Pheasant Hollow Flies to World Gym Win0

Posted on January 3rd, 2016 in News, Uncategorized

The Mike Uretz Family’s 25th annual World Gym tournament -the second longest continuously  played event in Desert Polo – was played as a round-robin over two days on the weekend of December 26th and 27th on the Cantina field in front of  very good crowds on both days.

With Saturday’s scoring carried over to Sunday, Debra Vermoch’s Pheasant Hollow brood (Vermoch -1, Rhett Merrill -1, Tim Rudy 3, Patrick Uretz 3) were in good shape after the first day. Facing Madelyn Cobb’s M3 group (Cobb .5, Jared Sheldon 4, Rhandy Heredia -1, Alonso Andrade -1) to start things off on Sunday, Pheasant Hollow started with a three goal lead at 6 – 3. The second day was similar to the first as Uretz and Rudy cruised to a final count win of 9 – 6.

For round two, M3 stayed on the field to face Mia Bray’s Twin Palms (Bray -1, Graham Bray 3, Conrad Kissling 1, Xander Deutsch). With a lead of one from Saturday at 4 – 3, Cobb and Co. had a good shot at grabbing a win to go to 1 – 1 for their final count. Wasn’t to be however as the Bray Foursome counted four goals to just two for M3 that gave a final tally of 7 – 6 in favor of Twin Palms.

Sunday’s third contest would see Pheasant Hollow come back to play Twin Palms in a winner take all session. From Saturday Pheasant Hollow had a lead of one at 3 – 2. In a ‘game’ as close as the previous day’s, the brood outscored Twin Palms by two at 3 – 1 thus giving a final score of 6 – 3 to earn the win and a round -robin record of 2 – 0.

Pheasant Hollow  2   0   +6, Twin Palms  1   1   -2, M3  0   2   -4.

With play at a level above, Uretz was selected as the MVP.

Tony Gregg