Tentnology/Luna Covers the Field in February 6 Goal0

Posted on February 26th, 2015 in News

6 Goal Feb League_blog

Having come through the February 6 Goal preliminary play undefeated, it appeared that Gery Warner and Jennifer Alexy’s Tentnology/Luna polo team (Gery Warner, Jennifer Alexy, Nicolas Maciel 4, Diego Larregli 2) had erected a winning combination. That, however, was most certainly not the opinion of Virgil Kyle and Ryan Robertson whose Bush League group ( Virgil Kyle, Ryan Robertson, Ashton Wolf 3, Carlitos Galindo 3) arrived at the final with only one loss – almost perfect. Not bad for a couple of guys who, just 11 months ago, were playing in the very successful Eldorado Pro Pool – with Alexy as their teammate.

From the start, and with Warner’s son Dylan stepping in for his father, Tentnology/Luna took control that gave Maciel free-throw opportunities that he easily converted – one a well hit number four and then an open goal strike – to give the tent makers a lead of two after one. The low score was not indicative of the play.

While the somewhat overpowering start for Tentnology/Luna might have discouraged Bush League, it didn’t as they came out for the second and gave the erectors all they could handle. Kyle, on a perfect set-up from Wolf ran 220 yards to complete a perfect play and the lead was just one. With constant pressure, the Kyle and Robertson group were awarded a penalty three opportunity that Galindo converted and the count was now even. Toward the end of the period, Alexy scored and the second was over with Tentnology up by one at 3 – 2.

Wolf brought Bush League even early in the third with a counter from the field but, once again, pressure from Tentnology/Luna gave Maciel another open goal opportunity that he easily converted and the one goal lead was back to end the half at 4 – 3.

Bush League came back in the fourth as Galindo scored from the field and, once again, the count was even, but Larregli grabbed his first of the day and the tent makers led again by one going to number five at 5 – 4.

Maciel took over in the penultimate frame and the result was a goal by Larregli and another open goal counter from Maciel himself. Tentnology/Luna now led by three at 7 – 4 and it appeared to be over.

From the start of the sixth, it was very obvious that it wasn’t over as Bush League responded with quick and accurate force. Kyle scored his second and Galindo struck from the field as well and the lead was once again just one at 7 – 6. The Bush League pressure became relentless as they continued to push toward the goal to come very close once again as the horn sounded to indicate 30 seconds remaining. Maciel was able to get control 10 yards out and fired a shot toward the  boards that wasn’t strong enough. Warner, with a great move to back-up his team-mate, was able to get the ball out of bounds and it appeared to be over. Not quite however, as his contact was correctly deemed to be too forceful and Bush League was awarded a penalty four opportunity. With the clock set at five seconds, Galindo stepped up and absolutely nailed the shot and it was on to overtime and at seven each, the next goal would be O so nice.

Having done little in the sixth period, Tentnology/Luna managed to recover in the extra time as Maciel did what he does best – control the play. Moving toward the Bush League goal, Maciel and Larregli combined to get within 90 yards before being stopped and it would be Alexy’s play to keep it moving. Going to the ball, she too was ridden off but was able to stop, turn, and get back to make an exceptional pass to Maciel and that was it. The final tally was 8 – 7 as Tentnology/Luna had it covered and the Roenisch Bronzes were theirs.

Alexy was chosen as the MVP and Angie, owned by Gery Warner and played by Maciel in the fifth chukker, was selected as the Best Playing Pony.

Tony Gregg