Pheasant Hollow Reorganizes and Wins Beal 4 Goal0

Posted on February 12th, 2018 in News, Uncategorized

The 2018 Carlton and Keleen Beal Cup 4 Goal division final featured teams that were much different than their January lineups. While both had made somewhat extensive adjustments, they were carried out for different reasons.
To put it mildly, Debra Vermoch’s Pheasant Hollow 4 Goal team did not have a good January. Wins were hard to come by – if at all -and if things were to improve a change would be necessary. As it turned out, January World Gym winners – under the Thermal banner – Reg Whyte and Fellipe Sordelli were available and Tim Rudy jumped at the opportunity to add them to the roster. The change did wonders as Pheasant Hollow went through bracket play without a loss to qualify for the final.
Their opponent in the Beal ‘winner take all’ also went through some changes, although not because of a losing record. With Anne Evamy and her Identity Polo moniker stepping out of 4 goal play for February, Pat Powell – with his Blazers label – jumped in with Kyle Fargey and Diego Cossio. The addition of Shannon Smull-Mendez completed the adjustment and the Blazers qualified with a perfect record as well.
The final started quickly as the Blazers and their open style of play put immediate pressure on the Pheasant Hollow goal. The result was a pair of penalty number 2 conversions for Fargey to lead quickly. Pheasant Hollow responded quickly however, and Rudy was rewarded with a penalty 2 and a penalty 3 opportunity which he too made and the first was over and tied at two apiece.
The second period saw Pheasant Hollow continue the pressure they showed in the first as Sordelli counted a penalty 3 and scored one from the field as well and they led by two at 4 – 2 at the half.
The Blazers found footing in the early third chukker as Fargey scored a field goal to come within one. Sordelli got that back quickly though and the Pheasant Hollow lead was once again two goals. The Blazers jumped back as Fargey scored his second of the period to once again trail by just one going to the fourth at 5 – 4 in favor of Pheasant Hollow.
Rudy counted a field goal early in that fourth to again lead by a pair. Cossio responded for the Blazers to narrow the gap to one. Another goal by Cossio brought the Blazers even and it appeared that an extra frame might be necessary. Wasn’t to be however as Pheasant Hollow recovered and was awarded another 40 yard free-throw that Sordelli made no mistake on and it was over as the ‘new’ Pheasant Hollow had won the 4 goal Beal Cup by a final tally of 7 – 6.
Sordelli, with his ability to step in and renew the Pheasant Hollow offence was selected as the Most Valuable Player to his team and Mirage, owned by Powell and played by Cossio, earned the title of Best Playing Pony.
PHEASANT HOLLOW (4) – Debra Vermoch -1, Reg Whyte, Tim Rudy 3, Fellipe Sordelli 2.
BLAZERS (4) – Pat Powell, Shannon Smull-Mendez -1, Kyle Fargey 3, Diego Cossio 2.

Tony Gregg