Leisure Society Wins January Pro Pool Bronzes0

Posted on February 4th, 2016 in News, Uncategorized

Unknown to many, the final weekend of each month’s very successful Pro Pool tournaments – played January, February, and March – features bronze trophies for the winners.  As well, all pro pool final games are played in front of the Cantina on Sunday mornings at 10 o’clock. With each game played in a tournament format and with prizes on the line for every final the competion is intense and the month end awards seem to add to the energy.

January’s final saw Desert Hay (Jared Sheldon – pro, Jenny Gonzalez, Murray Farmer/Susan Guggenheim, Joe Coors) line up against Leisure Society (Max Menini – pro, Shane Baum, Jacob Pechenik, Carol Hemker) in front of a very enthusiastic breakfast group.

The early lead for the first month’s sought after pieces belonged to Desert Hay but Leisure Society – with teamwork to back each other up – turned it around and came back to not only tie but to move on and win by a count of 5 – 3. Scoring for Leisure Society was spread throughout (the pros can’t score) as Pechenik counted three, and Baum and Hemker scored one each. Coors, Farmer, and Guggenheim scored singles for Desert Hay.

Tony Gregg