Coldwell Banker Wins February 6 Goal Tournament0

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Like the 12 Goal February Tournament final, the 6 Goal closer was a contest between teams that met before and while revenge may be a strong word, Madelyn Cobb and her Coldwell Banker Menlo foursome most certainly wanted to turn the table on Krista Bonaguidi and Hanalei Bay after losing to the surfers in the Beal Cup just two weeks earlier – and they did exactly that with an impressive 8 – 7 victory.

To that avail, the first started well for Cobb and her salesmen as Peter Blake struck quickly to get an early lead – something they didn’t have in the Beal Cup final. That advantage vanished quickly however as Hanalei Bay came back with strength as Remy Muller scored to tie the game. Coldwell Banker responded with strength of their own and intense pressure yielded a penalty two conversion by Jared Sheldon and the first ended with the real estate group up by one at 2 – 1.

The second period was, very simply put, fast with many opportunities that did not translate into goals. Coldwell Banker had chances as did Hanalei Bay but the only counters of the stanza came from the mallet of Jesse Bray with a pair from the field and the third would start with the Bonaguidi pack up by one at 3 – 2.

The speed continued into that third as both teams were able to garner more opportunities that, once again, didn’t end in goals – in other words, extremely good offence was stopped by hard running defense that stood up to the task. However, Gregorio Mariscal, having turned play around many times, was able to score on a spectacular effort that would tie the game at three going to the half.

If it was possible, the fourth chukker was probably faster than the third and the surfers were electric as Bray counted two to go up by two before Mariscal, on an extremely heady turn-over from inside 60 yards brought the sales people within one. Bray, on an impressive and dominating run, put Hanalei Bay back into the lead by a pair and the ‘running’ fourth was over with the Hawaiians leading 6 – 4.

The fifth period again featured very good and very fast polo as Coldwell Banker pulled even with Sheldon scoring twice (1 penalty two) to get even again. Hanalei Bay got the lead back with Bray counting a penalty two from 15 yards and the surfers were in front again, but only by one at 7 – 6.

With 7:30 left in regulation, it was time for Cobb and Co. to make a big sale if they were to turn things around in this February final – and turn around they did as Cobb snuck in behind the defense and grabbed a perfect pass with 120 yards to go and ran it perfectly to tie the game. Not only did the play even things up, it was a great example of how to play the one position – stay up, get open, and don’t come back in looking for the ball. With real estate now doing well, Sheldon grabbed another one on another long and decisive run and the lead was now one for Coldwell Banker – their first lead since the second period. As it turned out, it was the best time to lead  as the clock ran out and it was over – with Cobb and her group victorious and in possession of the Richard Roenisch Bronzes.

By playing an exceptionally strong game at back and allowing himself to jump to the front when needed, Mariscal earned MVP honors, and Diego Andrade’s mare Madonna, played by Sheldon in the final chukker was selected as the Best Playing Pony.

Cheryl Shindel was chosen as the Best Playing Sponsor of the February 6 Goal Tournament.

February 6 Goal Tournament

Coldwell Banker Menlo 6 – Madelyn Cobb, Jared Sheldon 3, Peter Blake 2, Gregorio Mariscal 1.

Hanalei Bay 6 – Krista Bonaguidi -1, Jesse Bray 4, Remy Muller 2, TonyUretz 1.

Tony Gregg