January Victory in March for Cotterel Farms 4 Goal0

Posted on March 24th, 2012 in News

It was, in reality, March 24, 2012, but it was January 29, 2012 as far as Jenny Luttrell and her Cotterel Farms 4 Goal Polo Team was concerned. That was supposed to be the date of the January 4 goal final, but the three week EHV quarantine postponed it indefinitely, until, as it turned out, a Saturday in March. For Luttrell and her hired hands it was worth the wait as, after some concerning moments, they rode away with an 8 – 6 victory over the Sinead Devine/George Gilstrap Horseware – Jackson Hole Horse Emporium foursome.

With Luttrell, Santiago Mendez and Tony Uretz remaining after the long wait, and Goyo Mariscal filling in for Jimmy Wright, Cotterel would face a rather different Horseware – JHHE combination of the returning Devine and Jared Sheldon along with newcomers Ted Okie and Remy Muller substituting the injured George Gilstrap and Manuel Rodriguez.

With the tack people getting a goal on handicap at the start, Cotterel pushed early and led  2 – 1 after the first on goals by Uretz and Mendez.

Muller (two) and Sheldon countered for Horseware – JHHE in the second to just one (by Uretz) for Cotterel and it was now 4 – 3 for Devine and Co.

Uretz converted a penalty 2 and a field goal by Sheldon made it 5-4 for the equipment dealers at the ‘half’.

Another open goal strike by Uretz and another from the field by Mendez for the farmers to but  a single reply by Sheldon and the fourth ended in a tie at six.

The final chukker was pretty much the Luttrell group as Mendez scored twice to grab the Roenisch bronzes.

Mendez, a popular choice, was the MVP and Coyote, played by Uretz in the fourth, and owned by the Uretz family was selected as the Best Playing Pony.

January 4 Goal Final – Eldorado Polo Club

Cotterel Farms (4) – Jenny Luttrell, Santiago Mendez 3, Tony Uretz 1, Goyo Mariscal.
Horseware – Jackson Hole Horse Emporium (3) – Sinead Devine -1, Ted Oakie 1, Jared Sheldon 2, Remy Muller 1.