Northern Blizzard Grabs March 6-8 Goal Final0

Posted on March 23rd, 2016 in News, Uncategorized

8 Goal March League

For the third final in a row, Northern Blizzard (John Rooney 1, Joe Henderson 4, Dayelle Fargey 1, Jimmy Wright 1) continued their dominance of M3 (Madelyn Cobb, Jared Sheldon 4, Peter Blake 3, Alonzo Cruz, Andrea Brereton sub for inj Cobb) as they rode to a very low scoring victory by a final count of 5 – 2.

With their usual extremely quick start, M3 was all over Northern Blizzard early but could not score. No matter what they did, Sheldon and Blake – who broke open frequently – were unable to find the goal. The Canadian invaders didn’t fare much better when opportunities came their way and the result was almost 11 minutes of polo being played until the first goal was scored – from the field and off the mallet of Henderson. Sheldon tied the count in the third period with an open goal conversion from 15 yards but Henderson’s second of the half gave Rooney and Co. a lead of one at 2 – 1 going to the second half. The low score was not indicative of the open and exciting play that featured close to twenty missed opportunities to that point in time.

The fourth chukker action was much the same as the first three – fast and open. With Henderson counting his third and a goal by Fargey, the northern invaders now led by three with two periods to go.

In the penultimate frame, Henderson increased the difference to four but Brereton scored from the field for M3 to come within three once again.

The sixth continued to feature open and fast polo but goals were not to be found and the very entertaining game was over and Northern Blizzard had won a third 2016 championship.

Tony Gregg