Thermal Takes Beal 4 Goal Championship0

Posted on February 11th, 2019 in News, Uncategorized

The two teams that qualified to play the final of the 2019 4 Goal USPA Carlton and Keleen Beal Cup – CedarCreek and Thermal – had both played in January but made changes for the month of February.

Coming off a very successful January, holdovers Reg Whyte 0 and Felipe Sordelli 2, added Lamar Rutherford -1 and Rodrigo Salinas 3 to the Thermal lineup.

CedarCreek made changes as well as Nicholas Wilhelm -1 and Ashton Wolf 3 welcomed Alex Green -.5 and veteran Diego Cossio 2 to the roster to qualify for their first final.

At the start, CedarCreek was given a handicap award of a half point and play in the first period was relatively even with each team scoring a goal and Wilhelm and Co. led at 1.5 – 1.

Thermal came out in the second and took control with three unanswered field goals to easily lead at the half at 4 – 1.5.

Scoring in the third and fourth chukkers was even with one counter in each period for both teams producing a final count of 6 – 3.5 to favor Thermal. With the victory, Whyte and Sordelli had won back to back Beal 4 Goal titles.

Scoring for the winners saw Salinas with three, Sordelli had two (one open goal conversion), and Rutherford with one (the eventual game winner).

The reply came from Cossio with a pair and Wolf grabbed one.

Sordelli, with his accurate and authoritative play, was selected as the MVP and Lucas, owned and played by Salinas in the second chukker, was honored as the Best Playing Pony.

Tony Gregg