NYTS Tournament Concludes Successful 2018 Season0

Posted on April 2nd, 2018 in News, Uncategorized

The second National Youth Tournament Series of the 2018 Eldorado season featured three very evenly matched youth teams. While several of the players had played in the National Program before, it was the first foray for others into the world of ‘National’ tournament polo.
After two days of round-robin play, Alegria (Hope Kerley, Charlize Bisogni, Piers Bossom, Conrad Kissling, {Alysa Garcia & Athena Malin – sub for inj. Bisogni}) finished in first place.
Boss Polo (Bayne Bossom, Garrett Bankhead, Haley Schneider, Taylor Olcott) were the runners-up and Lakeside (Ian Schnoebelen, Molly Agee, Hannah Stock, Elise Parde) finished third.
Five all stars were selected and became eligible to compete in the National Championship; (alphabetical order) – Molly Agee, Garrett Bankhead, Bayne Bossom, Hope Kerley, Conrad Kissling.
Peque, played by Kerley in her third Sunday chukker and owned by Jenny Luttrell-Benardoni wore the Best Playing Pony Blanket back to the barn.
Alegria 7 – Lakeside 5
Alegria 5 – Boss Polo 4
Boss Polo 6 – Lakeside 4

Tony Gregg