Ocean Air/Thermal Win Second World Gym Title0

Posted on January 25th, 2019 in News, Uncategorized

The rain delayed 2019 World Gym Tournament 4 Goal final – played on Thursday afternoon – featured the 2018 champions Ocean Air/Thermal (David Carlson, Reg Whyte, Ernesto Ezcurra 2, Felipe Sordelli 2) and Luna Polo (Jennifer Alexy, Shannon Mendez -.5, Francisco Guinazu 3, Pepe Roriguez 1). Guinazu and Rodriguez were replacing the injured Diego Larregli 3 and Santiago  Mendez 1.5 respectively.

With Luna Polo starting with a handicap grant of one half, Ocean Air/Thermal scored twice in the first to lead 2 – .5.

Luna came back with three in the second but the defending champions scored a pair and still led at half-time at 4 – 3.5.

Ocean Air/Thermalcounted another in the third chukker to lead by one and a half going to the fourth at 5 – 3.5.

Scoring was split in the fourth with one apiece to give a final score of 6 – 4.5 and the 2018 winners had successfully defended their title and had won the 31st annual World Gym Tournament.

For the victors, Sordelli scored three goals and Ezcurra counted three as well (2 fouls).

The reply for Luna was Alexy with a pair and Guinazu counted two foul conversions.

Mike and Claudia Uretz were on hand to present the unique World Gym Trophy and the Best Playing Pony award went to Pepo, owned by Whyte and played by Sordelli in the first period.

Tony Gregg