Ocean Mist Wins Women’s Challenge – WCT Qualifier0

Posted on April 2nd, 2018 in News, Uncategorized

Although giving up the first goal of the final game of the USPA Pacific Coast Women’s Challenge – WCT Qualifier, Ocean Mist (Carin Middleton 4, Mia Bray 3, Megan Judge 3, Heather Lake 3/Sheryl Sick 3) easily won by a 9 – 2.5 count over M3 (Madelyn Cobb 4, Jemma Contreras 1, Cybele Jordan 4, Erin Brittin 2).
With a handicap award of 1.5 goals at the start, M3 – with the early counter – then had a 2.5 goal lead. It was not to last long however, as Ocean Mist then scored nine unanswered tallies – two in the first, four in the second, and three in the third – to gain the victory.
For the champions, Lake counted three, Bray had three (two fouls), Judge struck twice and Middleton once (a foul conversion).
Cobb scored the lone M3 goal (a foul conversion).
Because of her steady, strong, and thoughtful play, Bray was selected as the MVP.
Maclo, owned by George Dill and played by Brittin in the forth chukker was awarded the Best Playing Pony blanket.
In earlier action, Deer Creek (Kate Weber 4, Caroline Anier 5, Gina Padilla 3, Leslie Tims 1) defeated Las Patronas JJCK (Jennifer Alexy 5, Jenny Luttrell-Benardoni 4, Claudia Uretz 2, Kim Garsed 2) by a final count of 6 – 5 to win the Consolation final.
Anier, playing a strong inside game, was awarded the title of MVP and Luttrell-Benardoni’s mare Anita was chosen as the Best Playing Pony – the second Easter Sunday honor for a Luttrell-Benardoni horse.

Tony Gregg