth was relatively quiet as each team scored once – Coscia from 30 yards and Fassetta from the field – and it was 8 – 4 Hanalei Bay.

The surfers increased their lead to five in the fifth as Fassetta scored twice and Sheldon once (penalty two) with the farmers getting only a pair from Coscia and Saracco.

Coscia counted his fifth of the game early in the final period but Fassetta wanted to catch another wave and did with a great run, and with a goal from Joseph Stuart, the final score was 13 – 7 and the Bonaguidi pack had earned the coveted award.

With a very strong and controlling effort, Fassetta was a unanimous choice as the MVP and his fourth chukker mare, Pippaletta, was chosen as the Best Playing Pony.

Wendell Kerley Memorial 12 Goal

Hanalei Bay (12) – Ron Bonaguidi, Mariano Fassetta 6, Jared Sheldon 3, Joseph Stuart 3.

Cotterel Farms (12) – Jenny Luttrell, Luis Saracco4, Ignacio Saracco 3, Ruben Coscia5.