Los Banditos Makes Statement in Jason 120

Posted on March 19th, 2014 in News, Uncategorized

The Mack and Madelyn Jason 12 goal final came down to two teams which arrived based on the fact that they prevailed in a four team shoot-out after bracket play. On the one side Ron Mathison’s Highwood group and on the other Dave Dollinger and his Los Banditos quartet.

As it turned out, the only thing close regarding the teams – at least on this occasion – was the tie after the preliminaries and the fact that they arrived intact after the free throw competition.

From the outset, it was apparent that the day belonged to the bad guys as Jake Devane – literally brought out of pasture to fill in for the unavailable Chad Bowman – scored quickly to give Dollinger and Co. an early lead of one. Marcello Abbiati got that back for Highwood, but the early pressure belonged to Los Banditos as Mariano Fassetta converted a penalty two and Jesse Bray counted a field goal and the first ended with the outlaws ahead by a pair at 3 – 1.

The second was rather quiet with only one goal scored – that being a well thought out strike by Mathison after a goal mouth scramble. That brought Highwood to within one going to the third.

If the second was quiet, the third was loud – loud to favor Los Banditos as every player on the team counting at least one time. Dollinger, Bray, Fassetta, and Devane each scored a field goal and Bray added an open goal award. The explosion gave the bad guys a lead of six at the half by a count of 8 – 2.

Highwood grabbed one early in the fourth as Jake Stimmel converted a penalty three, but the outlaws got that back as Fassetta scored his third from the field. A Santiago Trotz penalty four brought Mathison and Co. back again, but Devane got that back with his second of the afternoon. Mathison scored his second of the game which seemed to lift Highwood as sustained pressure gave Stimmel another open goal opportunity and the lead had been reduced to four at 10 – 6 to end the period.

The bad guys continued to roll in the fifth as Dollinger and Fassetta scored to lead again by six. Stimmel counted from the field and on another penalty two but it was very apparent that this was Dolliger’s day with the count at 12 – 8 with just the final chukker to play.

With Los Banditos in an easy cruise mode, Trotz scored another penalty four that would be the only goal of the period and the final score was 12 – 9 in favor of Los Banditos. Not only did Dollinger’s gang win the Jason Memorial but his band of outlaws served notice that they are for real and will be contenders for the month.

Fassetta was named the MVP and Abbiati’s mare Nona (fifth) was chosen as the Best Playing Pony.

2014 Mack and Madelyn Jason 12 Goal

Los Banditos 12 – Dave Dollinger 1, Mariano Fassetta 6, Jesse Bray 5, Jake Devane 1.

Highwood 12 – Ron Mathison, Marcello Abbiati 5, Santiago Trotz 5, Jake Stimmel 2.

Tony Gregg