Joe Barry Memorial draws 50 young stars0

Posted on February 1st, 2014 in News

The numbers were large for the 2014 Joe Barry Memorial Junior Polo Tournament played on January 18 and 19 at the Eldorado Polo Club in Indio, Ca. Of course, Joe Barry was one of the forces behind the creation of the junior program at the Southern California venue.

First to go very early on both mornings was the lead-line group, consisting of some very young participants. In no particular order they were; Matias Wolf, Justine Hoffman-Keyfauver, Garrett Hartzel-Russell, Nicky Steinke, Anna Margaret Hartzell-Russell, Adam Hoffman-Keyfauver, Diego Duenas, Gabriella Trabbitts, Uakea Huddleston, and Valentina Tadeo. The youngest group played a 12 minute chukker each morning, and while the score was kept, no one was really sure who won. Didn’t really matter anyway as all seemed to have a good time – parents included.

Second to go in the 2014 edition was the intermediate bunch. Several here had just graduated from the lead-line and were ‘on their own’ for the first time. Two teams saw action, consisting of the Reds and the Blacks. For the reds, Quinn Kyle, Rosie Gonzales, Alyssa Garcia, and Ella Bonilla lined up against the black team of Conner Garsed, Anthony Atchy, Tommy Steinke, and Jaqueline Trabbitts. These youngsters played a 12 minute period each morning as well and again the final score is unknown – and, as well, probably not important.

If the scoring wasn’t important in the first two divisions, it certainly was in the advanced level as three teams mounted up to play a two day round-robin. Empire lined up with Rhyo Rainsford-Keyfauver, Alex Payan, Nick Roth, and Gracie Gonzales. World Gym sent out Hank Uretz, Rhandy Heredia, Grant Palmer, and Julio Andrade. Coldwell Banker Menlo was the third foursome and consisted of Alanzo Andrade, Sydney Jordan, Hope Kerley, and Riley Jordan. After two mornings of rather impressive and fast play in the round-robin format, World Gym finished on top followed by Coldwell Banker Menlo and Empire. Many in attendance commented on how much fun it was to watch the upper level, made more interesting by the fact that it wasn’t that long ago that several were lead-line competitors.

With Jane Isquith organizing from the Eldorado side and Connie Atikinson bringing the Empire kids over, the 2014 Joe Barry was truly a very successful event. These two ladies most certainly know how to organize as the entire program was run perfectly and they should be congratulated.

Eldorado will host two more Junior Tournaments consisting of the Fish Creek (February 8 and 9) and Arty Cameron Memorial (March 8 and 9)